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Friday, May 8th, 2009
4:10 A.M.
My 55 Fiction today is 'on the edge'. Scroll down below Show N Tell,

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LASER ART! Today is 'photo crystal cube art'. I'm sure you've all seen them before. These are what I have sittin' around the house. With the four immediate family, I have all our zodiac signs...Two rams [Aries, for Bud and Irene], Taurus the Bull [for Erik], and Aquarius [the water bearer, for myself]. Then, I have the U. S. Marine Corps Eagle, Globe and Anchor, a frog catching a fly, and a lighted one....a pair of dolphins that light up with a 'laser show' of color changing from white, red, and blue when it's switched on.

these smaller photos, I'm trying to show you the colors the dolphins have when the light is on. left is blue, while the right is red....

~...End Show n Tell
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  1. I have something like that, mostly souvenirs from our vacation trips abroad. Yours are really nice, thanks for sharing.

  2. Excellent 55
    Be careful of those pirates. They steal hearts .
    My 55 is posted.

  3. Anni,

    We have given several of these to Mom. She just loves them. We also gave a lighted one to Michelle one year for Christmas. It's also dolphins.

    Those pirates are smooth and usually good lookers. Keep a sharp eye out for deception. They'd steal anything. LOL

    Have a wonderful day.

  4. I've never seen anything like these. What a neat crystal.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. Those are lovely - thanks for sharing them with us.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  6. That looks real beautiful ! I am cancer btw and my men bull and lion ! So I can pinch them

  7. Thanks for the 55. be young again.... OR maybe not!


  8. How eye-catchingingly beautiful.

  9. oh yeah, i'd sail to the ends of the world with captain jack... very cool!

    and you're aquarius like my bean, now how come i didn't put that together before... i like those crystal cube art pieces. i like them very much indeed!

    have a good weekend anni!

  10. Yes, I can see you living on the edge! Pirates of today aren't those dashing "heroes" are they??

  11. Those are very interesting. I've seen similar ones before. Are you a collector. I'm Taurus, also.
    Mama Bear

  12. Nicely written! Take citrus fruits along.

  13. Those are beautiful etched cubes. I haven't seen any like them before. Now I'll have to start paying attention.
    Love the 55 word challenge. I may have to give that a whirl since the 100 word challenge has sort of run its course -- maybe I can become even less wordy. You do have a bit of a smutty romance novel in you, don't you. Oh, did I say that out loud -- maybe it's me with the smutty romance novel. :)(All said with a smile and a tease it was great writing.) I wrote a haiku this morning.

  14. Ah, the essence of living on the edge. I did it for a while. It drains. But what times!!
    Nicely put.

  15. Really neat! You did a great job photographing them. We have one of those, it's a Nativity scene.

    I always enjoy seeing your S&T!


  16. That is a beautiful form of art tha i have never even heard of.
    Maybe I just don't get out much?

    Thanks for coming by.

    blessings on your day.

    barbara jean

  17. A little bit naughty..and a little bit nice.

    Well done!

  18. Those are beautiful! I have always been fasicnated by the laser crystal art. We had one made for my father-in-law with a picture of my daughter! He just loves it:) Thanks so much for sharing!

  19. They are so beautiful. I love the one with the frog and the lily.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Yes my Aunt was cured of her hiccups. She went on to live a very long life although she was very frail. I did find this morning ,a potholder she had embroidered. Not a good example of her handiwork though,.


  20. Anni, I love the artwork. How nice to have the "sign" of all who are in the family. Bud was a marine?

  21. i love the glass etching and i love the enticing flask 55 also, well done on both, i love Johnny Depp in this movie too, the best work he has done in my humble opinion, but how can my opinion be humble when i have no idea how hard acting is? so I guess that would be a judgment.

  22. great 55...i often wish i could just traverse the world, too. i wouldn't even need a pirate, but one wouldn't hurt especially if he's kinda cute lol :)

  23. Sailing the seas with a pirate - how exciting! Love it. :)

    Mine's up too.

  24. Mmmmm - if only the real pirates looked like Johnny Depp.

  25. Someone wants to get "Kidd"-napped?
    Excellent 55 Anni..
    Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a GREAT Week-End!

  26. The laser art is so interesting! I bet when the light shines through is beautiful!
    Have a wonderful friday..Julie

  27. Very nice laser art, I have never seen this kind of art before. Have a Happy Mothers Day.

  28. These are cool cubes-I've seen them in gift shops and am pretty sure I have some too-I like looking at them in the dark.

  29. Beautiful art.
    Pirates... especially that one can steal your heart away... be careful!

  30. Run off with a pirate? Count me in! :)

  31. This is a great little snippet! What a fun meme. I think I'd like to try it.

  32. For some reason, pirates do not excite me--but it IS a good fifty-five, real and alive.

  33. Love your crystal art. Mu favorite is the eagle.

  34. The stuff dreams are made of...or wild imaginings. ;)

    Thanks for visiting me, loved your comment.

  35. Anonymous5/09/2009

    What a collection you have!

  36. I would live on the edge with Jack Sparrow ( Depp) any day :D

    Great 55ve!

    I love the crystal art!