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Friday, May 15th, 2009
4:40 A.M.
My 55 Fiction today is Haunting. Scroll down below Show N Tell, or CLICK HERE

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It's all about Disney today!

These programs are a lot of fun! Bud and I stopped by a ticketmaster the other day when we were out and about and bought admission for one of next week's evening shows. Disney On Ice The show will have costumed characters from "The Lion King", "Peter Pan", "The Little Mermaid", "101 Dalmatians", "Lilo and Stitch" and more... Bud and I have attended a few of these programs and we've never been disappointed. They're much better than sitting at home, watching TV...more entertaining. And besides, you just can't deny that Disney is good and wholesome. What comes to mind for me as I type is: From Peter Pan - "Well, I will not grow up. You cannot make me!" -. The first portion of my Show n Tell this week is:

Yes, I've been to Disneyland. In Anaheim. And yes, of course, I have always loved what Disney produces for us. They've been around for decades. The artwork on the big screen and through television has put me in awe constantly. The stories always have a moral. They continually teach kids and adults a lesson in life [with the adults, I think, it's to keep reminding us there IS a kid still inside you, and not to forget to live a little---have fun---remember sometimes, to forget the stresses of being a grownup!] And yes, I have loved the classics like Snow White, Dumbo, Bambi, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, etc. etc. But, there is one particular movie that I took my kids to see one hot summery day back in the late 70's that I still, to this day, must admit that it is an all-time favorite of mine. I fell in love with the characters Bernard and Miss Bianca...Evinrude, Miss Medusa and Snoops!!! Somedays, even now, I find myself singing Penny's song...."Who will rescue me?" It's a darling film, less known than most of Disney's films, but still an all time favorite of mine. Here is a 4 minute opening credit of the classic. Which brings me to my 2nd portion of Show n Tell this week. I have this collector's item---

...and original vinyl [33 1/3 rpm] soundtrack from "The Rescuers"

~...end Show n Tell
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  1. Oooooh, that farmhouse picture in complete darkness brings back memories. Thanks for your "55"

  2. Oh how I love Disney too! You're not the only one that whistles away or sings their songs! Ha! Old classics with a moral in each story! I would LOVE to visit Disneyland!

  3. that does sound like fun!

  4. Yes, I can agree wholeheartedly. Disney is an all time favourite with our family too, and now I am getting to enjoy it all again with grandchildren, my particular favourite is Fantasia.

    Love Granny

  5. My grandmother took me to see this movie when it first came out. What a great memory you have inspired. Thanks. Laura @ the mansion

  6. I have always loved Disney as well.
    Great but eerie 55.

  7. Hard not to love Disney - they do everything so well.

    We have been to WDW Florida, and this year Disneyland Paris. Both very different, but still definitely Disney!

  8. I would never go into that house, I don't care how hard it is raining!

    And you piggy backed it to Disney! That was just cruel;)

  9. Anni, that quote above is awesome!
    And your 55 is creeeepy. Reminds of all the spooky movies I watched as a teenager and the nightmares that ensued. Have a great Friday. :)

    PS any chance I could take a copy of your 55FFF button?

    Royal Pink

  10. Sooo, did you enjoy your visit to G-Man's house? ;-)

  11. Eaton: I put a link in your comments!!!

  12. Dragons love dark storms and haunted houses . Some ghosts are even edible.
    Good 55
    We appreciate your visiting everybody with a 55.

  13. I LOVE taking the kids and grands to Disney on Ice. They are such fun. I babysat this year instead of going along, but thought they'd enjoy it better without the "littles."

    Disneyland is such fun, but so crowded now. I'd love to take the girlies, but don't know when that might be.

  14. Oh, I love the classics and the new ones too. I was just thinking about all of those VHS tapes in a box somewhere that were in the entertainment center. I still have a player so I don't think I'm ready to give them up yet. My favorite, I guess, is Beauty And The Bearst. We saw the play of Lion King a couple of years ago in Memphis. It was awesome. I love the songs in the movies, too. Luckily, like your Bud, my Honey Bear enjoys these things as well.
    We should always be children at heart.
    Mama Bear

  15. Thank you, you're so welcome to follow my blog.
    Mama Bear

  16. Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my writing - I just kind of write like I talk! It is such a great cathartic outlet, isn't it?

    I thought of Youtube, but don't know if there's a way to just do that part of the video - I know everyone wouldn't want to watch the entire week-end! Any thoughts on that??

  17. I love Disney as well I think my favourite was Lady & the Tramp! I remember my Mum & Dad getting it on a Cinefilm without sound if I remember rightly!

  18. haunting it is, you've captured it perfectly. i can hear the shutters baning, the creaking floor, see the darkness, deep. it's lovely!!!

    and disney... who can deny the childhood memories, so good, the many smiles created.

    have a good weekend anni!

  19. I'll bet you had a wonderful time. Have a great weekend, Annie.

  20. Ohhh good for you & Bud! Those shows are soooo much fun! You are right! WAY better than sittin' in front of the boob tube! I absolutely LOVE Disney too -- I think Little Mermaid is still my favorite move -- although, I absolutely LOVE Dumbo too! And Snow White! ... lol... and a million others! The Rescuers IS a good one too! They ALL are! I'm so glad I have Luz to share them all with now! She just fell in love with The Aristocats this past weekend!

  21. Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog's "Show and Tell Friday. I remember those 33" record albums growing up... brings back memories.

    Enjoy your day.
    Mrs. Teapot

  22. My absolutely favourite was Beauty and the Beast and then came Lady and the Tramp.

    Pat xx

  23. An atmospheric 55. I liked it.

  24. We once went to a Disney on Ice show at New Year's Eve it was just wonderful. I only have been in Disney world in Florida and in the Epcot center, I never went to Eurodisney in Paris, maybe once we have grandchildren, lol !

  25. Thanks for the reminder not take life too seriously and have some fun.
    I'm working on that!! =0)

    Thanks for coming by.


    barbara jean
    PS Thanks for mentioning Project Friday as I have not been able to find it for awhile.
    Same screen from awhile back so thought there was none right now.

  26. Love Disney and when my children were young I knew they were entertained with clean fun when watching something by Disney. Thanks for sharing. Will be back later to check out more posts.

  27. A stormy night is certainly the time for a haunting.

    Anni, come on by my place. I flashed too. :)

  28. Sounds like a scene from the Rocky Horror Picture Show!!

    Excellent 55 Anni...

    Thank you for the spooky contribution...

    Thank You as well for being so supportive of the other 55 writers.

    Have a Great Week-End...Galen

  29. Yes, Disney sure been around and lst show I saw at theater was snow white and seven drawfs.

    Hope your day is going well and coffee is on.

  30. You have such nice Disney memorabilia there.

  31. Disney is soo great. And, it never goes out of style.

    Have fun!


  32. Good afternoon Anni!! I remember Sunday nights when we were young adults..the Disney TV program would come on and I think it was around 6:00. We got to watch the hardy boys, cartoons, Davey Crocket...Boy did I love it when Tinker Belle would come flying across the back great memories for me.
    Hope you and Bud are good.. Sandy

  33. Anonymous5/15/2009

    Oooh sounds like such fun to go to Disney On Ice. It's been so long since I've been to one of those. Loved your 55 it was haunting to say the least and the picture just adds to it :)

  34. Disney is awesome. That's a fun collection!

  35. Anni,

    I absolutely LOVE Disney and the Rescuers too. Walt Disney was a talented man who knew how to keep the kid alive in all of us. I have many favorite Disney movies...many VHS tapes that have never been opened. You have a rare treasure in that 331/3 RPM album.

    Enjoyed your flash fiction. The imaging is perfect. I was as if I was standing right beside you as you entered that house and moved over the whining floorboards.

    Hope you had a great day. I'm exhausted. Brandon was off school today and he kept me moving ALL day. LOL


  36. Ah! How I LOVE Disney's cartoons movies! I wish i could visit Florida and disney land while I am here!

    Stormy night can be spooky, specially when there is power outage at such a time!

    Great 55ve!

  37. creepy. i think i'd be scared of that farmhouse lol great 55.

  38. Hi Anni, I liked your haunting story. Got to be careful on those stormy nights.
    I've been to Disneyland and Disneyworld. I liked California's original the best. I've also seen Holiday on Ice a couple of times, you will like it.
    My daughter and grand daughter have been to DisneyParis. I saw where the road to there turned off a couple of weeks ago (YES, I'M BACK FROM EUROPE!!!)

  39. I love Disney too! My girls all grew up on a steady diet of Disney films, music, decor and clothing. They're teens now and still have their Disney stuffed animals.

  40. Anonymous5/16/2009

    Oh I think I'd be very at home in the farmhouse it sounds secluded and rustic. As long as there are no spiders I'd be quite happy even during a storm. Great 55. ;-)

  41. My first crush I can remember was James MacArthur in an old Disney movie, 'The Light In The Forest' - with Carol Lynly. Disney created so much good times for families after growing up with a harsh father who allowed no toys...

  42. Neat 55er. I love "haunted" stories! D

  43. My favorite Disney movie is Cinderella. :0)
    P.s. They got the squirrels at Target!