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Wednesday April 29th, 2009 1:50 A.M.

Join -Wordful Wednesday

Being that I went searching through my photo albums [hard copies] for a photo of the farm from yesterday's posting, I spotted some photos of some beautiful wild flowers that I took from the desert southwest. Tucson, to be exact. When we had a rainy winter, the wildflowers really put on a show for us in the Springtime. And the desert landscape is actually MORE beautiful [you really have to learn to appreciate the desert] than it is any given day. So, I thought I'd take a moment to scan these while I had the scanner turned show and share with you:

some plants you're seeing - the pink blossom on top left is prickly pear. the yellow to the right is brittlebrush I believe the blue in the background is Baby blue eyes...or commonly known as desert bluebell.

the pink in the bottom photos, I believe is Parry's Penstemon along with a species of agave [think tequila!]...the white blossoms below the agave is desert star [the tree in the background is Arizona's state tree --palo verde-- meaning 'green stick'; it has bright green bark.] More prickly pear and pink blossoms with yellow wildflowers to the right photo.


TODAY marks the President's hundredth day in office. And I thought I'd share what I received in an email from the DCC.

"A lot of attention will be given to this largely symbolic day, and the truth is that what we do every day after it will be just as important -- if not more. But our accomplishments in this time have been remarkable, and they're having real effects on people and communities throughout the country. You built the movement that made this possible, and it's up to you to show Americans that real change can happen when ordinary citizens work together."

In order for y'all to witness first hand what has been done within the last 100 days, you can follow me on a journey to each interactive map that shows what the President and his staff/and Congress have done since the 20th of January.

Here's the link:

- - -

Now mind you, I appreciate the candid and overwhelming show that which the President has obliged us..a showing of what his office is doing, actually day by day. I'm not sure wholly if indeed he is not spending too much. But I remember my economics class, almost every time we attended, the teacher would always say, "You have to spend money, to make money". Which is true if you're into investments. I can't help but say 'we're spending money we don't have tho'. So, I'm trying my hardest to see it through the investor's eyes....he is investing in our country? I will not voice any points of view other than that one just stated. For me, it will take an entire term before I have a strong opinion of that which I think he's doing right by us. I do know that he is better than our last leader!!!


  1. Lovely desert plants!! So glad you scanned those.
    My prickly pear has orange blooms.

    I saw a picture of a sign which read something like: If you don't spend some money, very soon we will all be unemployed . From a window in a Barcelona shop.

  2. From where I am sitting, he is certainly better than the last one!
    We keep a close eye on news from USA and other major countries.
    Love the desert photo's.
    Take care with that painting job you are on! ladders and all....

    Love Granny

  3. Our deserts are beautiful after rain, too, Anni. It's almost miraculous what a few drops of water can do.

    I agree with your comment that your current president is better than the last one. I really think President Obama has given the world hope.

    Hail to the Chief!

  4. deserts have a special beauty. my sister created a desert garden due to severe water restrictions in namibia, and in the beginning, well, i missed the frothy leafy green things, but 'now i've come to love the grasses, the reeds, the thorn trees and bushes, the aloes!!!

  5. Those flowers are beautiful. It's such a different landscape than we have.

  6. Anni,

    The desert flowers are absolutely beautiful and so unique. I'm glad you scanned these to share with us.

    I followed the link to the interactive map. I do think Obama is doing a good job so far, but time will tell, as you say. He's certainly trying to get America back on its feet, but it is a big job after the last administration.

    The one thing I especially noticed is that a lot more children have health care and that is a good thing. Everyone is entitled to health care that is affordable. Canadians are very lucky that many of our services are free, but not so much as they used to be.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  7. I love the pictures of the the dessert wildflowers. I worked really hard here in Oregon to elect our new president. So far, so good but a hundred days doesn't tell us much. Let's wait and see what he can accomplish with time.

  8. Your flowers are a joy for my heart ! Now in spring I start to wake up from my winter sleep !
    It's difficult to say for us if some investments are good or not. The only thing what I know is when a State helps a company to get on their feet again, it creates jobs. If you build a new factory it creates jobs and the more jobs are created, the more people earn and the more they spend that makes the economy running. Look, after the disaster of hurricans or whatever, building up a new city creates jobs.
    Of course I am strictly against helping a bank where the General manager when he has messed up everything gets an enormous amount when he has to leave ! We call that a "golden parachute" ! It's disgusting.

  9. Not living anywhere near a desert, I've never seen desert wildflowers beautiful they are!! Now why can't our sometimes expensive plants grow like that?? lol

    I think President Obama is doing a wonderful job so far...the only problem is that a lot of people want him to fix the country NOW and that's impossible. As he had said in his innauguration speech, it will take time!! I think it's awesome how much he's done so far in just 100 days. I really do believe he's on the right track:-) xoxo

  10. Anonymous4/29/2009

    Beautiful desert plants. It's amazing how I have come to appreciate them in the past 19+ years.

  11. I loved the flower pictures.
    I want the President to be one of our great Presidents but only time will tell.

  12. Those flowers are just lovely!

  13. Dear Anni
    I did not know that the dessert had so beautiful flowers, thanks for showing them.
    About your new President, you gave me a good enlightment on what is going on so far, we, from other Contries keep a close eye on what's going on in the United States of America, and so far it seems a lot better now, than it did 1oo days ago-
    Alone the better health care means a lot to hear, course we in Denmark are so fortuned to have free health care, and know how good and important it is.
    DEDB- Mutti

  14. Just love to come on over and visit your blog it is "filled to the brim!!" with great info and fantastic stories always!!"

    Love always Lee-ann

  15. Love the pictures of the desert plants. You are right in saying the desert has an unique beauty. Being from the arid part of Texas I can appreciate this beauty more than some, and I really enjoyed each of our visits out to Tucson.

  16. We spent some time on the high desert when Kristen was in Wickenburg for her anorexia treatment. I loved the morning scents - and the evening. Beautiful flowers.

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  18. Lovely flowers ... kewl email ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,