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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009
posted for Thursday
11:10 PM

DEFINE 'ICKY' ===ick·y (k)
adj. ick·i·er, ick·i·est Informal
1. Disagreeably sticky: icky candy.
2. Offensive; distasteful: icky sentimentality.

[a couple I like...all I've tried once!]

I really must confess that a lot of these foods I wouldn't even THINK of putting them in my mouth ever again. A couple I really like. But, my parents were always 'game' and they'd try these icky foods. My mother's favorite was #4...souse! Ewwwwww!!!!

Okay, so here is a list of thirteen foods that are considered oddities to my estimation that we've consumed:

1] PICKLED PIGS FEET. [this is an 'ewwww' to me, icky!] In fact, no more needs to be spoken of this concoction that you'd find at a store near you. Why I'd rather buy alfalfa from a granary instead.

2] COFFEE SOUP I can't find a picture of this online at all, but it was/is good, but odd. It's saltine crackers in a bowl, and you pour hot coffee over the crackers and sprinkle cinnamon and sugar over it with either a dollop of rich, creamy butter or real cream. [this is a tasty one -- I believe it's Amish and my mom would make this for a midday snack for us kids --perhaps from her living through the Depression Years maybe? I don't know.]

3] BLOOD SAUSAGE [this is another 'ewwwww' icky!] My grandfather owned a butcher shop and when he'd 'drain' the animal before butchering it into 'normal' meat cuts...he'd make the blood sausage. To them it was a me it was black and nasty!!!

4] SOUSE - or 'head cheese'. My mom would founder, literally, over this stuff! [another ewwwwww icky one for me!] It is truly the garbage pieces of meat. The head, the feet, the ears...anything left on the cutting floor and fermented with spices and jelled. And such a sour, god-awful smell! Oh stomach is churning as I type.

5] ROCKY MOUNTAIN OYSTERS [this is delicious, if cooked properly!] Y'all know I grew up in Colorado, and north and east of Denver there is a special little burg...a podunk town of one traffic stop sign...and on the corner, by the stop sign is Bruce's Bar. A place that you'd miss if you blinked. Or if you had a family like mine, you'd know just exactly how to get there...and they served these. Absolutely delicious!!!! [ummmm, if you really are curious, here's what they are ---LINK---]

6] LIMBURGER CHEESE [oh ya baby...this is another 'ewwwww, icky'!] My dad loved this junk food. And I swear, you'd gag if you even opened the refrigerator door when that was in there!!! I wouldn't even drink the milk when dad had that stored in the 'fridge! Nasty. And smell? Oh lordy, what a stink!!

7] SMOKED OCTOPUS [so so...but I wouldn't ever put it in my mouth again] My brother took me to a real fancy restaurant when I turned 16. He ordered for me. And I sampled the smoked octopus. It was okay...I loved the smoky flavor but it seemed quite rubbery to me. Kinda bounced around in my mouth...I did swallow, but that was the end of that adventure. For sure, for sure.

8] TRIPE OR MENUDO [nope! never again] I have two sisters-in-law with Mexican-American descent. One was a wonderful cook who taught me how to cook Mexican food that is not to be compared to your restaurants in any city. The stuff she cooked and taught me how to cook is the genuine stuff!!! She used to make menudo. It smelled delicious when it'd be simmering on the stove top....but when I first spied the pieces of 'meat' in there when she served it ----nope, nope, nope...I wouldn't even try it. Cow stomach. Just the thought.

9] COW TONGUE....uh, way José! I would rather go without dinner. Thank you very much. This was a family special treat. Icky!!! Ewwww PeeeeYOU!!! And to top it off, if there was any leftover, out'd come the dark rye bread and horseradish ---sandwiches all around. Thanks, but no thanks.

10] PICKLED EGGS...not bad, but not that good either. Just okay. My mom would even pickle her own eggs once in a her pickled beet brine she had in fruit jars [she used to can a lot!] I wasn't too keen on a beet colored egg.

11] CUSTARD PIE [ewwwwwwww, icky once again and still - will always be!] I just can't get it past my lips any more. I tried it once and it was like eating snot!! Seriously. That just gagged me. Funny thing, I ♥ Egg nog. But this wasn't the same. Never again.

12] Speaking of snot...let me not forget OKRA! O.M.G. I don't care how good it is for you...[I don't like to consume boogers either. Trust me, you wouldn't want to be around me when okra is served. I get cranky!]

13] CAVIAR ---red, gold or black, they're still salty, gritty and slightly fishy in taste. No, I can proudly proclaim, this doesn't taste like chicken!!! The more inexpensive the caviar, the more fishy! And still it's black that I tried...I have an issue with black food. Yep, I vote 'ewwwww, icky' on this too.


  1. Thank you greatly for your food post. With any temptation I have today I can refer back to the pigs feet...Yuck, blood sausage...double yuck and some of the others and let my stomach turn. There are some strange foods out there, and head cheese, makes me sick just thinking about it.
    A Very interesting 13!

  2. Ewwww! I am a picky eater, and I'm never game for any of those. Great list! Thanks for stopping by my blog. That's funny, every other Aries I've met has been just like me.

  3. I think a lot of folks your parents age ate some of these foods. I know my Dad ate several of them.

  4. Great icky list! I hate to tell you that Bruce's is gone - out of business. Sad, but I just say I never tried his wares.

    The first time I ever saw okra was when I was in college - it was disgusting. But I like it when it's deep fried.

  5. I am relieved to say I haven't had to try any of your list of icky foods and don't intend to.
    I remember my pa once came home with some tripe, and one sight of it was enough... I gagged and wasn't even asked if I would like some... the sight had been enough.
    Anyway it can't be lethal, people do eat it and survive!!!
    Yuk and double Yuk...
    Love Granny

  6. I eat and cooked Menudo, it's one of Filipino dishes my husband learned & love to eat, but we use regular pork meat or sometimes chicken, I didn't know that in Mexico they use cow tummy, that's really really, as in really to the highest level very Icky!!!

  7. Next time I'm out that way, I'm checking out the Rocky Mountain Oysters. My folks always joked about it at branding time, but we never saved them so I could try.

  8. Icky is right! Yuck to all of the above. You're right about coffee soup being a Depression era thing--I read a post about it on another blog only a few months ago, by a gentleman who was a young boy then and said he often had it for breakfast. I don't think there's enough sugar to make that even remotely appetizing, lol.

  9. My grandma made me cow tongue once and I really liked it... that and beet pickled egges are on my yummy list.

    That blood sausage hag me a gaggin' :-p

  10. I've had blood sausage, and I can take it or leave it. I've had tongue too, and Limburger. Lots of ewwww stuff there, but I think I'd [refer Scouse to any number of different vegetables, which are all totally eewwww to me!

  11. That octopus looks revolting. Ugh!

    Rocky Mountain Oysters - yeah! I know exactly where Bruce's is & remember it fondly, having stuffed my face there on a few occasions. Good stuff. Ah... the tastes of home. ;)

    My husband - along with many French people, it seems - is a big fan of blood sausage, or "boudin" as it's called here. He's also crazy about pig feet, though they're not pickled here, they're breaded & sold in the charcuterie along with paté & whatnot.

    They are still not delicious, however.

    I do love okra & stinky cheese, though. Well, not together, of course. ;)

    This is a super fun post - have an excellent Thursday!

  12. The men at my house love blood sausage and a number of other -for me- unbearable foods...
    I think it's a good time for fasting...

  13. Hello Annie
    Thanks for dropping in the other day, you must come and visit again.

    Were either of your parents form the north of England - brawn (souse)and black pudding (sausage) are made there and considered standard every day fare. Tripe and tongue don't make an appearance so often but I know last time we visited they were still available in the Butchers shop.

    Now depending on how Custard Tart is made it can be a really nice dessert. But then each to his own I suppose lol

    I only just found your comment asking about the greenery next to the Sedum - its a very dry clump of Agapanthus.
    After the horrendously hot week we had just before the bushfires last month (temps of over 45c/113f) so many plants jsut shrivelled up and looked awful,
    Agapanthus are usually considered indestructible - they didn't actually die but haven't looked well for weeks, all their strappy leaves went crisp and brown. Luckily we had a little rain and they are looking much better now
    Taake care

  14. ha, not a single item there that i have the inclination to eat either, heee heee heee. although hubby likes the blutwurst and tongue, ick!!!!!!

  15. oh, and there's something for you to collect my side pleeee

  16. Gday Anni, Now ive tried and like a couple from your icky list..
    My Motherinlaw (Passed away)used to make the best potted meat, braun,(sous) out of cleaned pigs cheek, lamb tongues and beef, was so Yummy. Black pudding take it or leave it.Homemade custard tart with fruit and cream so so yummy.

  17. Anni, you and I can eat together any day! As a Northerner transplanted to the South, I have never understood okra, yuck! No matter how you cook it, it's slimy, sort of like custard pie, ick! Hope you don't mind, but I'm going to bookmark this post so I can use it as a diet aid.

    Tabbikat's Thougths

  18. Dawn NO!!!! Oh wait 'til I tell Bud this about Bruce's! He's gonna just crap. We loved his Oysters. Ohhhhhhhh, that is sad. It musta been the economy then, right? Oh man.

  19. Willa ---Menudo, when it's made with chicken or pork, is called Molé around our neck of the woods. It's very similar in recipe as Menudo tho, and that ---molé. I can eat. In fact it's quite good with warm tortillas.

  20. Glad I've already eaten breakfast! I can eat custard pie, but totally agree with the rest of your list. Thanks for visiting my blog! Have a great day!

  21. Speaking of boogers, how about steamed clams and oyster. Good but snotty for sure.

    When my father first brought pizza home we said ewww because it looked like throw-up.

  22. Oh my stars Annie, I wanted to hurl, at each photo....except the custard pie. That I like, if it's very cold.
    If it's warm at all, ugh.
    Funny post today!

  23. OMG! Thanks for turning my stomache. Gag!
    Happy T13!

  24. I don't think I would ever try anything on this list, BUT, my kids love fried okra!

  25. I am with you Ann, yuk. I have never tried these but my husband loves pickled pigs feet.

  26. Anonymous4/02/2009

    I've been to a lot of countries and eaten a lot of weird things, but I agree with this list! I can't stand pickled meat of any kind in a jar, I just think it's weird. A friend of mine dreams about scrapple, I think he's crazy.

    I've never heard of coffee soup, but that's really interesting.

  27. For the coffee soup I would say more than a "ewwww" ! I remember that I liked blood sausage and it's still a quite famous plate in Belgium but it looks a little different.
    I also love Limburger cheese that's sooo good (hehehe) and tripes cooked the Italian way are delicous !
    With the rest I agree with you.

  28. Anonymous4/02/2009

    Had to laugh over the funny foods you listed! I have something to add to your list... Here in Alaska the indeginous peoples are subsistence hunters. The best salmon, caribou, moose, bear, whale.... yes, whale, and wonderful normal things are created. You've never lived until you've tasted hubby's smoked salmon, or moose stew and homemade biscuits. But there are also strange things too, as you can imagine. They smell odd, look odd, probably taste odd, if I could ever get past the look/smell to eat them, but these traditional foods are happily consumed by our Alaskan Natives. Muktuk, whale blubber with a thin layer of skin and eaten raw, I am told tastes lke sushi. Yea, riiiightttt.

    Blessings ~ Eileen @ Star's Fault

  29. Those are some really icky foods. I've never had any of them but custard pie.

  30. Aww, man, I'm on my way out to lunch... This was definitely a list of icky stuff, Anni. Trevor's glad you didn't include haggis...

  31. Great collection! Souse, blood sausage and tripe are the most repulsive foods ever. I wasn't even aware that souse was not sttrictly German, I thought no other country knew this atrocity. Happy TT!

  32. Will you eat coconut custard pie or pumpkin pie? I like those over straight custard or even flan - yeck!

    Coffee soup sounds yummy to me... maybe I'm down a cup...

  33. I'm ewwwwing right there with you on almost all of it. EXCEPT: (lol) I love egg custard. And Okra. I was raised by a mother from New Orleans who was raised by a mother raised in Jamaica. What can I say? I love grits too! LOL And GOOD caviar? Yum! But oh man that head cheese. Yuck! We used to see it in the grocery store years ago and puzzle over what it must be. Never tried it, never would want to. Great post!

  34. I give you the most prestigies award for the most ever .......... *Yucky Post*!!!!!!!!!! truly horendous I must say!! I honestly don't know how anyone could try most of them...let alone eat them!! eeeeewwwwww

  35. Anonymous4/02/2009

    Warm or cold, I like custard pie, all the other stuff on your list? No way would you get even a fork or spoonful of any of them past my lips!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today.

  36. Anni,

    I knew what Rocky Mountain Oysters were without following the link. I've never tried them and doubt I would ever want to. I don't like cavier, don't mind custard pie, was brought up on head cheese, but don't eat it now.

    Enjoyed reading about your likes and dislikes. Drop over to see my bird captures if you have a chance.

    Hope you have a great day. It's beautiful here.

  37. The 'Black Sausage' is known as Black Pudding over here in England and there are very few meat-eaters who won't have it as part of their 'Full English Breakfast' Personally I can't stomach it, completely unable to get past the what it's made from thing, but the canteen where I work makes it every morning which shows how popular it is here!

  38. Kewl idea for a T-13! I don't eat anything on your list either ... seriously! Sorry I've not visited lately, but I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things now that my sister's on the road again.
    Hugs and blessings,

  39. None of your foods have ever or will ever pass my lips. I've seen people eat blood sausage and a sauerkraut supper at a local VFW. I had to go outside and nearly upchucked.

    I read about coffee soup in 'A Tree Grows in Brooklyn'. They didn't have anything but coffee and crackers, tho, and only ate it when there was no way to get any other food. As I despise coffee, it sounded doubly bad.

    What a list. I hope you didn't have to cook or eat soon after compiling it!

  40. Great list!

    Some I have never tried, and never intend to. A couple I have tried and found disgusting. A couple I have tried and actually liked. Cow tongue is delicious! I like it best when it's cold and on a sandwich with mayo. Yummy!

    Happy TT!

  41. You lost me at #1. Ew.

  42. Now you've made me miss my Daddy!:)
    I'd totally forgotten about blood sausage and limburger cheese, but most on your list he'd have fought for! I confess to loving custard pie n' fried okra, but now considering your reference to snot ... eeeeu?
    Your post was SO funny ... thanks for the memories!


  43. Out of all of those, I only like caviar. I like tripe and onions if it is cooked properly and does not become so rubberised that your teeth bounce off it when you chew. Blood sausage or black pudding is ghastly as are the others.

    Thank heavens, I'm not eating my lunch at the moment...I'd probably puke after reading your post,

  44. Nasty. I am a very picky and bland eater - not adventurous in that aspect of my life. Okra is a staple of many southern meals from my relatives growing up but I never tried it. Another was livermush - icky indeed.

  45. I like okra if it's fried. Not good for you, then. My step daughters have eaten picked eggs. And my dad ate pickled pig's feet. I've never tried it. In fact, I haven't tried most of what's on your list except okra. Great list! thanks for inviting me over.

  46. So how did you add that wonderful feature?

  47. I haven't tried any of the others, but okra and caviar are some of my favorite foods. I haven't tried pickled pig's feet either, but pig's feet cooked with vinegar is considered something of a delicacy here. =)

  48. The only things in this post that I've even tried are okra and caviar, and I didn't like either of them! The rest of it...will never pass my lips. Nuh-uh!

  49. I've just lost my appetite for the rest of the day! lol Ewwww ewwww ewwww!! I've never tasted most of what you mentioned and I have no intention on ever doing so. The only thing on your list that I DID taste was Blood Sausage and Pickled Eggs. I'll never forget this one time when mom had cooked blood sausage for dinner...I asked her what it was made of and when she said blood, my dad piped in "yup and the white things you see are an old man's brain cells"...well that was the very last time I ever ate any! lol As for pickled eggs, mom made some every holiday (using vinegar, not beet juice like your mom) and my dad and brothers would go crazy over them but I never liked them at all. All this just goes to prove that chocolate is the ONLY good thing for you, right??? hehe xoxo

  50. the most bizarre thing is that the thought of fish eggs repulses me, I eat chicken eggs!

  51. Ohhhhhhhhhh, this was just an absolutely revolting post...loved it! ;)

    m ^..^