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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Thursday, April 30th, 2009
5:48 A.M.

All we hear these days is Swine Flu. Now granted, it could have a lot of potential becoming a world wide epidemic --- which, with the now more popular word used through the media since bird flu, a pandemic...I still question the coverage. Sometimes, I take it seriously what I hear and read, while other times I question the severity. I do know from what I've heard through CNN, the world wide concern for this flu virus is that there is no's a new strain of flu. Which in all reality, through the eyes of a scientific research lab, that would scare scientists/CDC, right? Then, on top of that, there is a total shutdown of schools if only one student is infected...and staying HOME? It's like a child...when they first get dirty...the dirty actually helps BUILD immunity. As with measles...once you have it, your body has built a huge barrier naturally, and you then are no longer susceptible to measles. At times, it's good to be exposed to certain viral infections. But the school closures and wash downs, what's with that? According to the health officials of our nation, there are no worries pertaining to the swine flu. Yet, we have this pandemonium and severe reaction from the officials when a new case is exposed to the media? We're told that it passes from human to human in 2 to 7 days. We're also told that this developed first in Mexico. Now, how the heck do they know this? Even if the first case WAS in Mexico, do we actually know that that WAS the first onset? There is a whole world out there people. The first case may have gone unnoticed in some far off land, or right in your very own country and no one realized it was swine flu. I tellya, media and how all these issues are handled by government, by schools, by doctors and BLOGGLES my mind. One 'specialist' on local TV tells us that the surgical masks will not deter the germ. While another national TV station tells us, it's VERY effective. Another tells us to quickly get over to the pharmaceutical store and purchase one, 'cause they're not staying on the shelves...[oh, and it's best to buy THIS product, because it's more effective]. While again another article says don't use the masks, get to the store and make sure you get a goodly supply of hand sanitizer. I don't know. I just don't know what to think, nor how I should react to all this. I do know that I will continue to live my life...why not? If you think about all this swine flu hoopla, and you're running scared, you just may trip over your own feet, staying in your house and not living....oops, I fell, and I can't get up....I'm gonna die. But, not from swine flu, by gawd, I stayed home, in fear, just like I was told. I didn't go out into the crowds 'cause I didn't want to get the flu. Everyone is staying the heck is anyone gonna find me, here, lying in my own room....I'm gonna fade away into nothingness.

[all cartoon images found on the 'net this morning, no infringement intended. I don't take credit for the humor, but I liked 'em!!!]


  1. LOVE this post! I too doubt all the publicity this is getting. I understand that it can potentially be deadly but we live in America and America can treat it. Also, they are closing schools which I think is WAY over the top. Wipe downs good, but this virus is AIRBORNE people...just a little frustration coming out!

    I do not understand how this blew up in the media, but they sure are talking about this a bunch.

    Have a wonderful Thursday! I will be back to regular posting and commenting tomorrow. I should be doing lesson plans and article reviews but nope, not at 6am :)

  2. this is seriously scary. and i too think its world-wide. 2 confirmed in sa, lots more in neighbouring mozambique... but i sure hope this is a media hype, although i doubt it...

  3. Excellent! We've come to the same conclusion: I'm not making major changes in my life style due to the potential of getting piggy flu. (I may wash my hand a bit more, like I did for a few days when I was an army officer and had attended a class on biological weapons).

  4. Those cartoons are great! I love them too! I agree with you. I just heard on the news this morning that Iran wants to change the name of the "Swine" flu to the "Mexican" flu because of their religious connection to the swine (aka pig)! I only heard bits, as I was waking up at the time, so I do not know how accurate this is. All I can say is WASH YOUR HANDS!

  5. Love the cartoons! If it weren't for the fact that what we call the "Spanish Influenza" of 1918, the outbreak responsible for millions of deaths around the world, was also a strain of "swine flu," I wouldn't be any more concerned than I am every flu season. But when we consider that the 1918 outbreak had a similar beginning and that the spread of the virus is expected to continue well into the next flu season (2010), then I think that we do have cause for concern.

    Should we all start walking around in surgical masks? Not yet, maybe not ever. But we should be more diligent than usual about practicing some basic manners (the whole cover your mouth when coughing thing) and hygiene (hand washing).

  6. Hi Anni,
    Love the cartoons, well sourced.
    I agree with all the comments, one way or another.
    Thanks for your visits.
    Love Granny

  7. I agree - the media is out of control, as usual.

  8. It would do no harm to continue leading your life as you always have with a supply of masks and hand sanitizer---just in case.

  9. Those are hilarious. And I totally agree.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. Very well said! and loved the cartoons.
    I was brought up to cover my mouth when I cough and to wash my hands regularly. I will continue to do so!

  11. Over here they try to avoid any panic and tell us you can protect yourself quite effectively. Besides, every year thousands of people worldwide die from regular flu and they never get mentioned in the media.

  12. Anni,

    All the hoopla is intended as News. If they don't have any, they find some.

    Did you know that they are blaming the pandemic (as they call it) on a 5 year old in Mexico. They are saying he was the first to have it. They suspect he got it from a pig farm up the road. The farm denies that any of their animals have it.

    To be truthful, it would be impossible to pinpoint the first person to have it. They need a scapegoat, so why not a 5 year old from Mexico?

    When SARS was in Toronto, I avoided going to that city, but did all the things I normally do. It will be the same with this time. We could hide in our houses letting life slip away. No reason for it. I firmly believe that when your time comes, you're gone, not matter where you are or what you are doing.

    Agree with you totally. It's all hoopla.

    Have a great day, my friend.

  13. HILARIOUS and I couldn't agree more! I love it!

  14. Who every named this flu the Swine Flu was miss informed. You can not get this flu from a hog or even eating pork of any kind. I do like the cartoons.

    Love and hugs,

  15. Saw it somewhere that this is all because of the news media being bored with the economy so they jumped on something new with a vengance.

  16. Yea... I agree. The avian flu didn't become the big thing they expected it to, and I doubt the swine flu will either. But the MEDIA is once again responsible for riling the masses! If they can't make a big deal over weather - then FLU is the next best thing!!!

  17. I just wish they would stop with all the talking about it and get on with the cure!


  18. Fortunately we don't have these panic makers in Belgium ! First they changed the name into "Mexican flu" because the poor pig has almost nothing to do with it. You don't get this flu through contact with pigs, therefore we are asked to continue to eat our bacon etc as usual and the pigs are not killed either. At the first sneeze and caugh we should consult a doctor. So honnestly I don't see any panic around me, although there are 5 cases of mexican flu in Belgium. (I think)