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Tuesday, April 21st, 2009
2:05 A.M.

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Once Upon a Time....

ONCE UPON A TIME I had a lot of these miniature gnomes and fairies that enchanted our garden. Now, with the erosion and time, only a few are left to make our world a bit more magical. On some days, when the winds are still and all is quiet, I can hear the faint giggles and carryings-on of such whimsical ventures they have; flitting around the flowers and playing tricks on one another...Shhhh, be real quiet and perhaps you can hear the bewitching antics and feel the thrill of the sunny day here in our imaginary, mythical and mystical world in the Hootin' Anni's compound called a back yard....

Once Upon a time in the land of mine
Fairies were aplenty
and Gnomes were hiding

Now their wings are kept together with bubble gum and twine
Fairy friends down to 6 but once were twenty...
and the Gnomes? The gnomes're still residing.

~ The End

- - -

I was pretty upset yesterday afternoon when a bunch of contract workers came to the door and told us they needed to dig a trench in our backyard!! The utilities easement goes 10' on each side of our subdivision's yards [both sides of the fence line] In fact I was a bit furious....why didn't they go to the yard behind us and tear THEIR yard up? But no....they wanted to come in and tear up our sod, and our flower beds to run a line for the neighbor; he is renovating his house,...making the garage into an office. Well, la di da!! I knew I hated phones, now I have another reason. Well, anyway, I was outside with the workers the entire time...making sure they didn't dig in the wrong place and tear up our sprinkler system and do too much damage to the turf. When they were done after about 3 hours, I stood right beside 'em, making them replace the sod and put everything back where they found it.

While I was outside with them, and trying to stay out of their way and still watch them...I sketched a drawing of a religious picture I want to start painting. I'll need to scan my sketch or take a photo of it to the meantime, I'm going to clip it up to my easel and start painting this morning after the sun comes up and there's enough light for me to work on it. I can't wait!!

[the photo is NOT our yard, I didn't even think to take photos! --I found this on the internet looking for a trencher like they had to use here.]


  1. The look so happy and sure that all is right with the world.
    I want to be a garden fairy.

  2. It must be wonderful to have so much beauty and magic in your yard. :)

  3. wow, you might have a beautiful garden with all the fairies and gnomes.

  4. Awww love the gnomes!

    Why couldn't they have dug in your neighbor's yard if the work was for them? I think I would have had a temper tantrum right there in front of God and everyone else! LOL That's ridiculous!

  5. Tookie Because the telephone box is past OUR yard into the NEXT neighbor's yard [on the left side of us] they had to go through OURS to get to the phone box to hook up the new line. The one that needed the new line is on the other side of us [not the neighbor that has the phone box on his telephone pole,....but on the right side of us]

    Our yard happens to be in the middle of both.

  6. Any offer of compensation from your neighbour? maybe a box of choc's, or even a bottle of vino. Otherwise I am sure you can think up a way that the utility people have to dig up theirs, for something you need done.
    Love all the Gnome folk you have around the place.
    Love Granny

  7. Apparently the workers inspired you ! Imagine without this trench you wouldn't have sketched a drawing. The only thing I don't understand why workers inspired your religiously ?? Must be something for Freud. lol!
    The garden decorations are cute !

  8. Did not know you were an artist! That is wonderful ! My older brother is a Artist and heads to Texas today to compete in something called Outdoor Painters society-Plein Air Southwest competition. He is so excited........

    his web site is I built the web site but am not finished yet.. need to do something with the home page........

    AND thank you for the sweet words about Jean..... I took a long time finding just the right picture to post with it.. I found that Cross doorway and instantly knew it was the right one.... She is home..... She is well.....She is dancing........

  9. They look so happy in your enchanted garden! I collect fairies, and gnomes, and other assorted wee folk too. I enjoyed your photos :)

  10. LOL

    I enjoyed your tails

  11. My mom loves gnomes too. :-)

    Sorry about your yard. That stinks!

  12. Loved this. And the amazing thing is how quickly gnomes and fairies turn into stone as soon as someone takes a picture of them.
    Spoil sports - that's what they are :-)

  13. What fun! Love the collection - and your cute rhyme.

  14. I love your gnomes, Anni. Did your neighbor have the courtesy to let you know the work was going to be done?

  15. Yup, you knew I would love this post:-) Such enchanting faeries and gnomes that are residing in your garden...they all look very happy in the surroundings you so lovingly put them in! My garden ones are all put away in boxes yet but soon I'll be taking them out and putting them back in my faerie garden. Just hope it stops raining long enough for me to do so, they're saying rain for the rest of the week as well. Ugh!

    Oh dear, I would have been very upset as well to have them rip up my yard for someone else's utility line. I'm sure they didn't dare make more of a mess than usual with you watching them! hehe Can't wait to see what it is you sketched!! xoxo

  16. I'll bet your yard is gorgeous. I love all the little statues tucked away. No wonder you are protective. Good for you for standing guard.

  17. Darling gnomes and sweet fairies. What fun - for sure the makings of a once upon a time...

  18. I love those fairies and gnomes....I would love something like that in my garden.....maybe one day....

  19. Loved your little kingdom. I bet they have a great time.
    It's sad that evil men intruded and tore up the lawn.

  20. looks like you have a really nice garden! I have a black thumb...

  21. how i love your faerie poem...

  22. love that last nome! haha is he suppose to be pooping??
    so so cute!
    great poem!