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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Monday, April 27th, 2009
4:02 A. M.

Doing a Google Search today on the newest outbreak of Swine Flu, I came up with this as the page header...
...thinking I was being alienated from our own world, I had to figure this out. I'm always that way. Something puzzling me, I tend to research. As I clicked on the header, I read that it's Samuel Morse's birthday today. And then, I type in my new search "Morse Code"! Well, behold....I see that there is an Online Conversion for codes. I typed in the above code and came up with letters...only letters --close to Google itself, but in error -
[G G E O O L] Spelling Nothing in Particular. Spelling Google itself would look like this: --. --- --- --. .-.. . [stop] Okay then, I had to see just what Hootin' Anni looked like in Morse Code. Here is my blog title:

.... --- --- - .. -. .----. .- -. -. ..

Wanna use it for fun then, for yourself? Here's the link for the conversion.

PS...I forgot for a moment, just what I was in Google for, so now I need to go back and read about the symptoms of swine flu.
.-. --- ..-. .-.. -- .- --- [roflmao]


While visiting other Photo Hunt participants...most yesterday since I couldn't be online Saturday....I was shocked that the blogger [I can't remember who] had that Bea Arthur had died. Did I already say I was shocked? The program that she costarred in with 3 others that was long running on American television, The Golden Girls, was one I have watched now that it's in syndication. I knew Estelle Getty had passed on last year at the age of 84 or 85 from cancer. Now Bea Arthur too? From cancer the age of 86! Just days ago. My heart is saddened. But I had to go out and see if Rue McClanahan [born 1934] survives, 'cause I remembered reading that she too had cancer. In her bio on the 'net it tells me she still is with us, and has conquered her breast cancer. Now that brings me to Betty White [born 1922]. A favorite of mine from the days of her marrying Allen Ludden. She is so ditsy and so funny. I always enjoyed her humorous ways when playing her characters....and being an avid animal lover, that makes her tops in my book. Ms. White is still 'with us' at this writing.

The Golden Girls will always be something to watch and remember the days when the girls could get themselves out of precarious predictaments and love men....and put up with Sophia's picture this from Sicily...things of that sort...and enjoy the quiet humor of the aged women of this world.


Still on the entertainment issue, but a different direction,.....books! Over the weekend I finished the book, Henry and Clara. In fact last night, I read the very last two chapters. It was just an okay read...nothing spectacular to write home about. But, still interesting enough to keep me turning the pages. It's just that there was not enough detail. I know, I know, it was only a work of fiction...a novelized historical account of mostly Clara...when she was a young girl and how she doted on her step brother [Henry]. Married him at an older age that most women in the 1800s would consider spinster. Thing is, in the novel, it just doesn't delve into much of any of the 'true to life' history of the couple. A bit disappointing, but still a slow, but good read. I won't go into detail how it ends, 'cause in history, if you know it, you will know anyway.... Now, I have had this next book lined up to read when I completed Henry and Clara.....entitled Hitler's Niece. Altho, I've never had much interest in Adolf Hitler, I have watched some very interesting programs on the History Channel about the man...and his evil ways. His love for Eva Braun, and his hideaway ---appropriately called "The Eagle's Nest" because of it being built on a hill's cliffside as eagles are known to build nests...... many have tried to destroy it, to no avail. The history still exists behind the walls; if only they could talk. Eva Braun is also an interesting part of German history....the two [Eva & Adolf] finally did marry, but two days later they both committed suicide. Yet, his niece....She too supposedly committed suicide. But from hearsay, Ms. Raubal was another one of Hitler's love interests....becoming fascinated with Geli. History states they lived together. Geli's mother, was Hitler's half sister. So, I'm hoping that this novel based on fact will be interesting. Time will tell. I hope it will be a little bit more fulfilling than the last book I read. Not too dry, and not too sparse in detail. Only one can hope. As I do.
Inside the dust jacket, some words: "In Septermber 1931 a 23 year old woman was found dead in the Munich flat owned by Adolf Hitler. An unfinished letter on the desk and his handgun on the floor beside her. She was Geli Raubal, the darugher of Hitler's widowed half sister, and as Hitler later melodramatically claimed, the only woman he ever loved...."
First published in 1999,


  1. Lots of interesting news in your post today, and coincides with some of the things I have been Googling about strangely enough.
    Cases of the swine flu are now being reported in the UK, scary for all over the world I guess.
    Oh I loved The Golden Girls, the series was shown over here too. I am sad to hear the news about Bea, she was a great straight comic, if I can describe her that way.
    Books sound interesting, I sometimes struggle finishing a book that my attention is having trouble holding onto. But I am dogged!
    My husband says he has read Hitler's Niece, so he is going to find it again for me.... as long as he hasn't lent it out already to someone else!
    Great post.
    Love Granny

  2. I was wathcing the news last night about the swine flu apademic and it is pretty scary! My girls both had a outbreak of the flu this past winter. I hope that the strain does not come this way!

  3. I forgot to wish you a happy early anniversary! Wow, 41 years.... now that is committment!

  4. I too was saddened to hear about Bea's passing. I loved her in so many things but especially The Golden Girls, her dry sense of humor cracked me up. I still watch that show on reruns. Betty White is just a doll! Being an animal lover myself makes me like her even more and I too remember when she married Allen Ludden. A match made in heaven for sure.

    Aanother one that I really like is the lady that played on Murder She Wrote. For the life of me I can't remember her name at the moment. A mind is a terrible thing to lose!

  5. Midlife Angela Lansbury?

  6. we loved 'golden girls', how sad.

    i love the anniversary issue!!!

  7. Anni,

    An interesting post for today. I'm sorry to learn that Bea Arthur has died. I enjoyed the Golden Girls and other things that she played in. Those shows were entertainment.

    I thought Henry and Clara might be a little faster paced than you are describing. Glad you enjoyed it though.

    Looking forward to your review on Hitler's Niece. Yes, if the walls in the Eagle's Nest could talk, I'm sure we would learn many more horrific secrets.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  8. It's funny - I didn't like Golden Girls when it was running, but have been watching it lately on Hallmark Channel and chuckling often. I didn't like Bea Arthur as Maude, but on this show, she was so droll and funny. Isn't it mazing that she and Estelle Getty were the same age, and she was cast as the daughter.

    The yucky white stuff is coming down just a bit again this morning - I'm so done with it!! Moisture or no - it needs to be rain now. Oh, well!

  9. How sad that Bea Arthur died, I loved the Golden Girls it was such a funny series.
    I never heard of Hitler's niece, I have to say that this guy, is hanging out of my ears ! Have been insulted enough because of him and being a German.

  10. My dear momma and I always enjoyed watching the golden girls.

  11. I read about Braille this morning too, thanks to my google reader :)
    I loved the Golden Girls! sad to hear another left us...

  12. You've had a busy morning, Anni. All of it quite interesting.

  13. i was in shock of the news of Bea Aurthur too, i watched the today show where they had a phone interview with both Betty White and Rue McClanahan and it was both sad and sweet, i heard of Estelle Ghetty's passing and the article i read said that for the last couple of years she had suffered from Alzheimers and it had gotten pretty bad. news like this makes me feel my own mortality, even though i am very young i still feel it when the people i grew up watching pass on. thanks for your share.

  14. Yes I heard this past weekend that Bea Arthur had passed. Most of those Golden Girls were around the same age with Rue being the youngest of all of them. i still like watching that sitcom. It was always so much fun and still is!!
    Nice to be reading your blog again. I will get back to this..really I will...Sandy

  15. Lot sad and scary news in last 48 hours.
    I really got kick doing the morse code thing on the net.

    I don't know much about Hitler family and I real doubt any of his present day relatives says much on those line. I know I wouldn't be bragging if I was related to the man.

    Coffee is on.

  16. loved the morse code -- fun!

  17. I was trying to leave a comment last night and I don't know if it was my internet or blogger but it kept eating it! Let's try again this morning! lol

    I had also noticed those lines and dots on Google search page and I figured it was some sort of code day! lol I put in Pea's Corner and this is what I got:

    .--. . .- .----. ... -.-. --- .-. -. . .-.

    I guess we need to learn the Morse code! lol

    I was so sorry to hear of Bea Arthur's death as well. I loved her in Maude and The Golden Girls, she had such a dry sense of humour. That voice of hers will definitely be missed!

    I look forward to hearing what you thought of "Hitler's Niece" once you're done reading it. I can't even imagine what it must have been like being part of Hitler's world. xoxo