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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Did anyone else watch HOUSE, M.D. last night?

Now, I've posted before that I have stopped watching the program regularly because it's just not as good as it used to be when it was still infantile on FOX network....but we ran across a commercial last week that told the viewers you don't want to miss the program Monday [which was last night]. That it was a vivid account of a special nature, and very poignant. So, Bud and I switched off the Astros game [they were losing, alas!] to see what the "poignancy" was all about.

A character, Dr. Kutner, had committed suicide...Dr. House all along thought he was murdered because of Kutner's ancestral background; and the fact that his parents were murdered. He never once thought the young doctor actually killed himself. Well, at the very end, a very moving tribute by the cast during the funeral and all that had to deal with his death. At the very end....they had a special global tribute to Dr. obituary for us viewers to read!!!---------with a birth date, and the date he died. Not to mention a posting of the suicide hotline!!! Oh my goodness!!!

I had to really get online and delve into the mystery...."Is he really dead? Did he really commit suicide? Why hadn't anything been posted on Yaho* news or E News?" So many questions!!!

So, I found this after going into wikipedia, forums, FOX, and others....

Kal Penn

He's alive!! And in real life, he put aside his acting career for the moment. He is now part of President Obama's staff at the white house!

But, truly, what a way to draw in an audience. More questions tho---was this really tastefully done? Was the airing politically correct? FOX network is very conservative, is this telling us that anyone who chooses to work for the President, will actually be committing an acting career suicide or what? Did it bring awareness as it was intended? You come to your own conclusion.