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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

It's Baseball Season!!!!! Tonight, the Houston Astros open their schedule with a home game at Minute Maid Park! Tho, I still refuse to pay the big price ticket to their games [much higher in cost than the D'Backs were when we lived in AZ and Colorado Rockies---way back in the 90's!]...golly, you even have to pay to park your car in the Astros' turf! Anyway, I'll be rooting for them in the comfort of my living room. Tonight, the televised 1st 2009 game will be at 6:05PM Central Daylight Time! The first pitch will be around 6:30 after a brief pregame show. Ho boy....I'm all for baseball, and I'm so there!!!!!!! Bring on the action. Tonight, the pitcher will be Roy Oswald. I've been impressed with the last few Spring Training games. And enjoyed the exibition game with the Corpus Christi Hooks last week....even tho the Hooks won it in the 9th inning. Yep, I'm so ready. Bring on the beer, bring on the hot dogs and popcorn. I'm set!!

And one of my all time favorites remains with the Astros team this year. José Valverde. He is the closer. The Astros signed him on with a new contract this summer season for the fall. I hope, and don't doubt, he will do his job as terrifically as always. He is so exuberant with his style. He really gets 'into the game'...I love his attitude. I've watched him from the time he was a closer with the Arizona Diamondbacks some years ago, and now he is still with the Astros Roster. Way cool!!!! You have my heart José. Don't disappoint me now. Y'hear?!!!

And as always I must continue my backing of the other two teams. I've always been a National League fan. So, being from Arizona at one time and then having the season tickets to Colorado Rockies and following them to their Spring Training in Tucson year after year....I must continue with my faith in those two also.

I ♥ Baseball!