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Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

1:21 A.M.

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Before I show you the funniest photo for Wednesday's post, I need to vent a little.....

Tuesday was a wasted day for sure. Y'all know that I didn't have power on Monday during most of the day and just completely gave up working online. Well, yesterday was a bit more hectic. Not hectic, just totally frustrating. Have you ever had days like that? Let me tell you a bit. Just a bit, I won't bore you. It all started with Bud and I doing a lawn manicure. He mows while I edge the lawn. Both front yard and back. Done!! All put away and cleaned up by 10 A.M. That meant a day of some free time to go shopping. But, I wanted Bud to tighten the garage door opener chain! Ha!!!!! Big mistake. BIG mistake!!! He dropped the nut off the bolt that connects the cable and the chain....we searched for HOURS. On the floor, Bud even opened the garage door manually thinking it rolled out underneath the door...We moved boxes, automobile equipment, planters, chairs....all kinds of sh!t crap. Nothing. We got the magnetic wand out and dragged it all over and into every crevice around the garage. By the time it was coming on to about 12:30...I took some long bolts and threaded it through the garage door hanger to keep it secure while we both went to town [Home Depot first then, Lowes] looking for a nut that would fit....this is an odd had reverse threads. Two bolts and nuts work as part of a turnbuckle of sorts, on the chain and cable. So you have to have one screwing one way, while you tighten them both screwing the other the opposite way. Anyway NO reverse threaded nuts for the bolt. We drove CLEAR to Timbuktu and back to a bolt and nut factory out by the River...He asked Bud how many he wanted...Bud said ONE is all he needs. I butted in and said Gimme Five of 'em! I'm not coming back!....we got home, got it fixed...what was a 5 minute job turned into about 5 hours!!! As Ollie says to Stan "
Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into." Hours and hours, just for one lousy 1/4 inch nut!!! The reason, you ask why I didn't stay home while Bud went gallivanting around town on his own...I wanted to EAT lunch out. LOLOL Now....on with the Wordful Wednesday photo:

- - -

The past month, Bud has been tearing down the old patio roofing in our back yard. When we were inside, probably taking a lunch break or something [the time frame, I can't recall]...I couldn't believe my eyes at first.


Then, when I stopped to think about him being there and what he was trying to do, I realized that this really didn't surprise me in the least. The crafty boogers that they are! But this photo really only tells part of it. The whole story is, after he finally was able to GRAB the suet feeder with his front paws and have it in his teeth, he climbed up to the top of the 2x4 rafter and dragged the seed case with him! Only to have it drop down and hang once again. He worked on it for several minutes then, the sparrows and mockingbirds took over. He gave up only when I tried to sneak [HA!!! with a squirrel? I don't think so!] outdoors with the camera and get him sitting pretty on top!! Nope, no deal. Now if you click on the photo and get a larger view of this, you can see his two back feet/paws clinging to the upper side of the wood rafter...what a hoot!!! Gives a whole new meaning to "hang in there", doesn't it?


  1. Who said retired life was uneventful??
    Love the squirrel (sorry about that!) and your "hang in there".
    Oh, of course, I have that M too and in fact, two of them!! great shots for the letters!!

  2. LOL! Love the M on your palm. That means Money, you know!

  3. You've had another busy day. The alphabet challenge gave me a fit of giggles. Hve a great day, Anni.

  4. man oh man, i hate when that happens... you drop something and it completely disappears????? into what? a black hole or something???

    i envy you your handy husband. he's always doing stuff for you. you're lucky. my guy just isn't interested in it, always 'gets' somemone else to do it.... but he does have his moments too, i admit.

    and your m is simply ingenious!

  5. Those squirrels... I used to fight them tooth and nail... then realized that it was easier to just give them their own feeder. And the birds use it HA! Take that rodent!

    LOVE the M on the palm.

    Did you ever find the original nut?

  6. Becky No, after so many hours, we gave up. It'll show itself someday down the line, I'm sure. But we got plenty now. LOLOL

  7. Love that someone else is wide awake with me at 5am. Saw the alphabet challenge and thought it was so cool. Looks like you lead a pretty busy life right now with the sun shinin'! Have a great Wednesday!

  8. Oh that garage door episode sounds exactly like something that will happen in our house. And the squirrel is cute.

  9. Wow, I've been wanting to get something like that in my back yard! (But my husband couldn't build something to save his life, lol)

  10. First of all, thanks for visiting my first Wordfull Wednesday post and leaving a comment. And secondly, I did spot your blog while looking at WW last week and thought then how I get a real feel of your personality from the stuff you write! I love your two stories about the nut and the squirrel!

  11. Good Mornin' Anni,
    First of all, "THANK YOU" again for the wonderful job you did o my blog. I lov it. Sorry about the hectic day you had and with thenut. It will show up when you ain't looking for it. Glad you got it fixed tho and its a goo thing you got exta ones as well. Never know when you might need nothe one. ou and Bud are jut busy bees all the time. Enjoyed the alphabet Challenge. I guess I'm going to have to start paying attention to things mre and see if I cn find any alphabets. I didn't post tody caue I've been awake since about 1:00a.m. Hubbbygot in and I have been up visitin him some. Take care mriend and have a great day. May GOD Bless you and yours.
    Karen H.

  12. Karen You're so very welcome. I'm happy to hear that you and your hubby got to spend some special time together...but both of you, now go and REST!!!!

  13. Anni -- first - in reply to you comment on MY post -- I DON'T like 'f' word movies EITHER! It's one of the MAIN reasons I don't watch television OR movies! But Dennis and I are trying to spend "more time together" -- so I'm watching occasionally. I will be WAY more cautious about what I agree to from now on though! THAT one was a major mistake!

    Now... YOUR stuff! That squirrel shot is adorable! I used to have sO many cute pictures of them trying (and succeeding) at getting my bird feeders when they hung from the monkey bars on our playground! The squirrels thought we built that playground just for them! LOL! Of course those photos died with a computer... as did many others. *sigh* And still I don't back up... *deep sigh*

    Your letters are GREAT! Y'know - I have very PROMINENT Ms on BOTH my hands - and I never thought of that!!! That was reallllllly good thinkin' on your part! The thing about these difficult Ns is that turned sideways they become difficult Zs - and we're going to have to find MORE of them! LOL!

  14. That M was really close at hand. :-D Good work on both of them. I had a hard time finding an N, too -- I had thought that would be an easy one.

  15. Love your story about the screw....LOL. That sounds like something that would happen here at my house.

    I have that same M in the palm of my hand too......maybe we're related..LOL

    Have a great day!

  16. I was LOL about you wanting to eat lunch out. I'm like that too!

    That squirrel is sure brave hanging like that! Too funny.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  17. Wow, what a great picture!

  18. How clever!!! I would never have thought of looking inside my hand!

  19. Woo Hoo, great post.

  20. First time, your blog, BTW :) Thanks for the giggles.

  21. Anni,

    The shot of the squirrel is awesome and yes, I can see his little feet hanging onto the rafter. LOL

    We had a squirrel here that was always hanging from a tree branch. I think he had a mental condition. We could tell him from the others, as he had a reddish streak up his back. Dwight named him Hanger. This year we have three baby black squirrels in the big tree at the end of our driveway. So far, no successful photos.

    Love your photo for the letter M. I have the same, except it's on my left hand. Money? Where is it? LOL

    Take care and have a great day, my friend.


  22. Those two little feet just made me smile! Thanks for that.
    As for the 1/4inch nut, I've decided that anything involving Lowe's-Home Depot-or any kind of hardware is automatically a DAY long project. Sorry to hear about your Tuesday--I hate it when days like that happen.

  23. That is funny!!! They are tricky little animals. We have a plum tree in our front yard last fall every morning I sware the same squirl was out their eating plums below the tree while my dogs were going wild inside the house. I think the squirl intentionally teased them daily.

  24. That squirrel sure does have a good grip!

    I love the alphabet challenge pics, very inventive.

  25. Your garage door episode reminded me of how many seemingly simple jobs end up taking hours to accomplish. Seems to me like this happens almost every time.
    As usual I love your header.
    I agree with you on American Idol. We did enjoy watching it last night though because Scott was competing. I put the video of his performance on my At Home in Scottsdale blog just now.

  26. This is a really cute idea. I just love how you are finding letters out in the world! It is a great idea. Keep it up.


    Please visit me at

  27. You have found some interesting letters in some strange places, well done, I don't think I could do it.

  28. Great photos! Squirrels are indeed clever creatures.

  29. You're really good at this alphabet challenge. I love how you outline the letters and have no idea how you do that.

    The picture of the squirrel reminds me of one I posted awhile back where the squirrel is hanging from a limb trying to get into the bird feeder. Fun to watch, whether or not you like them!

    I love the bolt story, too. And I totally agree with you about going along for a chance to eat lunch out!

  30. Oh Anni, you rock! Love the story of your day(sorry it was so wasted) and picture plus the alpha! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  31. Your "M" is super! What a natural find that is!
    I see the "N" too - two great finds this week.

  32. Sorry about your bad day. I have lost train screws like that but they were very very small.
    Love that squirrel.
    I am amazed at where the players find letters. Well done.

  33. I hate being without power! :)

  34. OMG - sneaky little guy! That's a great shot. I snapped a picture of a squirrel in the bottom basket of our stroller at the zoo last month. Must've smelled the snacks! They are quite the scavengers!

  35. sound like me, I'd go anywhere as long as it ends up with lunch.....I can just see you two trying to find that nut....isn't it amazing here you and Bud are on the floor looking for a nut, and there is your squirrel hanging on the rafters looking for a nut....hummmmmm, sounds like you could be related....LOL SORRY! just kindin judy

  36. Nothing boring about your life! ha-ha Wonder when you will find that bolt??? It's bound to show up someday.

    And that pesky little squirrel....they are determined little devils...but I love 'em!!! They get hungry, too.

    Funny post! You made my day, Anni!

    ((( HUGS )))

  37. Oh yes, how often a 5 minute job has turned into 5 hours because of some stupid little thing! lol You'll find it when you least expect it and I hope you throw it as far away as you can when you do! hehe

    Isn't it unbelievable what squirrels will do to get to a feeder? We have a couple of them that hang around here, even during the winter and it's so funny to see their antics, trying to get to the bird feeders. More often than not, they do manage!!!!

    Well look at that, you do have an M on your palm:-) Also great detective work to find the N on the fireplace brick! Now you'll know where to find a Z...just turn the N sideways! lol xoxo