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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
12:21 A.M.

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Remember the days long ago, when you were a kid, and you'd be out after dark, in the summer, and you'd see these little golden lights flitting around the yard and in the you? We used to think they were fireflies [of course they were, but go with the flow here, just to appease me, okay?], but in our fantasy they were fairies daring to be seen and caught for luck? If you were lucky enough to capture one, you were the luckiest neighborhood kid on the block!!

Well, in Colorado, they were out in our yard, but not for long. There isn't enough humidity for them, and the nights?...they cool down greatly. And when we lived in the desert southwest, if we were fortunate enough we may see one or two in a year's span. But down here, in the subtropics, there are plenty of fairy firelights dancing around in the summer. Even as early as Spring. Of course it depends on the weather and their hibernating rituals. Just this past week, Bud and I were outside enjoying the balmy Springtime evening. Enjoying the peace and quiet, contemplating what lay in store for us...dreaming in silence. When all of a sudden, I spied it!!! There, in the bushes off to the right of me, near the gardenia bush and fern...the light! Darting in and out of the fronds of the ferns down low and then up into the branches of the bush...flickering its light and daring me to come and investigate.

Before I did tho, I went indoors and got my handy-dandy MASON™ fruit jar with the rubber seal on the lid. I had holes punched into the metal cap for it to breathe just in case I captured it..... I did, I did capture it!!! And she was dressed all in muted pinks and her wings were translucent, she was so beautiful! I've considered myself quite a lucky gal indeed. She's my newest treasure!!

- - -

Now in all reality, the disenchantment begins ....

What I actually found was a miniature fairy at the store, and I bought some goodies so I could display her in her 'natural habitat'. First, I bought an apothecary jar with lid. Then a bag of small natural colored pebbles. Along with a yellow butterfly, and some rose-colored full bloom roses and a few tiny light pink rose buds. Along with some crystal stemmed baubles for the 'fantasy' look.

After dropping the pebbles into the bottom I propped her into the stone for security and then, placed the roses around her. The next step was to put the bauble 'tree' behind her and bend the stems of the crystal around her back and her shoulders and wings. Next...came the ribbon and butterfly. With the lid to the apothecary jar, I tied the curly ribbon around the glass knob, [and shredded the ribbon partly...seen below], pinned on a couple of tiny light pink rose buds to the ribbon, and added the oversized butterfly to the lid.

- - -

The ribbon shredder is something I bought years and years ago from one of my co-workers who's daughter was selling cards, ribbons and such for a class to raise money for some special project or trip. And it's the handiest tool and concept for making ribbon more 'decorative' as I've ever come across. I have used it hundreds of times. You cut your ribbon, curl it, and then place the ribbon onto the tool. There are two widths you choose from...and once it's placed on the mechanism, you then pull the curled ribbon over the 'tongs' and it shreds it to a very fine curled ribbon keeping it all in one piece. It's a great 'invention' and I am very glad I bought it, because I've never seen anything like it since. [My fingernails have been trimmed down on purpose this time of year for gardening work.] The ribbon result you can see in the middle photo above here.

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This week, O and P---

The "O" is part of the swinging lid on our small beach cooler that we take with us when we go to lounge on the beach for the day. Self-explanatory..outlined in blue.

The "P" is one of Bud's many saws on his work bench...outlined in white.


  1. Wow! That's some story, gal, but I'll best you....we use to capture Tinkerbell but felt so bad we'd let her go before bedtime. Took me years to catch on. You make me smile.

  2. ... and I thought I was blessed with the most patience. You out-do me.
    Well done, what a hoot of a story!

    Love Granny

  3. We have had TWO fireflies in our garden in the past stayed a couple of nights at the same place, so maybe it was injured or something. I looked during the day but couldn't find it. You mentioned humidity, maybe that's what we are lacking for them. But it's humid enough for us humans :)
    What a wonderful entry and I love your creation!! just like a fairy tale.

    Forgot about Mr Mar's kingdom as I was looking for a P!! great choices for the alphabet.

  4. Good Monin' Anni,
    I loved the story about catchnig Fireflies. I remember seeing them outside at night when I was a young girls also. Sometimes when our girls are down at my Parents spending the night during the summer, they catch them some fireflies and put them in plastic jars my mom keeps from Peanut butter and they poke holes in the top and put grass in it also. Then they have to bring it home and show us. I love how you did your little Fairy in the jar. That is just too cute. That would make for a nice Giveaway and let people guess how many pebbles are in the jar. LOL. You sare very creative my friend. I hve missed you coming to viasit and I hope things are okay. Take care my friend and have a great day. May GOD Bless you and yours.
    Karen H>

  5. It feels good to suspend disbelief for a little while:-)

  6. Anonymous3/11/2009

    What a wonderful post. We used to catch fireflies in jars too. There were so many of them where we lived and the whole family would go out and try to get them. We always let them go though. I never caught any fairies like you did. ;)

  7. Let her go! Let her GO! ... sheeeesh... I can't believe you BOTTLED the fairy! (she's beautiful!) But LET HER GO!!!

    Great finds on the letters! Os truly are EVERYwhere - so you found a "different" one --- and the P is - well, ya know - I think Luz would say that IT is a perfect P also!

  8. That is just so clever and also beautiful.I never thought about fireflies as fairy's, we do have a few in the nice weather. Next time I see them I will think of your wonderful story. Thank you for coming by.

  9. Anni you are an invetarate romantic ! Love your fairy in the glass ! I think I have seen the last firefly when I was 6 years old and lived with my grandparents !
    Your P is scary, lol !

  10. Thanks for stopping by! I love the little fairy story and craft you did!

  11. Those are both great finds for the ABC Challenge! If you're like me, I am starting to see letters everywhere now!

    I'm a little late with mine, but they're up now.

  12. and isn't she lovely!! beautiful, you are so creative!! i am NOT!! ;)

  13. Hi Anni, I remember when my kids were growing up and we went to the mountains to visit their grandma, at dusk.. tons of fireflies would come out and they would try catching them in a jar.. what fun!!!
    Your Fairy in a jar is too cute...
    Have a good day. hugs, Baba

  14. Such a great story...brings back warm memories of my own childhood!

  15. Hey thanks for stopping by. I LOVE the fairy in the jar, I may try that, and I soooo need one of the ribbon shredders..I'm off to Hobby Lobby!

    Since the creation of the world God's invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly revealed, by seeing the beauty of His creation, so that men are without excuse who deny Him...Romans 1:20

  16. your fairy firelights story is the absolute best. my kind of story that. totally. thanks for posting it!

  17. Great story. My girls are big fairy fans. :)

  18. Anni
    That is what I so like with you, the Child within,---
    Which "grown ups" would sit around and take time out to make a fairy with roses, wings and all,and forget all around her, but you !!!
    Just beautiful. I so love it.
    I'll have to go visit you in real life once in my lifetime just to see your entire '"dreamworld"-
    Imaging me showing up on your doorstep. You would faint !!
    I did notice the green chrochet plates on the table "wink"
    Have a nice day my friend, and dream on.
    (soon to bee a blogger)

  19. I never thought much about fairies until I "met" you and Miss Pea. But we did have great times with fireflies in Minnesota and Arkansas. But I'm afraid we were naughty - we'd catch them, take the light part off, stick it on our noses and foreheads, and play "fireman." Don't ask me why fireman. But we had fun - I doubt the parents knew that we were hurting the little things. Often we would put them in fars, though, and have them light our way. Thanks for the memories!

  20. That was such a cute post!!

    Love the jar w/ fairy! So pretty!

  21. My daughter's room is fairies. she'd adore this craft.
    Thanks for stopping be my Blog

  22. Love the fairy idea! My daughter would love it.

    O's were easy this week but I think you found a perfect P!

    I saw your comment to Melli that you unexpectedly found your Q. After reading this post I have a suspicion that I have the same one - we'll see. :)

  23. Fabulous story. I love how you transformed the fairy! Excellent jobs on the letters as well.

  24. Love the story and that's a fun project idea too!

    We don't have fireflies around here, I often wish we did.

  25. You sure can spin a tale!

    Too cute!

  26. What a lovely dream I just had. Thank you for bringing me back to those glorious summer nights.

    Your fairy jar is lovely!

  27. Your P is brilliant!


  28. Great Post!
    Thank you for stopping by our site. Hope you come again soon.

  29. I would so love to see a firefly in real life. We don't have them where we live. Maybe I will have to take my girls out south so they can experience such a beauty in nature :)

  30. How cute! I love the way your fairy turned out. BTW, I purchased my ribbon cutter/shredder in the Dollar Store. Go figure!

  31. look how crafty you are!! I have one of those shredders too - I LOVE IT!

  32. Great story and craft idea!

  33. Damn I forgot about the alphabet challenge.I need to set this up as a reminder to myself LOL!!!

  34. I love chasing fairies, how funny that they are on my gratitude list tonight!! It must be a "god" thing to be reading your wonderful story tonight. Thanks for the tip, i will make some for my girls this is too sweet to pass up.

  35. Anni,

    One of our favorite pastimes when I was a kid was to capture fireflies. We'd run across the open fields with jars in hand, trying our best to catch just one of these beautiful and elusive creatures. We always let them go after we watched them for a while, but they were so interesting.

    I don't see many fireflies on our property, but my neighbor, who has a pond and grapevines has lots of them visit her yard. I love to sit and chat with her on a summer evening and watch the enchantment.

    Thanks for the memories. Your little fairy is beautiful. You have such a talent for decorating.


  36. I have never lived anywhere with fireflys, but I would like to visit them someday.

    What a lovely post. I love your little fairy home environment. So whimsical.

    Nice O and P

  37. I have never seen fireflies as they are not part of New Zealand or Australia's fauna...but I love the fairy idea of them. And your little fairy could well be one you captured in your yard...beautiful.

  38. That's the cutest fairy and I need one of those ribbon curlers! I try the run it against a sharp edge like scissor blades but one of these days I am going to cut myself I just know it. Plus it doesn't always work.

  39. Awww... she's a lovely fairy! And I love that ribbon curler! Awesome. Thanks for stopping by to visit "What the %@*#?! Wednesday" at my blog this week!