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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
12:17 A.M.

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I feel compelled to write: "I see the sea, the sea sees me". But wait!---the little ditty goes I see the MOON, the moon sees me. Darn, can't use it then. So, scratch my thought from your mind!! Wrong ditty. Okay, now that I got that out of my system. Do you wanna see the sea I see?

[SEAgull @ Whitecap Beach - North Padre Island, Texas]
[top right: SEAport *see pelican gliding in to land on the sea?*]
[bottom right: SEE the SEA glow near the SEA wall?]

- - -

A favorite poet of mine once wrote:

Neither Out Far Nor In Deep

The people along the sand
All turn and look one way.
They turn their back on the land.
They look at the sea all day.

* * *

The land may vary more;
But wherever the truth may be--
The water comes ashore,
And the people look at the sea.

- - -

[our art museum]
This past Saturday--

---and out comes my cellphone for photo taking [ummm, strictly prohibited? Whatever!]

These two photos above are the exterior of the art museum. A rippling 'brook' on the incline that empties into the circular fountain.

Then, the most recent 'new' exhibits in the museum by the sea were quilting art. Hanging, hand made/and machine made...quilt wall hangings. Among the many, many displayed exhibits, I spied this one right away [I recognized the skyline!]...

...and the snow!! Denver, Colorado

I was drawn to this quilt. The intense heat and the figure of a firefighter...reminded me of 911. Quite startling to see the intricate work involved in all the quilting that day.

In a way, this particular piece was quite humbling to me. For some reason. I thought the colors used was intense and I could 'see' the heat and extremes. Each piece covering several walls within the museum was amazing, but these two particularly caught my eye.

Outdoor fountain in the
interior courtyard of the
Art Museum...

Then, onto the "Old West Heritage Room"

...And into an alcove beyond the "West" is art of the glass structures...blown glass, that is! This is colbalt glass...a sea shell [clam & conch] and sea urchins, among the sea weed...

And last, for you to SEE if you can find the objects I post here.

4 Humans
1 boat
A picnic basket.

This particular piece is entitled "Lunch on the Brazos" by William Otton. To me it has a Oaxacan flair. If you've ever seen the carved creatures of Oaxacan art, you'd understand my thoughts in close recognition to the work of art. Can you SEE the aforementioned items? [the original, other than my photo taken, is probably 7 feet x 4 feet in size]

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  1. You are so interesting my friend, bless you.

  2. The art you hve shown us today is majical my dear blogger friend.

    I adore your easter page.


  3. What an enjoyable post and pictures!! off to read about that tip :)

  4. What a wonderful mix of entertainment and information! Especially love the inclined waterway leading to the fountain!
    Really enjoyed this one!

  5. fantastic pics. you live in a wonderful place.

    thanks for the tips too. i hate pop ups!

  6. Anni,

    Gorgeous photos. You did a great job with all of them.

    The paintings of the West are superb. I especially like the one of the horses...and the glass seashell is a real work of art.

    Thanks for taking me along with you on this tour. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


  7. What lovely photos I got to see on your blog today, including some of the sea. Such fun!

    I managed to find the items in the painting, it must really be something to see full size.

    Cool firefox tip. I have a few issues with firefox, but overall it is a really great browser.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  8. Looks very interesting ! I like to take pictures when it is not allowed ! :-) I have to look so innocent then ! The Lunch on the Brazos is a special copy of the "The Luncheon on the Grass" of Edouard Manet. Other colors and little spots but the scene is the same. The original hangs in Paris in Muséee d'Orsay.

  9. An enjoyable post. A bit of everything there.

  10. GattinaYes, it is...but sans the polka dots and Mexican influence. This one is so near Oaxacan art...but yes, quite similar.

  11. Good Mornin' Anni,
    I enjoyed the pictures of the Sea. I have been to Texas many a times, but never near the ocean or the sea. I really love the quilts. Some ladies are very talented and put alot of time and effort into their quilt makeing. The other artwork is beutiful slso. "THANK YOU" ofor sharing such beautiful pictures of artwork with us today. I did put up a new post this morning. I'm having q hard time getting back into the swing of things this week. LOL. Tqke care my friend and have a great day. May GOD Bless you and yours.
    Karen H.

  12. I really enjoyed the walk through the gallery with you.

  13. As always an entertaining and enlightening post!

    It took me a few to see the boat, but I found it.

    You are so lucky to live by water.

    Remember the song Cool Change? "If there's one thing in my life that's missing, it's the time that spend alone.. staring at the cool and bright, clear water."

    Being raised near the beach in Florida, I feel that way sometimes.

  14. I definitely see the 4 people and the picnic basket... I'm not sure about the boat. I see something that COULD be a boat... Is it behind the head of the man with the cane?

  15. Melli Yes, you're right in your assumption, that IS the boat.

  16. Those are amazing photos...I love that painting of the native indian girl...just lovely....great use of the words "See" "Sea"....

  17. I like your water pics....but after all the water around here..I donot want to live anywhere near a lake,river etc.!!! love the horse picture!!

  18. Excellent post. I remember being in Corpus Christi and watching a hurricane move in and uproot the causeway - incredible. It's hard to believe how much power water has when it's storm driven.

  19. Where is this museum so I can turn you in for the bad act of taking good pictures?

  20. Hello, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Your photos are wonderful, I especially like the quilt X

  21. Great post. I love the artwork.

  22. I just love the photo of the seagul in flight.


  23. i enjoy the pictures as well as the photos.

    thanks for visit!

  24. Such breathtaking pictures of the sea! Wonder if that's the same seagull that crapped on my car window yesterday??? lol Love the poem, it's beautiful.

    Uh oh, I'm gonna report you for taking pictures at the museum!!!! hehe Aren't cellphones just perfect for taking pictures where you're not supposed to? lol I'll never forget when the boys were little, we had brought them to the ROM museum in Toronto and I was taking pictures of Shawn in front of the dinosaur displays (he was really into dinosaurs at that time) and a security guard came to tell me I wasn't allowed to take pictures inside the museum. Five minutes later, making sure he's not around, I took a couple more comes the guard again, warning me that I will be thrown out if I take one more picture. Hmmmm...10 minutes later, another picture! hehe I think I snuck that one in because no guard came! lol Anyway, I can just imagine how wonderful it was to see all those beautiful quilts, the fireman one is indeed very touching. Yup, I could SEE 4 humans, 1 boat and a picnic basket in the picture:-) xoxo