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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Thursday, March 5th, 2009
2:10 A.M.

[On Feb. 6th, it would have been Dave's 79th birthday]

My sister-in-law

[Leah, holding Karen, Steven and husband, Dave]

1] Her name: Leah

2] She is almost 4 years older than Bud

3] She is a retired secretary

4] She has four children, her oldest, Steve is a doctor, Jim, Karen and the 'baby' of the family, Christopher.

5] She is a grandmother

6] Her husband died in 2005, he was a retired teacher, and they both operated a farm.

7] She always reminded me of Keely Smith

8] I met her in 1968

9] She was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado

10] She was the 1st born child [Bud was the 2nd]

11] Her middle name is the same as her Grandmother's, her mother's, her daughter's and her granddaughter's.

12] She just returned from a European trip with her sister-in-law

13] This past week, she had a brain tumor removed. At first the surgeons and specialists thought it benign, but after the biopsy, it was malignant. And there is little doubt that she will survive much longer. There is not much hope with ALL brain tumor patients as of this blog entry. I'm torn by all the past week's events, and dread any phone calls. Her life has been a full, wonderful and productive life, and it all saddens me to know that her time with us is shortened by the body's cells building within her now. They are telling the immediate family [her children] that there is a goodly chance the removal of the mass was successful, but...and that is a big 'but' it is in a section of the brain that nearly always has regrowth, and it is usually a rapid growth. I've done extensive genealogy research on both Bud's and my side of the family and this is the first cancer with both. So I'm wondering, just what caused it...was it a lifestyle, something on the farm, her surroundings at work, a childhood trauma involving the skull, a blood clot that made the cells go awry, something she ingested? What? Her future and time left with us here, is now in the hands of the almighty.
I rarely post about anything that is of a negative, and this too is not on the negative 'feel sorry for me and Bud' type post. It's something we'll deal with and tho she will be missed when her time comes, it's still a positive post, because I got to meet her and know her as a wonderful lady; that was a gift to my own life.


  1. Cancer is so's everywhere....I just pray they find a cure fast....the trouble is there is so many different kinds that are rare....sorry about your sister in law....hopefully God will pull a miracle.... judy

  2. i'm deeply saddened by your news. you are all in my prayers...

  3. Anni, it is so very hard to deal with the impending loss of someone you love. Know that my thoughts are with you. Mary

  4. Good Motnin' Anni,
    I am so sorry to her about your Sistr-in-Law. Cancer of any kind is such a bad thing to have. But I do know tht GOD will put his healing hand on her and after all HE is in control. I will keep her in my pryayers and please keep us updated on her as well. In fact I will keep you and B ud in my prayers as well. I know it must be so hard on th whole family. FOD be with each and everyone of youduring this trying time. Take care my friend and ahve a great day. May GOD Bless you and yours.
    Karen H.

  5. Anonymous3/05/2009

    It's a great post, Annie, and you honor your sister with it. Your love of her shines through every word.
    What you wrote 11] Her middle name is the same as her Grandmother's, her mother's, her daughter's and her granddaughter's. really caught my eye and heart. We have that in our family. 5 1st daughters in a matrilineal line who share the same middle name; Irene, the Greek Goddess of Peace. My great-grandma, my grandma, my mom, myself and my daughter. Thank you for this image of your sister.

  6. This is a very nice post - not negative at all. It's a great little homage, which is always a positive thing.

    Thanks for sharing this. :)

  7. Oh Anni, I'm so sorry for you and your family. Cancer is an equal opportunity monster, that offers few answers about why it decides to move in. I lived near a woman who had the same brain cancer that killed her brother in 6 months, she lived 9 years, who knows. Just take care of yourself and remeber to enjoy whatever moments you have.

    Tabbikat's Thoughts

  8. I am sorry. :(
    It's beautiful how you've portrayed her life...with so much love.
    Prayers!!! There is still a chance.

  9. What a beautiful post. Your strength in the face of such a heart-breaking situation is an example to us all.

  10. It is hard to understand how and when and why cancer hits as it does. There seem to be few answers and many questions. She sounds like a great lady who raised a wonderful family. We haven't lost any immediate family members yet, but I can only imagine how it feels. What a beautiful tribute to Karen. I'm so glad she got to take that wonderful trip to Europe.

  11. I love that you gave her this tribute

  12. Anni,

    This is a wonderful tribute to Leah. She sounds like a wonderful woman and you've done her a great justice by posting about her life.

    My heart goes out to you, Bud and the rest of the family. I will pray for a miracle, for her comfort and for her family to have strength as she travels this journey.

    Take care, my friend. You and Bud are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Blessings and hugs,

  13. The thought of losing a loved one is heart wrenching ...
    My thoughts and especially my prayers are with you.

  14. Very moving tribute. It's clear you two have a special friendship. I'll put you and Leah in my prayers.

  15. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Lovely tribute. Happy t13!

  16. Cancer just falls like rain from heaven and some people get a bad drop. So far why somebody gets cancer and others not hasn't been found yet. In my best friends family nobody ever had a cancer so why did she die of colon cancer, just one week ago ?
    It's so sad !

  17. My prayers to you and the family. It's a pleasure getting to know people on this meme.

  18. My heart realy goes out to you, Anni. Your sister-in-love sounds like a wonderful person. I'll keep your family in my prayers.

  19. Praying for u all..!
    Thanks for stopping by my T-13

  20. wow! that is not-so-good, but i know you heard it so many times, but i say it anyway, "Everything happens for a reason that only GOD knows why".

  21. You and your SIL are in my prayers!

  22. Oh,I am so sorry to hear this Anni! Cancer is a terrible thing and so many people "get" it. She sounds like a great gal who lived and loved and she still has more to give :)

  23. I don't look at this as negative at all..You have made a great friend so that is the wonderful part. You will always hold fond memories of her..that is wonderful!! Great post.

  24. I am very sorry to hear this sweetie, I will be covering your sister in-law with my prayers. I love you.

  25. prayers for you and yours, my mom passed away last year of cancer. her sister died from it as well. it is very big in my family and all I can do is try to live better today. I am so grateful you have an opportunity to spend some wonderful time with your sister in- law, take lots and lot's of pictures and remember every moment to pass on to others so her memory will live on, as will yours.

  26. I'm so sorry about your sister-in-law. Gosh, what a loss for all of us. ((hug))

    I think a lot of these cancers are due to old age. No one in my family lived past 60 years old - my father was the first man to live to 70 years old.

  27. (((((((((Hootin Anni)))))))))

    Hugs for your SIL too.

  28. Sending you big hugs across the miles! I know how horrible it is to learn that a loved one's time on earth is limited but you're right, you've been very blessed to have had such a wonderful person in your life. Hopefully God has other plans for her and she'll be here for a long while yet!! xoxo

  29. Very sad, indeed. I lost my father to glioblastoma cancer of the other cancer in his family ever! He'd had it in his bladder about 3 or 4 years prior, and at that time, the doctors said it was a type of cancer that is rarely ever found in the bladder...I believe his was like the 18th case ever documented in medical journals. Of course, they can remove the bladder and put a bag on one's side for that, but it eventually did spread to his brain. He lived just 17 days after being diagnosed, although he'd been having problems for myabe 2 months, but they just never diagnosed it correctly until we got him to Duke Hospital in Durham, NC. Took them just 3 hours and they knew exactly what was wrong with him!!! Sad thing to lose a loved one to cancer...but if it be any consolation to you at all, there is really no pain with brain cancer. He complained of a headache is all...then eventually went into a coma.

    Prayers going out for her....

    ((( HUGS )))

  30. Anni -


    I'm with you: why? how? how long? could something have been done differently?

    You can drive yourself crazy with all the questions. Knowing you the way I do, I know you wont dwell there long. You have beautiful memories of Leah and it sounds like she has had a wonderful life. Who knows, maybe she will be a miracle-girl and live many more years. That's my prayer for her. And peace for her family, including Bud and you.
    Thanks for sharing about Leah. It's a good reminder to treasure each day that we have, for we never know what tomorrow brings.
    (((hugs))) from barb

  31. {{{ HUGS }}} you are all in my prayers!

  32. Hugs to you all, kiddo. You know my MIL passed from cervical cancer a few weeks ago, but at least you had so many years to know and love her. That is the positive you are right to emphasize.

    I think it's just been a tough year so far, for so many...

  33. What a wonderful tribute to Leah.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  34. My thoughts and prays will be for her, you, Bud and the rest of the family the rest of this day and days that follow. I pray for peace for all of you as you get used to this news. Seeks God and His powers. He is awesome after all.

  35. Dear Anni, dear friend

    Your post today touched my heart, and I do not se it as negetive, on the contrary, it is positive and loving, and very beautiful written
    Being at the side of a family member or friend at the end of life, though, can be the most important thing you will ever do for someone.-I know you so well that I am sure You and Bud know how to cope with your own grief when the time comes where the good Lord calls upon your beloved Leah.
    If it is possible,offering comfort to someone who is dying can be a deep, unforgettable experience. It's a meaningful memory you can treasure long after your loved one is gone.
    Good thing you got to know her through all this years-
    All my prayers goes to your Sister -in -Law and the entire family, and all my loving thoughts goes to you and Bud.

    Thinking of you-------


  36. So sorry you and your family are going through such difficult times. You are all in my thoughts. (((hugs)))

  37. All involved are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless.

  38. First, thanks for stopping by The PopArtDiva Blog and my list of my 13 favorite artists.

    I think that the very last part of your post is the most important part. You statement that Leah was a gift in your life is the bravest and best think you could have done and said. I applaud your attitude and empathize with your loss.

  39. I don't find this negative at all, but real. And you are directing us to think about her and send our heartfelt wishes.

    So her husband who died is not Bud?

  40. Oh, how sad to have to cope with the illness of a loved one. My best to you and the rest of your family.

  41. I think this is the right attitutide you got Annie, even if it's not always easy to do so. Death is a life aspect, we all experience the loss of someone we love, and in the saddest moments, we have to be grateful for the chance to be with them and the time we spent together.
    My deepest thought are with you and your family.

  42. Thank you for sharing such a powerfully affecting TT - it may be one of the most moving tributes I've ever read. As stilted as this sounds - I wish you and your family blessings during this difficult time.

  43. jettied3/06/2009

    OOHH Iam so sorry. I have your same questions and am struggling with them now.
    My Grandparents on my Moms side both passed from colan cancer...just a few years apart. There were so many things surrounding it all I still tear up.So sad. I truly will keep Her and you in my thoughts and prayers.

  44. I am so sad to hear this. Know my thoughts are with you and your family.