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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Monday, March 9th, 2009
12:40 A.M.

Fun Monday is directly below this, in the same blog entry for today....

41 years ago today...actually tonight....Bud and I had our first date. He took me to a posh restaurant and we dined and had a wonderful time. It was a snowy night. [Of course, it was Colorado, can't expect anything different than snow in the month of March. One day it's balmy and the next day you could have a "Spring blizzard"] Anyway, when I got home from work to get myself ready for the dinner out with him, after a few minutes of being home the florist came to the door and delivered a dozen long stemmed red roses [no, the roses in the photo are not the roses Bud had delivered to me...mine were RED].....

This is a photo that my mother took of me about 1/2 hour before Bud picked me up. The outfit was a black chiffon two piece. With black pantyhose, black shoes. The gold pin on my left shoulder is one that was from my grandfather [I no longer have it that I know of---been ages since I've rummaged through my jewelry], and it had amethysts: my birthstone. After dinner at the restaurant we ended up back at his bachelor pad and had a drink and just sat around and talked way into the night. When he took me home, at the doorstep he asked me if I'd like to go out with him again sometime. Obviously y'all know the answer by now. The next time we met, he said to me "I think I'm falling in love with you"....I said "Where's my ring"....we got engaged and in May we Paul Harvey's words, now you know the 'rest of the story'....

I was 19!!! He was the man I loved. I think it was 'love at first sight' for the two of us [tho we both knew each other being of the same town, we'd never actually, formally, 'met']. Awwwwwwww, to be 19 again. I think, no, I'm positive that I'd do it all over again!!!


Our hostess for Fun Monday has come up with a difficult challenge for me in so many ways but, I promised I'd think about it and try to answer as best I know how on a personal level
    So here's your challenge:
    What are you and your family doing to deal with the current economic situation on a personal level? Obama's got a plan for the nation, but how do you/will you deal with your own economic stress?
For me, personally, I have not felt any stress, as yet. Luckily, we have retired, so our income has been a 'fixed income' for a little over a decade now. And we have been frugal with our spending habits over the years. But, for now at least, we don't have the worry that most may come across during the years ahead of us with the bad economy. I guess the thing that we do now-a-days is stray away from over spending...tho, to be honest, I've always been that way. I don't buy anything that is not in 'BIG over the budget' purchases. Even when we both worked out of the home and had two incomes, the only big things we bought were spending on Hawai'i, many trips to Old Mexico and around the United States. Years and years ago, we got rid of all our possessions such as 'gas guzzlers' of vehicles. One, even the expense of tax and license plates, was a, we liquidated. And I'm glad we was before the Bush era, and we saw it coming...the economic woes of this country and future. I don't think we'd have been able to sell a huge motor home in today's times without LOSING money on it. All it takes from us now is the foresight to acknowledge that we don't over spend!! Why tear out the carpet in the house when the stuff ON the floor right now is perfectly fine....why trade in for a new car when the others still run just fine...things like that. The old adage is "If it ain't broke, why fix it?" Today, I don't need anything but my health, my family and my home. And I feel quite secure in that; that I still have's all I want.

One stress factor I have is during hurricane season, I tend to catastrophize a bit; wondering....if we should have extreme damage on our home during something like last year's IKE that hit Galveston/Houston or the infamous storm of the past, Katrina, will we be able to get a government loan for repairing? Or is the economy so bad, that it'll be nigh on to impossible? But, we'll cross that bridge if we need to when the time comes. Then, there is stress [again, catastrophizing, 'cause it hasn't happened yet, tho I still 'think' about the 'what if's'], and that's my grown kids having to deal with the possibility of lay offs on their jobs....not to deal with it yet, but it looms up in my mind.


  1. Anni, what a lovely story. That beautiful young girl has become a beautiful Queen Mother. Hugs to you and Bud on this special anniversary.

  2. OMG you were 19 ?? At 19 I still was in school, felt in love all 5 minutes and of course it was always the man (or boy) I would marry, lol ! I was 24 when finally I met the right one.

    your fun monday is very much like mine, besides the political aspects of course, but I too have always been a careful spender it is just in my nature. BTW last Wednesday Hilary was in Brussels and had a huge success especially amongst the women ! We all admire her I read in BBC news "In Brussels, where Mrs Clinton visited the European Parliament - the highest-ranking US official to do so since Ronald Reagan in 1985 - her speech was met with enthusiastic nods, smiles and then a standing ovation." That's the best thing Obama did to choose her (and that she accepted) to do this job ! She knows already all important persons of the world from her days as first Lady ! What a way she made !!

  3. We seniors have a lot to be thankful for Anni, nice story about the first date.

  4. you are one beautiful 19-year old. still are, if i may say so. and to have remembered your first date. the actual date that is. he must've made an impression. well, obviously, duh... i have to admit i have no clue at our the date of our first date.

  5. I like your attitude about the economy. My hubby and I are frugal too. We don't buy anything we can't afford. I just hope I am not being too smug about the whole situation.

  6. Happy Anniversary! I enjoyed reading the story.

  7. What a beautiful love story and a beautiful picture.
    And you even remember the exact day...actually night...that you had your first date. That is so sweet.

  8. Anni,

    Well, I was only 16 when I married my first husband, so 19 seems okay to me. In those times people married young--between 19 and 21 quite often. Today is different.

    Love the photo of you and that pin--I hope you still have it somewhere. It's a keepsake.

    Dwight and I don't go far. We spend very little money and don't buy anything we don't need. Right now, groceries are rising daily. We try to pay cash for everything unless it's an emergency. Credit cards don't help the economy at all.

    You and I were brought up in a time when you saved for what you wanted, but today's generation buy it as soon as they see it, or want it. Not good.

    Enjoyed your post today. Bud and you were married soon after you met. Dwight and I met in June and were married in December.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  9. I loved that story, you were gorgeous, and you still are.

  10. Love the first date story!!!

    It is interesting to see different people's takes on this. My FIL is also retired, but is constantly worried about money. His retirement was a very good one, but his investments weren't so great. He tends to panic when prices drop and sells to avoid any more loss. I've tried to tell him that it's not a loss until he sells it but that doesn't seem to deter him. Except for that awful tendency, they would be fairly well off now. As it is, we feed them on occasion and try to help them out in other ways so they won't have to spend money on a "professional" (computer guru, or taxi service). I would help with the house cleaning, but that idea makes them even more uncomfortable than paying someone, so I let that one go. Sigh. I wish they could say the same thing that you do!

  11. Love the story about your first date!!! ::sigh::

    I seldom splurge and I am not going to begin now! Consider yourself lucky if you are already retired...that's what worries us "youngsters" :)

  12. Good Morning Anni,
    "HAAPY AANIVERSARY" to you and Bud. I remember when I first met my hubby, it was almost lik Love at first sight with ua. Enjoyed you story and that is such a beutiful picture of you. I got married the ffirst time at 18 myself.sINCE2 we are not on a fixed income rightnow, we jut live paycheck to paycheck. We ppay the bills and if the girls need anything we get it for them qand buy groceries. Sometims if qwe hav extra which is not very often, we may splurge on somethig for us all. Tke care my frfiend and have a great day. May GOD Bless you qand yours.
    kAREN h.

  13. You never know what mother nature will cook up to ruin your life, do you?
    Happy 41st date anniversary.

  14. Happy Anniversary, Anni!
    It's fun to reminisce, isn't it? The good ole days! I loved your first date story!

    We're like you. The economy hasn't hit us either or should I say that for fear of it jinxing us? LOL

  15. We had our first date in April, talked marriage in June, got the ring in October, and married in December - and I thought that was fast! And we were 25 and 30. That is a lovely picture of you!

    Our retirement funds are taking a hit. We just keep praying for wisdom and peace. We've never overspent and have saved up for everything.

  16. PS - we're hoping for one of those spring storms - or some rain!

  17. At 19 I was married with my first child, seems like a zillion years ago. Would I do it over again, NO WAY, once was enough. While I am not thrilled with myself now, I did make it this far.

    Due to job changes and moves our security was wiped out. At one time we owned a couple of homes and had a nice 401k. All that is history, so these are shaky times for us. Being able to produce much of our food will help, converting to wood heat will be good. My husband is a wiz at fixing things, so what would be a bill of hundreds of dollars at the dealer is a small matter with him doing the work. Our cars are old and pretty easily fixed, I tend to like the things I buy so wear things until they die. I just want to stay where we are and be comfortable. Yes, we still have our motor home, but don't go too far or too often.

  18. Just wanted to add it took Jim 10 years to finally get me to marry him. The first time he asked me I said yes, but would never set a date. One day he announced he had the plane tickets, time off from work and we were going to Vegas. We were married at his brother's house in Bolder City.

  19. Loved your first date story . I got a smile out of your hairstyle from the old days, I think I had the same..........
    I think I will play Sunday stealing in the near future on my blog. Like the questions.....

  20. Awww!! I also remember the day J and I met (we were set up by a mutual friend), and the day that we went on our first one-on-one date, a week later. That was just over 5 years ago for us...and I hope I'll be retelling the story for many years!

    And great FM. Like you, I was raised to spend carefully, only when necessary. And that means that we can afford (carefully) those things that are important - and for me, that's travel! Happy FM to you!

  21. Anonymous3/09/2009

    I think everyone remembers the first date. Roses were a very nice touch and quick romances can be keepers. I met my husband in May and married him in September. :>)

  22. Sweet Anni
    That picture of you makes me see what your Bud fell for- just beautiful, and sweet sweet
    Congrats to you and Bud on your 41th anniversary !!!

    Just loved the story about your first date, and falling in love at first sight,
    reminds me of my own story, but with us "the weel fall off the wagon"- it took us two years to get married, because my Douglas had to first graduate as civilengineer, but then--and you know the rest...
    It is 59 years ago we married, but 61 years since we ate our first pancakes together. !!!"S"
    Have a nice day, maybee with more red roses??

  23. You and I have the same thought process. I too worry about my grown kids, their lives are entirely different from when I was their age. What a nice first date story.. Thanks for sharing

  24. aaaaaaw, I enjoyed reading your story!
    Thanks for your Fun Monday post too

  25. Sweet love story! As for insurance, I am starting to wonder if its worth it? You know I was sitting there the other day adding up the umpteen different policies we have and how much we spend on them and thought, geez, imagine what I could have saved these past 20 years. But then again there is always the "what if" factor. The minute you give up the insurance something is bound to happen! Oh well!

    Happy Fun Monday!

  26. Anni what a sweet love story.

    You clearly did a lot of good planning at the right time by reducing your possessions, and you are now reaping the rewards.

  27. What a sweet love story!

  28. Now were you not a young woman who was not afraid to ask for what she wanted--"Where's my ring?" Indeed!

    Many of us are in the enviable position of being retired with steady pensions and the ability to know the difference between a passing want and a true need. I get where you're coming from about concerns with children. My cousin who's my age though she was going to have to take in her daughter and grandkids, whom she loves very much, when the son in law lost his job. He quickly got another one. Hopefully, if you're faced with this, the same will be true.

  29. Great love story! Lurv the picture.

  30. Hah! I was married at 19, too. Unlike you and Bud, mine didn't last. It's lovely to hear of people who fell in love and married and have stayed married. Such a rarity these days.

    As for the economic crunch. It hasn't really affected me and I'm very thankful. Of course the small amount of shares I have are hardly worth the paper they're written on but as I don't need that money, I'm happy to leave them knowing that the market will eventually recover.

    Talking about cyclones, we have one hovering off the coast at the moment trying to make up its mind what it's going to do. It's a bit nerve wracking as this is the fourth day and it's still there. Meanwhile, we have strong winds with the odd shower but that's all. We just keep on waiting and watching.

  31. That is such a touching love story and what a nice photo, I think I was 19 in a different life time, it was so lomg ago. We mainly do about what you do in our economic situation, except our son lives with us and is not able to work and does not have any money coming in, just food stamps, thank goodness it helps feed him. Have a nice week.

  32. Thank for sharing. Love your Irish decor as well.

  33. I've always loved your & Bud's story - but I gotta tell ya - there is NO WAY I would EVER go back to being 19 again! NO WAY!!!