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Monday, March 30th, 2009
12:31 A.M.

Jeanna is hosting Fun Monday this week:
    The topic will be Easter Baskets: Share a story, is it better to give or to receive, what would you like in yours?

Other than Easter Sunday Sunrise Services we attended many times if the weather permitted, Easter around our home was mainly for kids. The Easter Baskets and, egg hunts and plenty of deviled eggs and egg salad for a goodly time afterward are days of yore for us. [We still hard boil eggs for the two of us, but that's about it!]

So, to add a little bit, since we only do Easter baskets now for home decoration, with no purpose other than that...I'll share a thing we did for our kids when they were small and home. Keeping in mind that we were in Colorado when the kids were, most Easters it was cold and wintry outside...a lot!!! The Easter Bunny would leave treats and fun INDOORS!!! Early....WAY early in the morning of Easter Sunday, I'd get up and get out the chalk dust from the canister and dip a crafted rabbit's foot that Bud made of was small! I'd pour a little colored chalk [pink for Irene and blue for Erik] on a paper plate then, dip the wooden rabbit's foot in and go around along the inside of the house and 'stamp' footprints all around the house...making sure I didn't run into anything in the dark and wake the kids. The tracks went from their beside to hidden places where I'd hide an Easter egg. Sometimes instead of a colored egg that we colored the day before on Saturday...all of us, including Bud! ---I'd hide a small trinket in the hidden crevice. I'd go back to bed after the job of playing Mr. Bunny, and wait for the kids to wake up. They'd be thrilled that the Easter Bunny had arrived. And at the end of the trail...the kids knew it was the end...when they found their baskets, usually their traditional personalized baskets.

During the daylight hours then, the kids would go outside if the weather permitted and hide the eggs for Mom and Dad to hunt down. A few times they'd forget where they hid them and it'd take hours to find them all. Some were never found...and I'm sure the dogs we had got them before we did. But it was all a very fun day.

We'd go to mom and dad's house for ham and all the fixin's! And there the kids would get more Easter goodies from the Grannie and Gramps Bunny!

- - -

But today, now that we're alone and just the two of us....we only decorate with baskets. And what I'd want in the basket now is just the artificial colored grasses and plastic eggs so I can then pack them away for the following year.

~...End Fun Monday
COMMENT HERE if you'd like to skip photos of the Art Festival we attended, below


A day at the Art Festival
[and a side trip around the North Shoreline-with some Art Museum latest exibits]

This year, we had artists from Italy, with chalk art...fascinating!

I enjoyed attending the festival of arts --they had chalk art demonstrations, prints for sale at a bazaar inside the complex [smaller photo with the palm tree - shows the art center in the city]. So much to look at and watch. I love anything that deals with arts and crafts. Outside the complex there were more booths...crafts, paintings, music entertainment [even one segment was belly dancers...oh my. If I were those ladies, I wouldn't be caught DEAD in those revealing tummy would start jiggling and never stop - even when the music ended...seriously. BRAVE SOULS!], bead work, jewelry and so much more. Plus food. LOL Some background on the Italian Street [chalk] artists HERE.

After spending most of the morning at the art center, we drove over to the art museum about a mile away, and perused the halls. Each month or so they change exhibits [the temporary ones, on loan]...this month it was quilt art that I wanted to see. I'll post those photos soon!

ALL images above have 'closed captions'....just place your cursor over the images to explain them.

TOMORROW: The Art Museum by the sea!!


  1. C'mon, Annie, that's all you'd want?
    You sound like a giver rather than a receiver. Wish I could make you a basket and hide it with chalk trails.
    That, btw, was a great idea. They hid ours all over the place with the occasional "you're getting warmer, you're getting colder" and you never knew if they were misleading you.
    Great story.

  2. Love your story and what a lovely idea with the footprints for the kids!!!
    I'd like sunshine and fresh snow for Easter as we (the 2 of us) are going skiing, last chance of the season.
    Happy Monday :)

  3. Oh my gosh, the footprint idea is ADORABLY creative! I bet your kids loved it! Although, I'm a mean mom and wouldn't do it as I wouldn't wanna have to clean up the mess. . . how did you get all that chalk out of the carpet and walls?

    I also have to say I LOVE your new layout! It's so darn cute!!!

    Have a fabulous week!!

  4. Jen:....Well, with two small children, close in age, at the time we did all this, chalk was very little in mess compared to what I did clean up sometimes. It was easy actually...nothing a vacuum cleaner wouldn't sweep up after the hunt was done. I never worried about messes when the kids were little, otherwise I would have been following them around 24/7

  5. Awww, what a lovely story and beautiful pics!! I didn't get it together in time to come up with a FM post today, but I'm enjoying reading everyone else's! Happy FM to you!

  6. the baskets are really beautiful. i hope they are loved and kept by who you gave them too :)

  7. I love Easter Egg hunts. We didn't do them much as kids, but MY kids do them every year. Even when they are 12 and 10!

  8. What a clever mommy you were! And are still.

    You had a great time at the art festival - the sidewalk art is fabulous.

    YOu would love August in Loveland - the sculpture show is attended by people from all over the world - and the artists are from all over the world as well. Then there is a massive craft show in the park across the street from the sculpture park. Come on up - no snow, I promise!

  9. Annie Easter egg hunts had not really taken off here when my children were young. However, my grand children have a wonderful hunt and I've only ever been lucky enough to be there once to watch the fun. But I always hear all about it. Great post.

  10. Dawn: I commented @ your blog just a minute ago about Benson Park...maybe it was called Bennett Park? Now I can't remember for sure. LOL ===age.

  11. Yep. Benson Park. Beautiful spot down Taft Avenue from our house about half a mile. Believe it or not, we've never gone to the show itself because it's pretty crowded and hot. But people come from everywhere - makes our end of town a mess for the week-end, but great for the economy! You'd love it. We have become the hot spot for sculptors to have their studios and even to have their things cast. Kev worked at a casting place for awhile.

    You can actually do a virtual tour through the park on line.

  12. OH! I NEVER thought to do bunny foot prints! I LOVE that! I'll have to share that with Amanda! What a cute idea!

    I would have loved to come to that Art Festival. Those gator's are a hoot! And I just always love to watch the sidewalk artists... they amaze me!

  13. Another lovely story, Anni. Your children must have lovely memories.

  14. I love the bunny prints idea! My son is getting a bit old for that (he just wants what's IN the basket) and I'm thinking of making a treasure hunt for him this year instead of hiding all the eggs.

  15. that all sounds so fun and i pretty much wouldnt be able to wake up enough to do it, but still, i like the idea of it SIL's family did a treasure hunt sort of thing, even out in the woods, with directions like walk 5 steps and look up, and there would be the egg and clue hiding in a tree.

  16. You are very creative. Who else would have thought to leave bunny tracks. I have lots of wonderful Easter memories of my childhood and our children's also. Easter has always been special in our family. I can't believe it is less than two weeks away. Seems impossible.
    Have a great week.

  17. I never thought of bunny foot prints, how clever, the baskets look just adorable. What a wonderful way to make childhood memories, and I bet they remember the many happy easters. Thank you for coming by.

  18. I like this story. Must have been exiting for the young kids.

    Here in Norway, people have the tradition of going to the Mountains, to stay in Mountain Cabins or at hotels. The Sun is very strong reflecting the Sun from the snow on the treeless mountains. Sitting in the Sunshine, peeling oranges, hot chocolade or coffee on the Thermos and some pieces of chockoladebars.
    Playing old fashioned family games in front of the fireplace and reading crime novels.
    Crazy? hahaha - Norwegians loves the outdoors.

  19. Those Chalk artists really does some amazing pieces of art. And it's very interesting to see how fast they are and their splendid technics.

    btw. We went from Norway to Germany to join a Vernissage the other weekend:

  20. Thanks for writing such a Fun story about your kids and the footprints around the cool for the girls to think the bunny had been right outside their bedroom door! When my daughter was little and we lived in AZ, April was OK for hiding plastic eggs outside. She had a special basket just for collecting those. But the fun didn't end there because, altho knowing the bunny had hid them the first time, she had mommy go back and hide them AGAIN. and AGAIN. yes, and AGAIN!! She loved to search for them and we had a small backyard so it was tricky to find good multiple spots! Then the sun come up (Tucson style, you remember!) and we'd have to stop or the chocolate would start to melt!

    Peace and joy to you, Anni.

  21. I love Easter Egg hunts too. It was SO exciting, and a race between me and my siblings!

    P.S. Those baskets with names on them are DARLING!

  22. I'm glad I am not the only one who went through great lengths to leave clues that the Easter Bunny had come. We would leave carrots and water out for him on Easter eve. I would nibble the carrots to make bunny teeth marks in them. Sounds like you have many good memories of Easter!

  23. What a fun mommy! I love the rabbit tracks idea.

  24. Anni,

    I enjoyed hearing about your Easter traditions when the kids were young. Dwight and I don't really bother. Sometimes we boil some eggs, but that's about it.

    I enjoyed your photos of the art festival. My favorite is the Texas Pelican. That is awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.


  25. Easter traditiions vary more than any other I know of. For my girls it was more about the outfit than the other even when they were young. We did decorate and hide eggs, but the "Easter Bunny" just wasn't part of our routine. When they were grown (college age)I really heard about that.

  26. I really enjoyed this post.

  27. I admire your dedication and hard work in making Easter very memorable to your kids when they were young. I love those Easter baskets.

  28. I love Firefox as well and it's all I use:-) Thanks so much for this tip, I will check it out for sure!!

    I so loved reading of your Easter traditions, especially the bunny prints around the house. I never thought of doing that but I would hide all the goodies/trinkets and the boys would leave a carrot and milk on the table and I always had to take a big bite out of the carrot and leave good teethmarks! lol We could never hide anything outside either because of it always still being too cold and snowy.

    Sounds like a great time at the Festival of Arts...isn't it amazing the talent of these artists!! Like you, I wouldn't do the belly dancing either...I would only scare the people away!!! lol xoxo