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Monday, March 2nd, 2009
1:01 A.M.

Note: I promised Mutti that I'd try and post some photos of hibiscus that are blooming in our yard...I took the photos [posted below] yesterday afternoon.

Jo, our hostess for this week, has this challenge for us.
    March 2nd is my Mom's birthday and was her mother's birthday as well. For this week's Fun Monday, tell me something fun about your mother and/or her mother. What fun, weird, laughable memories do you have of your Mom or your Grandma?

My mother was a great disciplinarian. A strong, devoted Christian. She never had it easy. But, in lieu of it all, she was always happy. Oh sure, she got upset with us kids a lot and with my father, but she never ceased to show love for us all equally. I'm sitting here, trying to think of something that was funny in her days. Something I witnessed that could make anyone laugh. I remember regaling this fish tale of my mom and her stubborn Irish streak. I wasn't there, but I still laugh at the memory of it all. Then, there was a time we all sat around the kitchen table [it was a LARGE table since we had a large family living so near by most always]. It was just five of us adults, Bud included. There was mom, dad, Bud, myself and my single [divorced] brother who lived in Arvada at the time and drove over to sit down on a Saturday night, with the kids in the living room [Irene, Erik and John their cousin] watching TV and playing games of their own, while we all played cards. It was UNO. My dad, he'd prefer to play poker. My brother, he'd prefer playing pitch. Bud and I we'd play anything to make the quiet hours go by with fun, but if there were just the four of us [mom, dad, me and Bud---I loved to play Pinochle as partners!]. Mom's favorite card game was UNO. It was her birthday [not in March tho...her birthday was in mid July], UNO it was.

Now, dad, he'd pout all night. Only because he thought Uno was a waste of betting, no skill required. Y'know? I guess it was a man thing. Of course, when I think about it all now....the man was always winning our hard earned money. When we DID play poker the ante/stakes were not little. Well, family-wise anyway. Of course it was nothing like Vegas...but we'd all start with $20 in chips...and dad would break us all by the end of the evening. Pitch was a little more subdued. It was $.50 a game and $.25 if the bidder would go set ---which means that if you bid and didn't make your bid at the end of the round, you'd pay each player $.25. Of course my motto when playing cards was "Unlucky in cards, lucky in love". You can see by my marriage just how many times I won in cards then, right? LOLOLOL

Okay now, you have the gist of our family card playing nights! I failed to mention that there was always plenty of beer and soda to go around. Snacks too. Usually a huge bowl of pistachios, chips, salsa...things like that. And my mother was NOT a drinker of the 'hard stuff'. But this particular night, she'd take a sip now and then of my dad's beer. Being Irish...we love our beer. Yet, dad would like his almost room temperature....ewwww! Warm beer gives you a 'high' a lot faster. Like Estelle Getty of the TV's fame, Golden Girls,...."picture this" --- Mom was sitting between me and dad. She was having fun like she always did. Dad was perturbed at the game we had to play. I, in turn, was out for revenge as one tends to get playing this card game after you've been dumped on by the other players on your opposite sides. Mom...sipping away at dad's warm beer getting giddy later in the evening as we played more and more. She called "Uno"!!! Dad fuming. It was my turn...I played a "Draw Four" and changed the color to be was going BACK to my mom. She was giggling until she realized it was she that had to draw the four cards. So, then and there, she started calling me all kinds of names that even make a sailor blush!! Bud almost fell off his chair, I was snorting in laughter, my brother was spaced out, bored beyond words...while dad grabbed the neck of his bottle of beer and put it between his without saying a word, "You've had enough woman!!" Realizing what sin she had done by calling me all kinds of names, she was so remorseful it made us laugh even more. You had to be there. Bud, of course, had never seen my mother so riled and tipsy [they became the 'best of mother-son in law combination' around...those two had a wonderful relationship...he'd do anything for her and visa versa, it was heaven on earth for me that those two had such a rapport]. But that night, seeing the shock on Bud's face....It was a HOOT!!!

In Loving Memory of my mom
1911 - 1990


Photos of our backyard
blossoms from yesterday.
Hibiscus, Rosebuds, Bird of Paradise,
Bougainvillea, and the last one ---
Two Mockingbirds in the Pyracantha bush. [enlarge]


  1. What a great tribute to your mom, I hope you have plenty more good stories about her.
    Thanks for sharing your Fun Monday with us.

  2. Such a beautiful tribute to your dear mom, bless you.

  3. That's a lovely story of your mom, Anni, and I, too, love playing Uno. I haven't for years though so would probably need to learn again.

    Where did your Mother learn those words??? What a scream...Sounds like a good night.

  4. That's a great story about your mom! I would always find my grandma and great grandma playing cards - all those games you mentioned! Uno was always a fun camping game! My girls still play Uno today! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a lovely tribute to your Mom! Your flower photos are gorgeous. I have a weakness for hibiscus. Good to be back.

  6. Mornin'Anni,
    What a wonderful tribute of your MOther. I cn't really rcall anythin funny abou my MOther growin up except she alwyats proided for us and took great cae of us and loved me and my Sister eequally. Ahe has really been a grat help with the igirls this past year and sin e I have been sik as well. The flowersare beautiful you have in your backyard. We still have some snow on the ground this morning. I think we ended up with a foot of snow here whre I live at. Take car and GOD bless you,
    LOve, Karen H,

  7. I can't imagine my mom calling me a filthy name, even if she was drunk, but it is certainly an interesting thought!

  8. Lil Mouse: It was mom and I were as close as sisters and we always had such a wonderful relationship, it was more funny to watch her try and cover up what she had done than the actual act itself. She meant nothing by it at all. Honestly.

  9. Awww...what a beautiful story and tribute to your Mom! I also loved Estelle Getty on the Golden Girls, and her "Picture it" stories ;-) Thanks for sharing with us, and happy FM to you!

  10. Ha! My post is also about playing cards with my mom! How ironic is that? Great memories...thanks for sharing.

  11. what a tribute. 2 things ring familiar here... the strong disciplinarian, and playing cards (on a sunday night). and snap, we've got a hibiscus that exact shade in the garden too.

  12. I came from a card playing family also (I forgot to mention that on my post) Pitch was the game my Mom n Gram played all the time. I remember when uno came out, my girls loved playing that game. Talk about your Mom calling you dirty names... would you believe my Mom was known to flip the bird to people, how embarrasing at the time.

  13. What a great story.
    When the family gathered they played black Jack. My mother wouldn't play but my dad did and he was the one along with my grandmother that would get mad. Memories

  14. I'd have love to see Bud's face - and yours!

    The flowers are fantastic. We saw tiny crocuses yesterday on our walk - spring is in the air today, birds singing, high in the 70s forecast. But I'm sure we'll get some more much needed moisture in the form of a spring snow storm.

  15. That reminds me when we all played Canasta together and my father got furious because he didn't like to loose. My mother was very good in that and beat us all. You really have funny memories there. Warm beer ?? disgusting, but I know some people like it.

  16. that was hilarious!!!! I can't imagine my grandmother saying anything more than "oh, you guys!". My mom, on the otherhand, favors "idiots". Me? I like "twits".

  17. appropriate that you would post the photo of your mom beside the other lovely blooms. (:

    Those candid moments really show how much restraint it takes to be a mother. You only get caught being human when your guard is down.. bwaaa ha ha ha ha

  18. Anni,

    LOL I loved the memory of your mother having fun and playing cards. I can imagine that she was mortified by her behavior, but it made a great family memory.

    Your hibiscus and other flowers are gorgeous. It will be months before we see these kind of blooms.

    Have a terrific day.

  19. Uno is a favourite game of ours, particularly on holidays. That was a lovely story about your mother Anni, I've only ever seen my mother tipsy a few times but it was always at a family parties.

  20. OH Anni Anni
    What a lovely garden you have, all the flowers are just so beautiful
    especially the Bougainvillea, you are very skilled in everything you touch.
    I am looking forward to our garden begin to "flower"
    but we have yet to wait until around Mai, but then it is all beatiful.

    The loving memory about your Mother/family, is both touching and fun, it's clear to see where you have you sence of humor from. How I wish I had had my Mom.
    Thank you so much for sharing both the story, and your wonderful flowers.
    Du er den bedste
    Kærlig hilsen

  21. What a fun tribute to your mom!! How funny it would've been to see Bud's face!! Oh, but I can imagine it!

    Those flowers are absolutely stunning!! I need you to live closer so you could teach me a thing or two or three or four about gardening :)

  22. Too funny!! We're a card playing family as well, but being teetotalers it was never that colorful!

  23. Definitely fun memories of your mom! It seems she was born a couple of years before my mom and died a year later! Lover your colorful flowers! Aren't we the lucky ones?
    Hugs and blessings,

  24. whoops!

    Funny story

  25. Those flowers blossomed yesterday?!? We are knee-deep in snow here; no fair!

    Back to the story at hand... I love your story. It was a hoot! *snicker snicker*


  26. Lovely memories, we love to play cards too, with my parents and sister... it's too bad that doesn't happen very often at all. I don't like beer, neither warm nor cold, lol.

    I simply love your flowers, they are all fantastic!!

  27. Lovely tribute to your Mother. The flowers are amazing!

  28. Great tribute to your mom.
    I remember a time we talked my mom into playing UNO and I changed colors and she let a bad name slipped and she felt so bad and she turned red and could not believe she had just done that.
    It took all of us by surprise too, but we all had a good laugh.
    We all need to do that at times.
    I love the photos of your flowers.
    God bless
    Thanks for the gift I copied it I hope you don't mind.

  29. Your mom sounded like a lot of fun and a great lady!!! Bless her. I really enjoyed reading your story! That's all we have once we lose them...memories. My mom was gone 5 years on March 1st...a sad day for me...But we live with those memories, whether good or bad, and cherish them all.

    ((( HUGS )))

  30. P.S. I'm sorry, but I forgot to mention your gorgeous flowers!!! They are really lovely!!! I have never seen a real Bird of Paradise. Back in our PA home, I had my kitchen orange and had an artificial B.O.P. centerpiece on my table...they are truly a beautiful flower! I love the hibiscus, too! You not only have this new great new green header but also a green thumb!!! And by the looks of those flowers, 2 green thumbs!!! LOL

    ((( HUGS )))