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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
1:31 A.M.

Mama Drama, we all know, hails from "H-town", has graciously subjected us to a very unusual discussion as she bravely hosts Fun Monday this week. Now, since I go commando I would never lose anything I didn't have in the first place [just kidding!! ---for me, it's more like, "it...DEPENDS™"... if you get my drift here -picture the ladies' powder room trash bin...No? All right then. *winking*]....okay, so I got off track a bit. Now, where was I? Oh yes...the challenge. Our sweet hostess asks this of us [after she spied THESE men's 'tightie whities' in the parking garage in downtown Houston].

For the March 23rd Fun Monday, What type of tale would you create as to why you had to ditch your underwear in the parking garage at work? Use your best creative-ness - or, better yet, if this HAS happened to you...please share!

But, I thought I'd go a whole different direction on this subject. I'm going to write a ditty about the object itself. What it's thinking as all the parking lot patrons walk by [while some will stop and take a photo of it - hehehehe].....Oh yes....the undies are there 'cause I put them there for the new Candid Camera.

Here goes:

To the tune of Dean Martin's #1 hit....HOUSTON, I give you this...

Well, it's lonesome in this old town
Everybody casts me down
I'm a pair without a name...
Turnin' green for Al Gore's fame!

I'm here in Houston, Houston, Houston.

Got holes in both my sides
and one, in front, called a fly...
Someone saw me yesterday,
set her camera, 'n' clicked away.

I'm here in Houston, Houston, Houston.

I'm slowly workin' my way around
To the gutter that'll wash me down
I'll float along the drain...
Just waitin' for a lot more rain.

I'm here in Houston, Houston, Houston!!!!

Now my white's no longer bright.
Guess you'd say I'm really a fright...
No one dares to reach for me,
...yes just call me... icky debris!!!

I'm here in Houston, Houston, Houston.


  1. oh you're the best, what a cool song!

  2. That was a lovely eulogy to a pair of briefs! Now, my capture would say "A gentleman in a hurry".

  3. That's WONDERFUL!!!! Great Job! And Thanks for Playing!

  4. Ha! I love the words of your song!

    Happy Monday!



  5. Hahaha!!! I bow to your creativity and general awesomeness! Fabulous post, thanks and happy FM to you!

  6. Hehe! Your creativity never ceases to amaze! Happy Monday! I was not brave enough to participate, but I do have a post up today!

  7. He's really messy at home, and it stuck to his shoes in the bathroom. :D good job with the music!

  8. ROFLMBO!!! Anni! You ARE a hoot! I completely forgot about fun monday ... again. But I couldn't compete with THIS! LOL!

  9. now that is stuck in my head
    houston houston
    Good one!

  10. Unfortunately I couldn't listen to this song because :
    "U.S. Only
    We're sorry. We have detected that you are outside of the United States. This service is currently only available to residents within the United States".
    I protest, lol !

  11. Gattina: Well, dang....I'd protest too. Maybe you can go out on the 'net and find the song.

  12. You are hilarious!

    I usually don't have my sound up, but got the cuckoo clock - how did you do that??

  13. Excellent, Anni, I love that song, it takes me back to hanging out at the bar with my dad and Mad Magazine.
    And thank you for reminding me of the term "commando" LOL. You made me feel sorrier for the underwear than I do for Al Gore (despite the Oscar).

  14. Very nice, Anni, but naughty.

  15. It's hilarious!! I could listen to the original song in y*outube.

  16. Anni,

    You are a talented lady. Sitting here lmao.


  17. After watching Dean Martin re-runs for about a week on a tour bus I can totally hear him singing YOUR ditty, Anni. Not only are you a graphic artist/web designer, but now a song writer. The many hidden talents of Anni!

  18. LMAO .... how did you know I needed a great belly-laugh about now?

    Oops! .. Got to wipe this grin off my face before someone up here realizes I'm not studying numbers!

    Have a great day, Anni!

  19. Excellent! I love this. I'm applauding in Kentucky.

  20. LOL! This was awesome :)

  21. I don't know the song "Houston", but I can fill in my own music! The words are hilarious!!!

  22. HI Annie...thanks for dropping in on my blog.
    It's interesting to see you were
    born in Nebraska. I am sitting here in Lincoln with a tornado warning. Yes...already this year the tornados have started. UGH
    It's kind of early....last year we had one almost once a week for many weeks. (the warnings) It gets old.
    I loved thumbing through your blog! There's so much to read! I'll have to stop by several times I think :-)
    cya later! Lana

  23. Wonderful! So very clever!

  24. that's great, I love it too