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Friday, March 6th, 2009
12:05 A.M.

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Thirteen years ago today my 2nd grandson was born!!! Poor, poor, Irene. She now has another teen-aged son. Hehehehehehe!!!! Happy Birthday dear one! This means that I can't call you "Dilly" any more, for sure.
photo taken 1996 - sitting on my desk

- - -

And since he was fascinated by our yard when in Tucson and when he visited down here a couple of years ago, I thought I'd show you, in honor of the birthday boy, three of his favorites hidden in our yard...

Dillon loved this one.
Typical for a boy that age...
An elf with a sling shot!!

He thought this one was 'tiny'!!
And he liked the fairy wings.

When he first spied this one, he giggled 'cause he told me "Mom's always telling me I'd forget my head if it wasn't screwed on. Guess this little guy has the same problem, he's holdin' on to his head!"


  1. Me first and not last to post. How unusual is that!

    What a lucky boy to have you for a grandmother. I bet you can call him Dilly when he is 113.
    I love the little things you have hidden in your garden and the fond, fun memories they carry with them.

  2. OH! I just love that you have those hidden in your garden! How cute!
    I have little fairies in my garden too!

    Happy Birthday to your grandson!

  3. A veritable treasure hunt! Pray for your daughter or at least throw salt over your shoulder for luck - remember how hard those teen years can be? Do you think boys or girls are harder?

  4. Happy Birthday to your grandson, he shares my mommas birthday. She is celebrating her 76th birthday in heaven today.

  5. Happy Birthday, "Dilly" :-D

    I love the gnomes and fairies, so whimsical.

  6. i love me those garden treasures too. and 'happy birthday, dilly'!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your grandson! Love your elves through his eyes:)

  8. Happy Birthday to your grandson! Love your elves through his eyes:)

  9. Thirteen? Oh, am I glad I am not the mother of a teenager. Those were some trying times.

  10. Those little statues are so sweet. I'm sure you'll enjoy then in your yard this Spring.

  11. What a cutie he was, and I bet he is adorable now as a young teen! I'm still at the hoping to be memaw to a puppy stage. No kiddies in sight! But when i do i hope i can be a fun granny like I know you are !!!

  12. Happy birthday Dillon boy! And like you, I really love the fairy and the elf. Thanks Annie for sharing with us your memories.

  13. Happy Birthday to Dillon. Grandchildren are delightful; I have seven. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday.

  14. I imagine your gardens are beautiful. The children must of felt like they were on a treasure hunt when they are at your place.
    Children grow up way to quickly.

  15. Love the hidden treasures in your garden and Happy 13th Birthday to Dillon. Thanks for sharing.


  16. Happy Birthday to your grandson! And I LOVE your garden. I also have a fairy garden and the children LOVE it! Have a lovely week-end!

  17. Happy Birthday to the grandson! I love the garden statues, very whimsical:) Have a grand Friday
    Gina Jo

  18. Happy Birthday Grandson!!!!! Happy Friday to you!!

  19. Your fairie lawn ornaments are really cute and have such special memories attached to them. Happy birthday to your Grandson...and happy weekend to you!

  20. Happy Birthday, Dillon!! Does he live close to you?

  21. I agree with Dillon on the Elf with the sling shot.. Love him! I can just see him lining up that shot for a pesky lil firefly.
    Thanks for sharing.. & Happy Birthday to Dillon.

  22. Happy 13th Birthday to Dillon, I know he has many fond memories with you, and will have many more.. I used to call my grandson , jo jo but when became a teenager He wanted to be called Joe, but to me he will always be jo jo!! lolThank you for sharing.

  23. Wow ! you have such an "old" grandson, lol ! I don't even have an unborn baby ! The trolls are really cute !

  24. Happy 13th Birthday, Dillion. I hope you have a day that's filled with surprises, great food and cake. Enjoy! Being a teenager is kewl.

  25. Me again - I just did the math and realized that when the twinnies turn 13, Care Bear will be 18 and Feisty will be 16. Yikes! Four teen-age girls in various stages of hormones!!

  26. Happy Birthday to your grandson!

    I love the elf with the sling shot, very cute! Thank you for sharing them.

  27. Great to have a teenager grandson because YOU are NOT the one raising him..This time!! smile..Great to be a grandparent...Sandy

  28. AWWW...your a sweet Grandma! I love all your garden fairies...

    Cute post!

  29. I love the little hidden treasures in your yard! So fun and whimsical.

  30. What cute little garden art items! Happy Birthday to "Dilly!"

    Love your banner!


  31. jettied3/06/2009

    Hope he had a terriffic birthday!! I love your Garden treasures!! I must ask do you have a fairy house?

  32. They grow too fast, don't they?:) Happy Birthday to Dillion!

    And all of your little statues are so cute!!

    Linda C

  33. What a handsome young man you have there,I bet he is even a bit more handsome at 13.
    I love the gonmes and fairy you have hidden in your yard.

  34. Happy birthday to Dillon. Don't they grow up quick. The boy next door is almost 13 and went on his first "date" last night. Iceskating with a bunch of friends, including his girlfriend...and Dad was there,!

  35. Gday Anni, A big happy birthday to your Grandson Dillon..

    love all your little Gnomes and fairies... Nan of 12

  36. Happy birthday to your grandson!!!

  37. "HAPPY 13th BIRTHDA" to your handsome grandson Dilly. Our oldest daughter will be 13 next month and I"m dreading it . Love thefigurines you had inyour yard. They ar just so neat. Take are my friend and have a gret weeeken. May GOD Bless you and yours,
    Karen H>

  38. Happy Birthday to your grandson! I think your garden is very enchanting and magical for the children. :)

  39. Happy Birthday to your grandson and I love your sweet garden treasure! I've been slowly making progess in my fairy garden. :0)