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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out


Monday I was online trying to catchup with visitors visiting me and just all 'round messin' 'round with my browser. Searching for some nifty items. Now, I've told y'all about ABP [Ad Block Plus] add on for the Firefox Browser. If you don't have it, trust me, it's great. It blocks ALL advertisements. Even with Yah**!! Yay!

[Tools= Add ons= Get Add ons=search for Cool Preview add on]

Well, here I am, looking at Firefox's home page and clicked on the add on ---clicked on "view all add ons"....looking for the tried and tested ones that had five stars behind it. I came across this:
And, decided to try it. Installed it, rebooted the Firefox Browser and went in to the preferences...after it's installed you will get a small icon that shows in the right hand bottom corner of your browser window. See image below:

Place your cursor on the icon and'll then see the small window open, find "User Preference" and click on it. Click on the "Quick Search" tab. Once it's loaded, you can then go ahead and add or delete uri's/web site address by following my arrow. Type in or copy and paste an address for the site you'd like to have a Cool Preview of the images. Click "Add" and then, "Save"

As you browse the blog/site you then just move your cursor over an image and the icon will show beside the particular one you want to preview...

..and without leaving home! ---see the enlarged image right before your eyes without leaving the site you're viewing. I'd say 5 stars indeed. What a wonderful way to view blogs and see the enlarged images on them right there while you visit the home site blog!! I added my own blog address to test it. Once the address has been saved in your preferences, use the cursor for an image...the same icon on the IMAGE [not the icon] This is what you'll have if you install the Firefox add on....

If you install, and add my uri to the preference list, you...Click on the icon and you will have an enlarged preview right there in front of you...AWESOME I ♥ Firefox!!!