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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Thursday, February 5th, 2009
2:00 A.M.

Today would have been my brother's 72nd birthday if he were alive -I miss him!

I found this pretty cool Monday blog meme that when I read some of the entries last week, I became enthralled with the idea. And I like the whole concept of it, the simplicity of it too. Thing is, to me, when I first heard of blogging, I kinda got the impression that this was the whole idea behind doing a personal blog. To make it more 'diary-like'. So, I tried to do it the other day. It was my first attempt, and trust me, not as eloquent as some that I perused the week before. It seems to be quite popular also....I saw many MANY participating. With the huge amount, I perhaps can meet some more, interesting, bloggers and blogger styles!

It's over at Simple Woman's Day Blog. My new entry and hopefully weekly "Monday" blogging is found HERE


A Japanese poem composed of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables.
my word prompt for today "Texas"
    Everything's Bigger
    A world all its own and more
    Drawls, 'bonnets blue', stars


Let's talk television a bit. Normally, I don't watch much at all unless it's a ballgame [by the way, baseball season is just around the corner...I DO miss the Spring Training Games in Tucson so much!] and I can't wait to see who's who on Houston Astros' roster this year. I'm pleased to hear the José Valverde and Arizona D'backs signed a contract for him to become a permanent player/closer for this upcoming season. He was a favorite of mine for many years!!! Okay, so other than baseball and movies, I don't watch television. For a few years prior I used to watch House, M.D. but that has really 'gone down the tubes' the last season and a half. I find myself not even interested anymore. While flipping through the channels the other day, looking for a good afternoon matinee, I came across NCIS. Anyone out there watch it? The first character that was on the screen just blew me away. It was a girl...and she was 70s Madonna style in demeanor and dress. Dog collar around her neck, 'funky' clothes, heavy in make up, just plain eye popping for this ol' gal. I quickly changed the channel, continuing my search for a movie. Nothing, Bud says "Go back and let's see what that program is about". I reversed the channel button and stopped on the program. We watched it. And I'll be darned if it wasn't pretty good. The script, the characters, the plot. With little commercial time too. After that episode was over, there were two more. We sat and watched 'em all before I got up and made dinner. I was hooked. And believe it or not, the girl that threw me for a loop quickly became a favorite of mine. She's brilliant!! The following day I looked her up to read about her in depth.

Her stage name is Pauley. Pauley Perrette. Her character's name is Abby. She is the Forensics expert on the program, NCIS, and after I got past her outfits and stark difference in what I'd consider a person of such intelligence, I find she's a great asset to the program. In real life, she is just a week older than my own daughter. And I tellya if Irene were to dress like that and live in my house [adult or not] she'd hear my say and she'd not be allowed to do so. But, hey...I guess I can change. Clothes don't make the person. Pauley, I also found out, has a master's degree in criminology. With high graduate status. I'm truly impressed with the girl. As with the program. The other character I favor is "Ducky"...he's the one that performs the autopsies...he too is brilliant in a blah talk way. What I mean is, he goes into his earlier memories or goes back into history that just plain 'irks' the rest of the staff...of which I can so relate, 'cause Bud is the same way. I could ask Bud the simple question of what the weather is like outdoors and I'd probably not get a 'straight answer' at all....I'd get the whole history of what the weather was like a hundred years ago. It is irksome, but now that I watched this show a few times, that part of "Ducky's" character makes me's Bud through and through.

For the most part, the program is okay. I enjoyed what I've seen of it so far, and since it has to do a lot with the United States Navy and the, being a mother of a Marine and a Navy wife, the program kinda hits home. NCIS...Naval Criminal Investigative Service --the REAL DEAL here, and the TV here.

Hits home? A home run? Oh I can't wait. Baseball season....coming soon to a TV near ME!!!!


  1. Hugs to you today. I know what you mean by missing your brother. My oldest brother passed away Jan 21 in 2007, and I miss him daily. My mom passed 4 months before him and miss her too, but my brother was my hero and buddy in those last months of his life. He died of lung cancer, and boy do I miss him.

  2. Great job on the poem my friend, love you.

  3. Greetings from Washington State!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog. Juneau is a dog, a very spoiled one who got in line twice when they were handing out character. He is a Malamute like Meeko. I posted a little picture of him on the sidebar of my blog. Even though he's handicapped, he lives a full and happy life :).


  4. I loved your Simple Day answers - I need to get in one that, since I seem to be running out of things to write at this time. The problem with being private is irksome - nobody can just drop by and visit if they're not invited, so joining in those lists would frustrate people. I guess I'll just do it for myself.

    I used to watch CIS, the original, when it came out. But it got too gory for my taste. Never tried NCIS.

    Have a great day!

  5. i like your poem. and millions?? of texans will too.

    the monday meme looks like fun. will be checking in there again.

  6. Her face doesn't say anything to me and I don't know if NCIS was shown here. They change the title too when it is translated in french.

  7. I never knew what the Simple Woman's Daybook was, but I am thinking I will join in starting Monday. Hugs to you & have a great day :)

  8. I know the feeling of missing someone.I mmiss both Mom And DAd,Hugs.

  9. I need to go back and read your meme. Had to come and comment about NCIS, which I watch faithfully. As to your comments about Abby, what came to mind was judging a book by it's cover. Ducky, is cool and when he is not around the others miss him. I agree with your comment on House, it used to be one of my regularly watched, but pass it up more then not now. I also like Bones, another quirky character. I like your poem, that is something I have never tried. I am so glad I found your blog, like finding a new friend. Enjoy your baseball, and beach and know how green with envy I am.

  10. how funny, you like NCIS I like SVU. Law and Order gal myself, sad the Jerry Orbach died though. Sorry about your brother, how long has he been gone. Mom has only been gone a year and I miss her so much. i don't get to watch much of those tv shows what with 2 under 3 in this house. I am very up on Dora the Explorer though. Don't get me started on Swiper the Fox though. That guy boy he needs some help.

  11. Thinking of you today as you remember your brother...
    Love your haiku. Perfect!

  12. Hi Anni. It's been a while since I've been able to visit. My internet is hit and miss. It's been off and on every day since the power came back on last Friday. I never know when it will be on or how long it will be on at a time. Hopefully I can finish this comment before it goes off again.

    I've never really gotten into the NCIS, but Jessica likes it a lot.

    Hope you're doing well and staying warm. It's cold here now but supposed to be nearly 70F by Sunday. Crazy weather, and we're also supposed to have severe thunderstorms with the warmer weather!

    Love and hugs,


  13. I just read your comment over at Pea's place and thought I should let you know that we're basking in 68 degrees today - go figure! We'll take it while it lasts, for sure.

  14. Anni,

    I read your beautiful Day Book post and left you a comment there. I've been thinking of joining this for a long time. Still thinking...

    Dwight watches NCIS and really enjoys it. Bud just wanted to look at the pretty girl. (Just kiddin'.) I don't mind watching the show and another one I like is Special Victim's Unit but lately they've all been reruns.

    Like you, I don't watch TV and suspect with this little fella around, I will be watching even less. He's a darlin' but takes lots of attention.

    Hope you had a wonderful day.

  15. So sorry to hear that your sad and miss your brother.

    I've been ask why I start blogging but never quite been asking "what" about blogging.
    It got topic I shall blog about it some day.

    Coffee is on.

  16. Hi Anni!! Thanks for your visit today!
    My two brother have have passed away also. I know how you feel.

    I watch Monk every time he is on with a new show! I have my family watching it too!! My grandson loves it and tapes it, so they can watch it later! I love, Are you smarter then a Fifth grader! Nancy likes this show and watches it with us. Love and hugs Carolyn

  17. Dearest Anni,

    When birthdays come along for our loved ones who are no longer with us, it makes us realize even more how much we miss them. Big hugs to you.

    I will go read your Day Book as soon as I comment on this post:-)

    I don't watch much tv either but every once in a while I do watch NCIS and really enjoy it. I agree with you, Abby takes a bit of getting used to because of her clothes but she's so much fun and truly very smart. I started watching House the first season it was on and when the second season started, I couldn't be bothered, lost complete interest in it. xoxo