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Thursday, February 26th, 2009
5:10 A.M.
photos + 1

...talking about cameras and cellphones, I took these photos below with the cellphone. I had some great opportunities to take some really close photos of the waterfowl on our walk, but failed to take the digital camera with me. I was armed only with the cellphone camera. And, with that you have to nearly be right up within inches of the subject in order to get anything worth while. And with birds, you just can't get that close!! As soon as you get within a yard of them, if that close, they're up and flying away. So with these photos, I vowed to check out the 'idiot book' know, the Cellphone for Dummies book? Ya, that one....when I got home and see if there is a zoom lens...or I should say a zoom option. So bear with me on these photos below. I put mouseover captions with them and if you embiggen them, you'll be able to see them better I think:

Bud and I walked along the Packery Channel Tuesday morning. It was so nice; beautiful the mid 70s by 10 A.M. and the area was quiet except for a few fishermen along the banks of the channel and some others on the opposite side of us, walking to the beach as we were. The channel, on the island barriers along the coast, is where you can launch your yachts/boats to go into the Gulf. Most that travel this area are fishing boats; privately owned. When we got to the end of the channel and stood and watched the sea and the waves, a boat came back into the channel...there IN the channel, just in front of the boat, were three dolphins escorting them back. Of course each time I aimed the cellphone to the water after I would spot them, they ducked back into the, no luck in capturing them on 'film'!! There were three, a momma and a baby at her side each time she breeched the water, and a third. Fun, watch!!

While there, we saw several birds of course. Love to watch the waterfowl in this area. I spotted a great blue heron, an egret, a couple of sandpipers, pelicans above us of course....AND a surfer!!! From the parking area, we opted to not drive on the beach and park this time, we parked in the boat ramp area and walked the half mile to the shore.

- - -

Then, when I got home, I finally took the time to sit down and go through the book that came with the cellphone. Yes indeedy!!! There is a zoom option!!! So, naturally I had to experiment with it....

Phone on...
Flip up...
Snap photo!!

Save above photo...
Zoom in [option of 4 clicks for REAL close!]...
This is 2 clicks zoom...

Hmmmmm, wonder what some other photos would look like? Curious are you? Me too!! So, here are some more with zoom option on the cellphone...

Oh, and a favorite subject of mine, who just happened to be on the table with all the St. Patrick's Day stuff...

So now I know there is a zoom option on the cellphone camera. If I remember how to do it when the time comes for the opportunity to zoom in on a heron on the shore or an egret or pelican or maybe a crab, or the scant chance of capturing a dolphin in the 'wild' untamed sea...that's the point here...IF I REMEMBER!!!

all indoor photos, except for the first one of the St. Pat's plate, were shot from several feet away.


  1. Very cool! I love the picture of the heron.

  2. You did great, awesome pictures.

  3. Seeing the pictures of the water was gorgeous. How smart to figure it out to do a zoom on your cell phone. Great job. Hugs, Marty

  4. cats always make good photo subjects. Especially for new cell phones. :)

  5. Amazing quality for mobile pictures ! that's good to know if ever you forget to take along your camera again !
    You lucky girl such a nice weather ! It's still grey here !

  6. Great pictures! Happy T13!

  7. heee heee heee, why is it we only read the manual when we get stuck... but better late than never, right?!?!?! you do live in a beautiful place by the way...

  8. Wow, these pictures are great considering they were taken with a cellphone!! I can't even take this kind of pictures when using a regular camera! LOL!

  9. Great shots with your cell phone!! I am impressed. I have an ancient cell phone !

  10. Your pictures turned out great, I didn't know a cellphone camera could take such clear pictures.

  11. First of all, I love your new design! So clean and pretty :-)

    I love seeing dolphins in the wild...and pelicans just crack me up!

    Have fun with that zoom!

  12. Kristen, Mar, Betty, Gattina, I actually bought the cellphone FOR the high resolution camera being that I don't talk on the phone if I don't have to...I detest phones actually, so why not have it for a 'back up camera'? rofl


  13. Wow.. Anni, what is the name of your cellphone to have taken such great pictures??I love to look at water and beach shots!!Thanks for sharing with us. Hugs, Baba

  14. Very nice pictures :) When we were living in Corpus we would go to the Packery Channel, sometimes we did some fishing other times it was to just walk and take pictures. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Really great pictures. Funny how a cell phone can take almost as good pictures as an expensive camera. I am beginning to think a camera is a waste of money.

  16. You are always a wealth of technological information for me! Good shots. I have some good ones of herons taken when we were at Myrtle Beach - I love taking pix of birds at the beach or in the mountains --

    Thanks for your comment today!

  17. I never use the camera on my cell phone. Maybe I should start. You got some great shots.

  18. Those are great shots! I use my cell phone for pics all the time.

    Thanks for visiting my T13

  19. Well, you might not have known about the zoom function, but at least you have a cellphone with a camera. All I can do with my cellphone is actually calling people. Old-fashioned, I know.
    I actually like the first batch of photos, especially the third one. Nice colors. Although I did get a bit seasick because the horizon tilted this way and that. ;)

  20. These are great pictures! I love looking at the ones of the ocean!!

    I do not have a camera on my cell phone because it is all I can do to figure out how to add people to my cell!!

    But Karen and Kelly do and snap some good shots.
    In fact when Kelly was dog sitting last year for a friend,there was a huge back snake on the porch. She took out her cell phone and took pictures!!! This is before she took hold of a broom and Swept it off the porch!!! Then she took another picture!! YIKES!! Karen told her GOOD Grief Kell, maybe you should think about getting rid of the snake first and then take out the cell phone!!! LOL
    Love and hugs, Carolyn

  21. Your cat does NOT seem to appreciate the zoom lens! Still, you're snapping away with your cell phone like a pro and I really enjoyed your seaside photos.

  22. This is my first visit to your blog and I love it. Your photos are fantastic, they look like a pro took them. Love the cat! Happy TT. :)

  23. Love dolphins how fun to see them.

    Nice work on reading the manual. ;-)

  24. Great must have an awesome cell phone camera:) Happy TT and thanks for stopping by.

  25. Anni,

    Those shots are great. I love great blue herons and am hoping that we have some along the river and canal again this year.

    I'm glad you found the zoom on your cell phone camera. Our phone doesn't take pictures, but Michelle and Brandon each have cameras in their phones. Brandon says him memory fills up quickly. I don't know much about cell phones and have enough trouble with all the electronic gadgets I have.

    Take care, my friend. It was a nice day here today. Tonight it's raining and it's to get cold again. I can hardly wait for spring to get here. Dakota and I have been spending time outdoors and he loves it.


  26. Way cool, amazing what we find out when we read!! So funny cause I do things like this all the time. Finding out after the fact. So, enjoy your new skills and thank you for sharing.
    I like the pictures of the shore, many happy memories envolve the ocean for me.

  27. If it's any comfort to you, I've had my current cell phone for 6 months and just discovered last week that I can take video with it!

    I love your photos of the beach and surroundings. It's such a contrast to my landlocked surroundings of fields and forests.

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend, Anni. :o)

    Love and hugs,


  28. Anonymous2/27/2009

    some interesting shots here :)