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Thursday, February 19th, 2009
4:00 A.M.


I finished adding more sheer panels to both windows in the living room. Bud used some new wooden rod ends that he had to whittle down to fit the old curtain rods. Finally, those windows are done for now. I like it much better than draperies, and with the roofing off the patio now [2nd photo shows looking out onto the patio from the living room], much more light comes in during the daylight hours.

- - -

And I finished just the other day, thinning out the rose box that also had ferns mixed in. Two years ago, I planted only 5 ferns....this Spring, they had spread so thick, they were choking out the roses...I pulled out nearly 70 ferns!!! [over a two day work period] And I trimmed the lavender bougainvillea and got all the lower branches out so I can see the two elf figurines on THAT box. Boy howdy, stuff sure grows rapidly around here. I remember mom having ferns outdoors on the north side of our took nearly 25 years for them to begin to spread. Not down HERE!!

- - -

Oh, and like Pea and P dear man has started feeding a stray cat. Now, it's around us almost daily. Wanting him to go out and feed it. I'd prefer to feed them than ignore them when they are in such pitiful shape and very thin, knowing that someone probably 'dumped' it or kicked it out only to have them neglected. He's doing a good thing. Besides, if it stays around, the rats, mice, and opossum won't be in our yard chewing or digging!!! Bud calls her [or it--either it's a she cat or a neutered male] - Jane Grey, and she is looking mighty regal now that Bud has been giving her food.....

She was watching me do my gardening--which makes me think of a song by Bette Midler,.... "From a Distance, You Look Like my Friend".


  1. an adopted kitty... they do tend to attached themselves to the good folk...

    you've been busy, both in the house and out. and to think you're thinking spring. man, i'm ready for autumn, heee heee heeee

  2. Hi Dear Anni, the Cartoon..Let there be more light and she did,, Your room will look so much brighter after letting more light in. I had my bedroom lace curtains extended across the window and put new Orchid pink side drapes on the end of rods over the wall area it now lets in so much more light and makes to windows look a lot larger...
    Ohh you have been busy out in the garden , We call those fish ferns and they grow like weeds here . love the colour of your bougainvilla .. Have a great weekend Anni.... Jen

  3. Wow what a busy girl you have been... Love the little elves under your bougainvillea... very cute... And the curtain look very nice. I always loved sheers up on the windows too...


  4. I like the windows in your living room. I also prefer without draperies.
    The cat looks gorgeous, not skinny at all ! Probably due to the good food from Bud. I hope she (or he) will move in in a while. I know cats, lol !

  5. I really do like the sheers, it's so nice when the sun can shine in. I just love bright sunny rooms. I can't believe you had that many ferns. I guess they really do grow fast. Jane Grey does look very regal. lol Hugs, Marty

  6. The kitty looks very beautiful - she must be so happy she found Bud! My hubby loved the two kids' cats that ended up at our house - I merely tolerated them. But when both died, he was bereft (both had kidney problems of some sort - kinda strange ). All the neighborhood cats like our yard, but there is one that DC really loves to see visiting us - it is a beautiful gray with one green and one blue eye - striking cat, even if they're not my fave.

  7. OOHh too funny cartoon!!!
    And love your decor!! beautiful cat!! looks like a blue russin!

  8. I wish I lived close to you. I'd come pick up some of the ferns you thinned from your garden. I love how they look. I have some, but they don't seem to be spreading.

  9. Hi Anni, You have been busy.. I love your new cat... she looks like a Blue Russian cat I had one time before she disappeared into the marsh. when we first moved to our husband let her out to go to the bathroom during the night and she never came back home..have a good day. Hugs, Baba

  10. I, like Brenda ND, wish I lived closer to you, too, but I would come and pick up the stray kitty! She is beautiful!!! Poor things...people just throw them away like trash! I hope she is spayed, for your sake.

    Your sheers look so light and airy! Wish I could use them, but my cats would play behind them and snag them to pieces, no doubt. :)

    You did a ton of work there with your ferns! I'm sure your garden is beautiful. I love your stone wall the kitty was sitting on. Bless her heart, she thinks she has a home, doesn't she? Give your hubby a BIG pat on the back from me, please! He's a good man to care about a stray animal like that. I can see why you've hung onto him for 40 years! :)

    Have a good week, what's left of it, anyhow. Time is flying, isn't it?

    ((( HUGS )))

  11. Your garden is so pretty,70 ferns,I can not even get one to grow.The cat is a beauty wish she lived here.You were very busy cleaning out the flower bed,the little elves are tooo cute.

  12. awe, we had a stray like that when I was a kid. All silky and silver just a beautiful cat. And boy she was a hunter, awesome pictures.

  13. Awwww bless Bud's heart for feeding that stray kitty:-) It's always a good feeling knowing that you're helping a helpless animal. He/she is a beautiful cat and shame on the people who abandoned it!!! I'm still feeding the mama and two kittens, the gray fluffy one didn't want to go back outside last night, she was having too much fun playing with the cat toys I had bought! lol

    Your sheers look wonderful on your windows and I can well imagine how much you're loving getting that extra light coming through them!

    It will be a couple more months before I even see anything remotely green coming out of my flowerbeds! lol We're having another snowstorm today...had one yesterday too! Sigh! xoxo

  14. Anonymous2/19/2009

    The light is so pretty filtered through your new sheers. And I adore that your husband has such a soft heart...Jane Grey is lovely and lucky to have wandered into your yard.

  15. I see the elf and the cat get along. That's good.
    I wish we could work with our roses but they are still under snow.
    Nice view in the living room. Work well done.

  16. It seems like a lot of hubbies feeding stray animals.
    We haven't yet got any real sign of spring just small ones one real have to look for them.

    Coffee is on.

  17. Jane Grey is a wonderful name for a beautiful kitty! This makes me smile and shake my head because we have been adopted in the last week by a stray black kitty, very small, but very loving. It mustn't have had a bad kittenhood because it loves to be pet and picked up...perhaps it wandered far from home (we are out in the country and woods on either side of us, no near neithbors). I can't resist a cat who jumps onto the windowsill and looks in and opens its little mouth in a silent "meow". :)

    What's amazing is this: our little dog Gizmo who HATES cats (she was terrorized by my Siamese as a puppy!) is completely taken aback by this little black thing that doesn't hiss or claw, but rubs up against her like they were best friends. Gizmo is quite perplexed!

  18. Hi………
    Very cool your blog!
    Great! Keep up the great posts ……..
    Love, light and blessings to you and your family :)

  19. Hi! :) I just tried three times to leave a message and can't seem to get my password right! LOL So maybe I can get it this time. - Just wanted to say: Pretty kitty! What do Ho and Winston think of her? ... and ... I sure do miss you at the message board. I hope that you stop by sometime soon. - - barb

  20. You better watch that tummy come spring. Pretty kitty!

  21. We have a long growing season here in Northeast Arkansas and plants grown like wildfire, but nothing like your long growing season there on the coast.

    I've been cleaning and decluttering indoors while you've been expending your energy outdoors. Still too cold here to do much outside, but I do need to prune my rose and a few other shrubs.

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend, Anni! ;o)

    Love and hugs,


  22. The kitty is beautiful. Russian blues are on of my favorite breeds. Love the little elves in your garden. I would love to get new window dressings, right now we have miniblinds...gag.