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Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
4:00 A.M.*

OSO BAY and Suter Park Bird Sanctuary

As you walk along the path, and toward the bay, you would come upon a boardwalk that juts out into the marshlands before hitting the water. Lots and lots of waterfowl you'll see if you're lucky. This photo, of course, is the walkway. As you walk along, every so often, you can stop and sit...the wooden structure has a few bird blinds where you're nearly hidden from the view of the birds. Field glasses are a good thing to take with you....but the day Bud and I walked along the shores and over the boardwalk, we carried with us nothing except for the cellphone. We happened upon several ducks in the marsh, an unknown species at the time, before I got home and looked them up on wikipedia, of black web-footed huge birds that were grouped together along the water outlet that runs into the bay, and a beautiful white one that was hidden [or so he thought] in the reed.

Off to our left, near the stream was a group of nine black web-footed birds. From our bird book that I have here in our library, I find that they could possibly be immature Cormorants. Look closely at the photo [embiggen will open in a new window] and you can see all the black along the banks and perched on the wood. Those are birds. Sorry, the cellphone camera has no zoom!! Wish it did! The birds above, flying, are seagulls of course and a couple of ducks. The buildings you see over the marshland and on the horizon are part of Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. Way to the right, out of the lens viewing is part of the Naval Air Station where they have a test landing strip for Navy Pilot Training.

Along the way to the bird blinds at the end, near the opening of the bay's shore, I spotted a Great White Heron hiding in the reed, patiently waiting, hunting. As I stopped to photograph it, his eyes followed my every movement. Altho, he stayed put. These birds can become quite large at maturity. Some 50 inches or more. Oftentimes they are confused with the egret. The color of the legs usually can help you recognize which. They eat fish, snakes, frogs, and small mammals such as rodents. The image here shows you the view from the boardwalk...the 2nd one I cropped to get you a closer view....tho somewhat blurred from the actual enlargement.

The cropped photo:

...more to come on Tuesday for my Heads or Tails "Case" post. Stay tuned.


...and the Oscars.

Erik told me over the phone Friday that when he is here for the weekend he'll have to leave about 5 PM in order to get back to H-town before late hours, so again, tonight, I'll be glued to the TV for 3 to 4 hours watching the annual program that I have not missed in decades. But, this year it's a bit different. I've not seen many of the nominated films. The only ones on the list of nominees/nominated pictures are WALL*E, The Black Knight, Kung Fu Panda. I would have really liked seeing a favorite actor of mine, Sean Penn, in "Milk"...but it never ceases to amaze me, our much protesting about the fact too. The fact: Seems there was a lot of censorship by the theater managers here and not too many people were happy with the outcome of it all. They [the managers] finally got the movie to show here, but when it was here, we were unable to get to the theater for its shortened run. I'll be sure to see it when it comes on DVD tho. We've purchased Changeling [DVD] last week at Wal Mart, starring Ms. Jolie which she has been nominated for best actress I believe, but have yet to sit down and watch it. Maybe Erik would like to see it with us if he hasn't seen it at the theather [both our kids are avid movie goers ...wonder where they picked that trait up?] In fact, I tend to think that will be the way I see movies mostly any more, on DVDs. Of course, when I go to the movies, even if it's the discounted matinee prices, the snack counter prices are so outrageous....and I need my junk food [popcorn, soda and Jr. Mints] when I see a film, I just can't see spending $30 for a movie, popcorn and soda. So, I'll save hundreds of dollars by buying the previewed movies that are 4 for $20 from Blockbuster, and buy the snacks for home at the grocery store instead!!

I'm still a fan of the movies!!! And I'm also a fan of watching all the glitz and glamour of the celebrities on this occasion tonight. I love to see the gowns, and be the fashion judge [LOL] of the color choices, the jewels, the amount of cleavage...etc. etc. etc. Not to mention this year....we have ummmmmmm, Hugh Jackman emceeing? Whoa!!! I'm predicting it will be quite political once again with Slumdog taking home the movie of the year trophy. If not, I will be totally, completely surprised. Seems these days Hollywood becomes involved in the politics keeping it more 'correctness' than fairness. We'll see. I do hope that they open their eyes and make Heath Ledger the winner for his role as "The Joker". He did one marvelous job of it. Otherwise, this year, will be just for the gowns and the ravishment of design of it all for me.

*this blog was composed Saturday morning & presceduled


  1. Great post sweetie.

  2. i prefer a dvd to the movies... why are movies houses always so cold? why do you always get a tall person sitting in front of you or a loud chewer behind you? and why don't you get a remote to pause it if you need to go somewhere, heee heee heee

  3. HI Anni
    Great post you have today,
    amazing Pictures from the marshland

    And about the film-Oscars this year, I have just read that "they" expect a Brad Pitt-film "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” to run off with the prize, it has 13 nominations,- but one never knows
    and that is the fun of it all - so many surprises, and if you are interested I have a link here
    (Knowing that you are able to understand so much danish now, that you can read most of it
    scroll a bit down when there=

    Have a nice sunday, and enjoy the nomination.-Give my best to Bud
    Love you because Du er den bedste
    Mutti- the Dane

  4. G'morning Miss Annie!

    Ocar-watching ... why, it's TRADITION in our household! 'Hope the *politics* and (self-serving) fillabusters are kept to a low roar, tho' ~ gotta be all about the glam! :) I heard on CNN yesterday that they expect lots less cleavage and bling ... more simplicity this year, on account of the economy ... say whaaaat?!?

    Hope you two enjoy a great afternoon with Erik!


  5. We are not going to the movies often, sometimes I go there with friends. Mr. Gattino has always hated cinemas and I had to pull and push him.
    But I love to see the movies then on DVD.

  6. Yes I do agree with you on the oscars..I think you are right about the movie but I would pick Benjamin Button. I really enjoyed that movie and so did Mike.
    I hope that they do recognize Heath Ledger!! Mike just loves his performace. We bought the movie!! I have the Changling coming on Netflix.
    i too love the experience of GOING to the movies but do not go as often because of the expense. Our children were brought up the same way and also Love movies...We rubbed off on them..Ya think? Sandy

  7. Very nice pictures :) One of the reasons I enjoyed Corpus was what you are showing as well as the beach :) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Mmmm! Moments when don'tcha just WISH you had a SUPER ZOOM lens? I would LOVE to visit that sanctuary!

  9. Yes, it is ALL ABOUT the gowns!!!! I look forward to the fairy tale creations the celebrities wear.

  10. We went for a short walk but we still have to worry about snow and ice.
    But it did us good.

    A friendly reminder Up coming is in the know and the topic is "what are your pipe dreams"
    For the 25th.

    Coffee is on.

  11. jettied2/22/2009

    I love your walk!!
    I just bought the dvd Changling...I love jolie..she gets so much into her charactor....She actually met Walters mom..I watched an interview with her. I was riveted threw the whole movie..and I cried.

  12. I am hoping that Heath Ledger wins his best supporting actor.. What a tragedy his life was....... But we do not watch anymore have not in years.. They all make me tired!

    We hardly ever go to movies.. I am becoming a home body more and more and we love DVD's here at home.. Thinking about getting a flat screen TV this year and put on the wall... Then it is Katy Bar the door and you will have to pry me out of this chair! The marshland pictures were great !

  13. Our boy Sean pulled out a win Anni! And he was so charming don't you think by admiting how difficult he can be? My friends in smaller towns here in KY share your frustration about local theaters bowing to the narrow few and refusing to show anything not totally mainstream.