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Sunday, February 15th, 2009
4:45 A.M.

Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
Join here.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Be mine ::....won't you?
2. Ecstatic :: Happy
3. Orderly :: Systematic
4. Sebastian :: Cabot [actor]
5. Sore :: Canker
6. Don’t need :: Help
7. Rockstar :: Lyrics -Hey now..."you're a rockstar"
    Hey now you're a Rock Star get the show on get paid
    (And all that glitters is gold)
    Only shooting stars break the mold

8. Tinfoil :: Reynold's Wrap
9. Addiction :: Dependency
10. Where? :: "X" marks the spot!!

~...End Unconscious Mutterings
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Cheers to all us thieves!

Sunday Stealing: The Q & A Meme

1. where is your significant other? In bed, sleeping
2. your favorite thing? Too many to list.
3. your dream last night? Can't remember if I even had one.
4. your goal? Right now, to get dressed and out of my p j's.
5. your hobby? Crocheting
6. where do you want to be in 6 years? Alive!!
7. where were you last night? Why? Do I need an alibi?'!! In the living room, reading. That's my final answer, and I'm sticking to it!!
8. what you're not? A man.
9. one of your wish list items? To get me another piano. Wish I'd never sold mine.
10. your pet? Two cats.
11. missing someone? calls help
12. your car? Red...with gold cloth interior.
13. something you're not wearing? Makeup
14. love someone? Of course, don't you?
15. when is the last time you laughed? Yesterday
16. last time you cried? During a sad movie.
17. favorite past time? Walking on the beach!
18. are you a hater or a lover? 99% Lover.
19. any vices? Of course, we all have vices.
20. favorite meme other than Sunday Stealing? Photo Hunt

~...end Sunday Stealing Meme

[comment HERE if you'd like to skip the continuation of my Sunday Blog on Economy below]


....talking about the world state of economy, I think we are probably just as guilty as the country's government and ceo's of banks or large corporations. Don't you? Can we put all the blame on them? No, I think not. Tho, probably some would disagree. Ya, I'm still biting at the bit to know that these huge banks and companies would even think of celebrating Bush's stimulus back when, and then go and celebrate the bail out with mega-bucks parties. WITH THE BAIL OUT monies. But think about this if you will. Years and years ago I told Bud that this will all come to a screeching halt someday and we'll [as a country] be in a deep depression! The average consumer doesn't understand it....buying is not prestige it's contributing to the global economy crisis if you have to buy on CREDIT!!! How many times have you read or listened to a part of the news when a new Play Station came out on the market? Or X-Box? Tivo, Wii, Blue Ray, HDTV, flat panel TVs? And the lines of consumers would actually camp out in front of the stores so they made sure they got the newest and just released game player? Thousands across the nation would do just that. And how did they pay for this? No doubt on 'plastic'. Yes, charged it. Then, buy buy buy more items on the same card. Paying interest, huge amounts of interest, each and every blessed month with making just the minimum payment. And eventually 'maxing out' the amount of credit allowed on a particular card...then, if the consumer is crazy enough...they start using another one from a different creditor!!
I really don't know what the maximum credit is these days, 'cause I don't use them. If I don't have the money that is needed for an item, I don't buy it!! It's that simple. Think of this. Say your maximum on just one card is $10,000.00. And you make the minimal payment each month, plus the interest of say 21%.....the shortest allotted time to pay it off would be approximately 119 months!!! Yes....Nearly 10 years. And of course, once one would get it down so far as to lower the minimum required payment, they go and purchase the NEWEST version of something it's a lose lose situation. The consumer, if they had a good head on their shoulders, would look at the Playstations [or any other 'hot' new item] and say to themselves "We don't really need this"....or "What will tomorrow bring? Maybe we should wait and see if there is a huge medical expense in our future, or get laid off our jobs." And stop and think about this...if you were to take say, $20 each month to save for something that would cost $ pay cash for would take you approximately TWO years!!! You wouldn't have the debt and high interest...and it'd not contribute to the bank's exorbitant, consumer cost of their high interest rates....think about it, two years and it's all yours by cash...or TEN years trying to pay off more on the credit card that you maxed out charging your purchases that grew and grew and grew because of the 'minimum' payments.

Now there are job layoffs galore!!! Banks are card companies. Why? 'Cause they allowed those consumers to do just what they're doing...buying on credit that neither has the money to keep the economy going strong.

I remember 8 track tapes. And how everyone needed 'em. Heck, I can go back as far as a television set first coming to the markets. Everyone wanted one...all because the "Jones's" had one. I also remember when a car was built in the 50's....and it would LAST forever. Now it seems the cars go strong for the warranted time, then break down. All the engines and all the components of a vehicle these days are controlled by computer chips....there is no way an owner can actually get under the hood to fix them like the 'good ol' days'. buying a TV set back in the 50's - that was the 'in' thing to do. 8 tracks. Then, cassette players, then CD's. For movies, it was first beta...then, VHS...then DVD's. Now it's a new thing again...Blue Ray. Have you considered this too? Have you seen the cost of the players? Ranging from about $500.00 for them, on the average? And to top that off, even at Wal Mart...the Blue Ray Discs are averaging $30 comparing to $15 for the simpler DVDs? It's like....the one that dies with the most toys is the winner mentality. Oh yes, and the 'gas hogs'...everyone wanted an SUV. Then, the stock market and the oil speculators jacked up the price of a barrel of oil...and gas cost went 'out of this world'...SUVs are not even selling on the dealership lots anymore...

And I read the stock reports that Wal Mart is enjoying a great comeback because the smaller businesses are going belly's sad that smaller companies can no longer afford to stay around, but hey....if you see one item in a store selling for $100, and the very same item is going for $85 at Wal Mart...would you pay the $100 or would you buy at Wal Mart? The smaller businesses have to bite the bullet and lower prices or they're outta here.

What I'm trying to say is, it's not all the market, and the is also partly to blame by the consumer who allowed themselves to be 'hornswaggled' into keeping up with the "Jones's" and buying way beyond their limits! "Needing" all the latest and up to date --gadgets. In the past two decades or so....the term 'budget' went out the window and it was buy, buy, buy....on credit!!! It's all about NOT overspending...beyond your budget. What happened to the days when people paid cash for an item...and if they didn't have the money for it then, saved for it....or didn't buy it at all. This goes for the typical consumer AND the government.

- - -

It's just not only the American soil either...I wince every time I see news and starving people dressed in rags...and the countries' government or leaders of the 3rd world live in palaces and immense communes. It's all wrong...what's wrong with this picture?

Blue Ray Players....I can't understand why anyone would waste good hard earned money on another 'gimmick'...when the DVD players aren't even broken!


  1. Preach it my friend, amen. So very true!!

  2. nice new template. great mutterings. thanks for stopping by mine!

  3. Great answers!
    Thanks for visiting and commenting!
    Happy Sunday!

  4. Isn't it funny how different people's entries can be, and how similar? Have a good week!

  5. Your theme is beautiful. I miss my piano, too. It's stuck in storage way far away.

  6. Very selfsupporting mutterings considering the ' I dont't need........' :-)
    Like the changes on your blog as much as reading your mutterings.

  7. now THIS new page i LOOOOOVE!!!!! absolutely super! well done, anni.

    and a 'hear hear' to the blue ray (and every other product brought out to replace an already existing and functioning one). what for???????

  8. I went through that same situation, Anni...I was once in love with plastic, but now, I'm well on my way out of debt. It's a good feeling to know my plastic's getting paid off, but I would never wnat to put myself in such a situation again.

  9. oh you play the piano? i hope you can buy another one.

    thanks for stopping my sunday stealing @

  10. Good Morning Anni... First let me compliment your new look... I LOVE it!!! I am into wolves and Indians and this spirit picture is so awesome... Thanks for your great post... very interesting as always.... Loved the things about you... Always great to get to know our Bloggin friends better...


  11. Great Mutterings, as always, but no matches this week. have a great Sunday!

  12. Kitten: No, I never had credit card debt. If I do charge, I pay it off the next month and never have a balance. Other than that, I pay cash. It's just too easy to say 'charge it'. Hope you DO get out of debt!!!!


  13. Very cool mutterings, and thought-provoking words.

    Happy Sunday!

  14. I love your new look v different as are our mutterings this week - I hope you too have a great week.

  15. Amen!
    With you on your sentiments.

  16. Congratulations to your new blogdress it looks very nice ! the funniest thing is I changed mine this morning too, lol !
    The credit possibility and the fact that almost everybody had a credit card and that even big shops like Walmart had their own credit cards for the clients, were completely new to us in the 90th. We had one Visa card and that was even difficult to get because they first checked your income. Everybody carried his cash money and payed with it. Today it has changed too ! It's approaching your system. Almost everybody can get a credit card but still has to prove a regular income and shops also have customer cards. But people have another mentality, they use their credit cards but are rather careful.

  17. Love your answers - I'm going to have to check out Photo Hunt. I'm doing a Project365, wonder if I could squeeze this in too in all my free time *rolls eyes*.

    Thanks for visiting!

  18. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Hope you have a nice Sunday. :)

  19. Love your blog and enjoyed my visit here....

  20. Great answers :) I hope you had a lovely Valentines Day and enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  21. This is my first Sunday Stealing and my first visit to your blog. So pretty! Thanks for visiting me. :)

  22. Great post, Anni! And I so agree with you! Love the new look too. You go, girl! heheh

  23. Good solid thoughts - I'd never even heard of a Blu-Ray before - don't need one! Just now getting into DVDs.

  24. Anni,

    Enjoyed your post. I remember when Dad saved for our first television. It took him about two years, but when it came into the house it was ours. He didn't believe in paying on credit unless it was absolutely necessary. It was seldom done in our household. If you wanted something, you worked for it and paid cash.

    Many people get in trouble because it's so easy to use a credit card. Dwight and I both have one, but don't carry them with us. We only use them in emergencies for prescriptions or such.

    Limits on credit cards and credit lines today are atrocious. It's the "gotta have it now" mentality that has brought the world where it is today.

    I told Dwight a long time ago that the people who had to keep up with the Jonese would one day have an eye-opener and that day has arrived.

    Terrific post, my friend.
    PS. Dwight loves your new look. His words, "That is beautiful."

  25. It's amazing how we miss something we get rid of. Hope you get that piano soon! Have a great day...

  26. Thank you for coming by and have a nice Sunday, I like your post.

  27. Nice to visit you!

  28. Anonymous2/15/2009

    Thanks for visiting me!! I love your new blog design!

  29. Great post...really enjoy reading your blog. Phone calls do who help not missing as much, don't they?

  30. Yea,, I'm not sure if the coffee slut stopped by,, but you are one lucky blogger... Cause the Queen did....and I hope I beat the Coffee slut over here..

    he he..

    Have a great week...

  31. BTY, did ya grow up in the same podunk town in Nebraska that I did?

  32. I couldn't agree more, Anni. I don't have a credit card either. And guess what? I buy a lot of my stuff second hand. That doesn't mean to say it's in good condition. It's usually in excellent condition because the people selling are upgrading to bigger, better, brighter.

    The only things I don't buy second hand are electrical or white goods. And, like you, I pay cash, or get an interest free period to pay it off. I pay the cash price but don't have to fork out a large some of cash. However, there is a catch to that for those who are not good money managers. If it's not paid off in the designated period, interest goes on the total price of the thing at the end of the designated period, no matter how much is paid off.

    I shop smarter not dearer.

  33. What a great post.

    Talking about canker sore. I get them every so often and they're no fun what so every.

    We don't do much with credit mainly work with cash.
    Talking about the bank party habit how awful of them not invite you or I to the bash.

    Coffee is on.

  34. I love your new template ... the wolf is AMAZING and your background is my all time favorite color. Enjoyed your mutterings as always ... especially 7 and 10 ;--)

    Re the financial mess ... I'm with you! My Dutch mom taught me to live within my means and save for what I needed to buy so if I don't have the money to pay up front, I don't buy either. I keep things until they're worn out beyond repair before I think about replacement and then only if it's something I actually use. I don't buy all the latest 'gadgets' ... no Wii (or any game machine actually) ... or iPod, etc. ... I don't know what a Blue Ray Player is! I don't shop Walmart however because I believe in supporting local businesses. That's why I bought my NikonD60 at Ritz Camera rather than Costco. I appreciate the 'service and support' that comes with such local purchases.
    Hugs and blessings,

  35. Amen to this post, AMEN! Oh and the answer to where you were last night made me giggle!! Love your posts Anni!

  36. Anonymous2/16/2009

    Elvis says hi to Sheila.

    He's shy. ;)