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Saturday, February 14th, 2009
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There is a museum about 35 miles from Corpus Christi, along the coastal highway 181. It's located in the Texas town of Rockport-Fulton. It's called the Maritime Museum. Most of the articles in exhibit have to do with ships' legacies, history of the area, and naval and nautical items. One section has local artists' renditions of the Texas art form. The first photo above is the Sabine Bank Lighthouse.
    In the Gulf of Mexico, roughly sixteen miles south of the entrance to the Sabine River, Sabine Bank lies hidden a mere twenty feet below the surface of the water. In 1888, Congressman William H. Crain proposed a lightship for Sabine Bank, which measures about thirty miles long and five miles wide, but the district lighthouse engineer in New Orleans didn’t see the need for such a measure. A decade later, the Lighthouse Board finally did recommend the construction of a lighthouse to warn the numerous deep-drafted vessels now calling at Port Arthur of the potential offshore danger, and Congress appropriated $40,000 in 1900 and 1901 for the project.
The 2nd photo from the top is an encased replica of a shrimp boat. Here, it's a hands on exhibit. You can push buttons and pull levers to see the operation of the nets, lights and such while viewing the shrimp boat. The third photo down is a scaled model of the famous LaSalle Odyssey that is part of the Texas Coastal History. The scale is 1/12th the size of the actual Robert La Salle’s flagship La Belle. With navigation of the past, the LaBelle and its crew landed in the area...some 400 miles WEST of its original destination, with the intention of starting anew...a post on the mouth of the Mississippi River in Louisiana, instead came too far and ended the journey, sinking, in the bay near Rockport. Rediscovered in the water in 1995, the archeological finds produced millions of artifacts for the museums along the Gulf Coast to share it's fateful demise. Which brings me to the fourth photo; a brass plate off the LaBelle's hull. All some 300 years later, after the fact. And according to official maritime records, the ship's owner is indeed, King Louis XIV.


  1. Wow ! wonderful items ! you were lucky that you could take pictures of them.
    Happy Valentine's day, btw !

  2. lovely pics... what i love about things nautical, is the smells, of fish, of salt, of seaweed, air....

  3. Great photos and story Anni... Happy Valentine’s Day to you too... Hope your day is filled with love, laughter and fun...


  4. With as many times as I have visited the Corpus Christi area how did I miss this treasure? My husband and I even had our honeymoon in Rockport. (Don't ask!)

    Great job with the photos for this week!

    My nautical photo is posted here is up.

  5. What a wonderful museum and your pictures are just amazing. Thanks so much for sharing, what a treat. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY ! and thanks for the visits. Hugs, Marty

  6. Awesome photos! Great for this week's theme.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. great ideas!hope you can check mine here:

  8. great ideas!hope you can check mine here:

  9. Your new background is beautiful!

    I love a museum and this one sounds like such fun, and with great history, to boot! Hands on: I'd love to work the shrimp boat!

    Thanks for great pics and historical facts. I learn alot on your blog, Anni!!

  10. Anni,

    These are marvelous photos of the museum. The boys would love the interactive shrimp boat. Such interesting history in your post today.

    Enjoy a nice Valentine's Day with Bud. It will be quiet here. We don't celebrate anymore. The boys will be celebrating with their parents and then tomorrow are coming for supper. They saw Dakota yesterday and couldn't believe how much he's grown.


  11. PS. Love your new look.

  12. I soooo love your new background!! Happy valentines Day!!

  13. ♥♥♥Happy Valentines Day sweetie!♥♥♥ I loved your photos, and at first thought the first was a drawing/painting of yours! I know youre very talented. My hunt is up, please come and visit me soon...I'm sick in bed all day with a nasty cold...I could use a visitor

  14. Great photos Cindy for this week's theme. That sounds like an interesting museum to visit.

    Happy weekend to you.

  15. Anni, you can tell I got a bit confused there. It must have been seeing Becci's comment above mine. Sorry.

  16. My husband would love to see these - even though he grew up in the Midwest, he loves all things nautical. We must get down there someday.

    I have my LOVEland post up!

  17. Great choise for the theme.

  18. You are the best, no doubt, on this weeks photo challenge.

    I feel like a stupide amateur

  19. Beautiful pictures and writings for today's Photo Hunt theme. I actually played today.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Anni.

  20. Great photos! Reminds me of the Erie Canal Museum here in NY. I did Photo Hunters today, too.

    Hope you get a chance to visit. Happy weekend!

  21. I would love to visit this museum.thanks for the photos.

  22. Ah, I'm totally mesmerized by that rendering of the lighthouse! 'Twould look so great on my bedroom wall! :)

    Say Annie, if you've the opportunity (or interest), J.A. Jance has a great new post out on her blog (re. Arizona) ...

    Happy Valentines Day!

  23. What a beautiful posting for Nautical! You pictures are lovely.
    Have a wonderful Valentine.
    Sorry I didn't get back to you last week.
    Graceanne. :)

  24. Very interesting and informative post. Love the pictures!

  25. Great series of shots ~ enjoyed the history too. Maritime museums are my fave! (Shoot, now I'm craving shrimp) ;-)

  26. The links were very interesting, thanks for sharing with us, you put a lot of thought in this post. Hope you had a nice Valentine's day.

  27. You never cease to amaze me! Wonderful nautical post ;--)
    I did participate at Sacred Ruminations this week and left valentines on each of my blogs. Hope your valentine's day was lovely.
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. Anonymous2/14/2009

    I love ships like the ones in your photos. It looks like a fun museum.

    Here is mine:
    JyLnC's photohunt.

  29. Hi Anni, love the new look of your blog. My brother in law lives in Rockport. My husband and I hope to visit that area one day. We've been married nearly 12 years, and I still, have not met my brother in law!

  30. Great photos. Nautical would have been an easy theme. I should have joined this week. But alas, I'm getting just to lazy in my old age I guess.

  31. Thanks for sharing that with us :) Great pictures!

  32. What wonderful models. It looks like a great museum to visit. Happy weekend