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As I predicted on my Sunday blog post, Slumdog Millionaire won the Best Picture! I just knew it's all politicking in Hollywood these past few decades. I'm really delighted that a favorite of mine that I mentioned, Sean Penn, won for Best Actor!!!! His speech was so 'right on'!!! And Kate Winslet has really aged well from her Titanic days. I loved her regal look. It wasn't much of a surprising evening as for where the awards went....I loved the fact that Heath Ledger won....just as I posted yesterday. Now, as I also stated, it's all about the gowns. What was your favorite? I actually had three...Venessa's, Frieda Pinto's, and Ms. Portman's!!! Too many drab colors this year...and white? Lot of white gowns...I'm thinking that was all because of Ms. Obama's White Ball Gown in January?----it's now considered 'en vogue'? Oh, and I am compelled to mention the best dressed man of course....ummmm, does an Australian come to mind? Whoa.


  1. It was a good Oscar show and like you I thought most of the gowns lovely but would have liked more colour. Didn't Sophia Loren look fabulous?
    Will be trying your lasanga recipe looks good.

  2. Slumdog was my pick also, still have to see the rest of them. I agree, Sophia Loren looks fabulous. What can I say...Hugh Jackman is a HOTTIE!

  3. Well I didn't get to watch but it sounds like all your favorites won and the dresses were stunning that you liked... Have a award winning day...☺


  4. I am really happy for Kate Winslet as well! She's a good actress.

    Also happy for Penelope Cruz. So now that is two of Tom Cruise's exes who have gotten Oscars! and he hasn't.

  5. Glad that some of your picks won sweetie.

  6. Love your Oscar review!

  7. My goodness, you are full of interesting things today! I never watch any of the award shows, but do get a charge out of the rehashing of the dresses in magazines afterward.

    Have a wonderful week!

  8. I didn't watch..but on the today show i did see some of them..I so loved natalie portmans she's always so regal!!

  9. I watched it all! :) And I have to admit, most of the dresses were far too low cut for my taste. I don't remember who wore it ... but I saw a navy blue dress that I liked. As I recall there was no cleavage showing. I did like Natalie Portman's dress, but she makes anything look gorgeous. I'd have to give my "best dressed" award to Robert Downey Jr. And hey ... where'd all the necklaces go this year????
    Sean Penn made me cry. Yes, I sat in front of my TV and actually applauded twice last night. So well said Sean. So well said Dustin Lance Black. God, I hope I live to see the day.
    And on a final note: I kept seeing that Swarovski crystal curtain and wondering how much it cost, and realizing they could have gone without it and used that money to care for a hell of a lot of people in Darfur or any other 3rd world country, or even right here at home for that matter. My word, I'm sorry but I just saw it as obscene.
    With all my soap-boxing out of the way, I do admit I loved watching all the stars and my Netflix list is now longer. LOL

  10. I hadn't watched the Academy Awards in a few years but I actually watched it all last night and I think Hugh Jackman did a fantastic job as host!! I never knew he could sing and dance like that...what a guy:-) I loved all the gowns as well, hard to pick a favourite one, they all looked so regal. I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire nor really heard of it so I can't say if I'm glad that it won as Best Picture or not! lol I was glad to see Kate Winslet win as Best Actress, though, and like you, thrilled to see Sean Penn win as well. Not a dry eye around when Heath Ledger won as Best Supporting Actor...very touching when his parents and sister accepted the award on his behalf. xoxo

  11. I couldn't stay awake that long!
    I think the only dress I didn't like was Sarah Jessica Parkers, her top didn't fit right at all IMHO. Oh and Jessica Biel's dress I could not figure out at all.

  12. I missed the awards and only catch what they show on TV, bumer. I liked the pink one in your photo.

  13. Yes the Oscars went like you said and what i thought also...I loved the dancing with Hugh entriges me to think that he can also dance and sing..I like him as an actor...I watched just about 2 hours of the show and then off to bed..i need this BEAUTY sleep you know..Sandy

  14. Anni,

    I read your post this morning and thought that I'd commented, but I guess not. Another Senior Moment.

    Love that black dress and the others are nice too. I didn't watch the Awards. Never do. Instead I was busy writing. Tonight I had mandatory reading for my writing course and have enjoyed it.