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7:40 A.M.

Can you see, there's a kitten in that tree!
It's meowing down to me...
I can't get up to rescue thee
I'll coax and coax 'til it can see
that we're friends, him and me
All day if I must. Poor, scared, kitty
then, he'll be down and run with glee...
again, he'll be free

I've been following this by visiting Shadow on Friday's Flash 55, and thought I'd try it. If you'd like to take the challenge, then post your 55 word fiction and then, leave a comment with the G-Man.


  1. how cool. you brought a big ole smile to my face! thanks for rescuing this sweet kitty!

  2. You are so beautiful! ( profile picture)

    Yea when you rescue that kitten, everyone will be happy ever after :)

    Welcome to the world of 55ves!

  3. Annie...this a really clever and fun post! You're always so creative on your blog, and make it fun every single day. I just wanted to tell you how much we all, in blogland, enjoy your little part of it!
    'Happy Friday.

  4. Oh a bright new decor on your blog, Anni! I love it! The photo of the little kitty and your poem are wonderful. I'm patiently waiting for Spring, Anni! :)

  5. I love this poem. My daughter will, too! :)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. What a beautiful poem :)

  7. Such a great poem.

  8. Very nice and welcome to the club! I have one up if you like...

  9. Hootin Anni...
    Thats how you do it!!!
    Thank you so very much for deciding to give this a try today.
    You did a terrific job!
    See...? It's easy, it's creative, it's fun!!!
    And thats what blogging should be all about...Fun!
    Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and have a Wonderful Week-End...Galen

  10. jettied2/20/2009

    oohh thats a good job!!! you are so wordy creative!!

  11. What a pretty cat in the tree, nice post.

  12. What an awesome piece of writing. You a truly a multi talented lady.

  13. Love it!

    I started this after following shadow's blog as well. Isn't it fun?

  14. Cute poem Anni.... It was a fun one to read...


  15. Now that's a fun poem and a great 55!
    Funny how reading others writings makes us want to firt 55 is up as well.

    visit me at Passionate Fiction

  16. awesome job on your 55 :) i have one up at ciaras ramblings and whatnot

  17. I can't find your show and tell!?

    Just wanted you to know I was here. Cute kitty post!