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Friday, February 13th, 2009
12:40 A.M.

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...continued from two weeks ago, and last Friday. The conclusion of my Troll Collection [some 30+ dolls]:

Another of my Halloween Trolls skinned with tattered clothes and black hair. You realize Halloween is a favorite in our house? LOL

Another holiday Troll...this time, Easter. In her Spring Jumper outfit, with paint brush in one hand and decorated Easter egg in the other...decked out in a pink hair bow too!
A dude from Sherwood Forest! Yes, none other than Robin Hood! All decked out in his green satin tights and leather boots. Topped off with his medieval, renaissance tri-cornered hat.
He was a right jolly ol' troll, dressed in red and when he laughed his belly was like a bowl full of jelly! Hi Santa!! Whad'ya bring me?
Of course this section is my Patriots! First, the USMC Corporal Erik...Infantry Division...Camp Pendleton! He's in camouflage khaki's, and going out on maneuvers on his tour of duty!!
What could be more patriotic than "Besty Ross" Troll? She's readying to sew up a flag of the Red White and Blue, gussied up in her July gown. I love her hair!! So American!!!
This one is the smallest of the small trolls! If you notice to the top right side of this photo the small baby boy troll that is about an inch and a half in size...this one Pilgrim is even SMALLER!! In comparison, about the size of an adult thumbnail.
Meet the Bobbsie-Topsie troll twins. Or are they Gemini? Who knows. Only their hairdresser knows for sure. They were sold together. I thought it was a cute idea!
The last It's my 'ma and pa', grannie and gramps trolls! Gray hair, cane and vintage style clothes from way back...
These two in this frame are a gift from my father when he was widowed. How else could I end the showing of my troll collection other than something my father bought, as it too was how the beginning of the collection came to be.

...~The End


  1. how i love that multi-coloured hair... have a good friday anni!

  2. Just wanted to drop in and say hi and thank you for visiting my blog and making that nice comment.
    I didn't realize that trolls were such a huge collection item. You have a nice collection with a lot of variety!

  3. Brenda: I didn't realize at first when I was a kid that they'd multiply so in my house....but when I DID see a 'new' one, I had to buy it. Now, I'd love to see more. ::;giggles;::

  4. What a blast from the past! I think I have one or two but heaven only knows what happened to them.
    Thanks for stopping by my place and hope you have a great day. I am heading to Fredericksburg Trade Days today.
    Whoo Hoo! Candy

  5. oh..lovely dolls! I have that tiny one with orange hair, I call it "goofy" looking at it makes me happy!!

  6. Oh this brings back memories of my childhood - we all collected them back in the day! What a stunning collection!
    Thanks for popping by my blog!
    See ya soon!

  7. I love Robin Hood! It's my favourite of all.

  8. So, so cute my friend.

  9. yip, i have, 15 jumps, and it's frikkin amazing!

  10. Hootin' Anni2/20/2009

    Shadow: That is astounding!!! You got ovaries girl!!! More power to're too brave.


  11. I like Betsey Ross the best☺ Have a good weekend!

  12. Your collection is very extensive and so varied. How fun to look at them all. Great treat, I had almost forgot about them. Hugs, Marty

  13. What a fun collection - that teeny, tiny one is amazing!

    Very clever poetry, dear Anni.

    Have a great week-end!

  14. I like the Easter one. Thanks for sharing all of them and I hope you have a great weekend.


  15. I am totally lovin those gray haired trolls! Too cute! ~CC Catherine

  16. I like the one painting the Easter egg. Thanks for sharing. Happy Show and Tell Friday.

  17. A very cute collection! I like the Easter one, and Robin Hood. Thank you for sharing the rest of your trolls. Have a great weekend!

  18. Anni,

    I must have been busy yesterday because I never miss your posts, but did catch up and the sheers look wonderful. I can see they let a lot of light into the living room.

    Love your troll collection and it's great that you have those that your father bought for you. Treasures. Things that can never be replaced.

    The cat that Bud is feeding looks like it's in great condition now. I wish people wouldn't put animals out on the street.

    Take care and enjoy your weekend. Talk atcha soon.


  19. Without a doubt, you have the most extensive and fun troll collection I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your treasures. They are wonderful.

  20. Your collection made me laugh they have so funny faces and outfits ! I would look at them each morning to put me in a good mood ! Very cute !

  21. I have enjoyed seeing your troll collection, Anni! My favorite is the one with the Easter egg. :0)

  22. I am so behind on reading blogs that it is just awful!! I have tried to read and hope that all is well with you and yours!! We are fine here..Today I am 64 already!! Hard to believe that I am that age..I should be 46!! smile!!

  23. I have enjoyed looking at your collection! Wow, so many:)

    My favorite are the grandpa and granny ones--so cute!

    Linda C

  24. That's quite a collection you've got! I remember these from when I was a kid:)

    Thanks for dropping by my blog this week, too! Have a great weekend!

  25. What a collection you have. I think because I'm so ready for Spring, I like the one holding the Easter egg the best!


  26. I remember having some of this in junior high and displaying them on my dresser.

  27. Great collection!! Brought back some fun childhood memories for me!! We called them Iggies!!

    Have a blessed day!

  28. Those are all so cute! I don't think I have seen that many trolls all together. Like I said last time, I just love trolls! Have a wonderful weekend!

  29. The End? But where will I get my weekly troll fix??

    thanks for sharing:)

  30. Oh, wow! You have a wonderful collection of trolls! I only have one, with bright pink hair, given to me by my beloved grandparents many years ago. Yours are such fun...I love 'em! And look how cute the grandma and grandpa ones are, with their fluffy grey troll hair! :-)

  31. cute trolls collection you have! hehehehe.. I love their hair.. scarry look but cute! heheheheh have a great weekend!

  32. Some hair, huh?!

  33. OK, still can't resist laughing at Trolls, and their perpetual Bad Hair Days.
    Love it!

  34. Your trolls are just to cute,I remember my daughter having them all over the house when she was little.She loved trolls.

  35. Cool collection. I like the Halloween and Easter one's the most this week.

  36. i still need to pull out my old troll doll and photograph it for you. i love it! it reminds me of a happy time many years ago. thanks for sharing all your troll dolls. i have looked forward to viewing them. lots of fun!

    There is always room for you in The Shadow of the Cross. Feel free to visit anytime.