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Wednesday, January 14th, 2009
5:28 A.M.

Join -Wordful Wednesday

As Bud would say: "It is so cold, it'll freeze the balls off a brass monkey!!"

You ask: How cold can it get down here? Well let me tell you------They warned us to bring in any potted plants, and to cover all 'in ground' fragile plants outdoors. They told us all to make sure our pets are brought indoors! They warned us, those that live inland from the Gulf, to wrap exposed pipes and to let our faucets drip to keep them from freezing up. They said we were going to have a 'deep freeze' overnight! And it's my understanding that we're going to get another 'freezing' cold front coming down out of the Colorado Rockies this far south in a couple of days! But, this is the only time in over 4 years that the furnace had to be turned on....the photo to the right is our atomic thermometer that we have on our wall in the house. The top number is the time of day [tho it's not set for standard time...we keep forgetting to turn it back, so it's actually 4:33]. The 2nd number down is the date. The 3rd number the temp indoors. AND THE bottom NUMBER? Outdoor temperature. Tho it's not freezing technically, my toes are cold...had to put on my slippers and my heavy 'sheepskin' robe this morning! DANG!!! [good thing about down here tho, when the sun comes up, it'll get warmer.] I understand that those ON the seashore won't get such cold temps. Go figure. But, trust me...ANYTHING below 40 this far south --it's gettin' mighty cold. It feels like BELOW ZERO when you're acclimated to 60 degrees for overnight temps in winter.

We still have a couple of pieces of my blackberry pie I made the other day. Anyone want some for their breakfast with their coffee? Hand made. From scratch [even the crust --I don't do store bought crust because of all the unnecessary ingredients and preservatives! And way too much sodium that I do not want in my diet for the weight gain. Sodium adds weight that we don't need--] I think I'll raffle off the two slices...any bidders? [kidding!!!]

Addendum: Dawn asked where Bud and I found all the sweat pants and sweat shirts for $2.99. Well, it's a small store here in Corpus Christi called Fallas Paredes -the link will show you the place like we have here in town. I understand that is a part of Factory 2 U type store. It's full of department store close-out items. Yesterday, they had all their winter items [80% off] cheap!! And being that Bud was in dire need of some new sweat pants, we went and found him some [he has to have the kind with pockets] and I got 3 sweat shirts [lavender, green and light gray].

Okay, so then, I thought I'd share the carved pelican Bud found at the same store. It was selling for $2. It stands about 6-8 inches tall, with it's wood pier base being about 4-6 inches. I think he's a cute booger. He's all wood except for his legs; which appears to be something about the gauge of maybe clothes-hanger wire [?] - or maybe a bit thicker like perhaps chain-link fence. Cute, isn't it?


  1. Anonymous1/14/2009

    That pie looks sinfully delicious!

  2. Yummy pie.

    We have negative 3 as a High tomorrow here in Wisconsin!! Yikes:-(

  3. The current temperature here is "17 and falling." The damned cat is sitting in the open doorway deciding whether to go out or stay in. My daddy used to say, "It's colder than am Eskimo's tit." I don't know how cold an Eskimo's tit can get.

  4. I want some of that pie!!! It just looks beyond delicious!

  5. you shouldn't have said "just kidding" ... i would pay big bucks for a piece of that pie. mmm... and for breakfast! yum. yes, i am from texas, and i can vouch for you, even though you would get laughed at any further north, 33 is, indeed, cold down there.

  6. That pie looks delicious, I love Berry pie with ice cream. . .too bad I am on a diet!

  7. Brrrr is that ever cold.
    Here too..deep freeze..but heck..what do you expect from Canada eh!!

    Love the pies..i think i'd like a piece of each please..

    thanks for popping by my blog

  8. I have gotten lazy and buy crusts these days, on the rare occasion that I bake a pie. But I haven't read the ingredients - shame on me!!

    Well, I guess I won't be getting any of those sweats for $2.99 - too far to travel and it's too cold down there!! ;-)

    I really love the little pelican - perfect for your nautical room. We have such a large clock of beautiful pelicans on our lake in the middle of town - remember the picture I took where the pelican was framed in bushes on the shore. Pretty lucky shot! Then I have the one sitting on the piling on St. Simons Island. They're such a great creation.

    Have a good Wednesday and stay warm!! It has to feel colder than 33 with the humidity. It's going to be warmer than that here today and will melt the snow we got day before yesterday.

  9. Dawn: Ya, I remember the Colorado temps...this FEELS like we're still living there. It's cold. And luckily there isn't too much humidity...well, more so than where you live, but's dry here comparing. LOL

    I'm sure when y'all warm up today, you'll be outside in shirt sleeves. Our high guys out west would be in shorts. I know.

  10. oooh, that IS a cute pelican.

    i hope you guys are all snug and warm, and that blackberry pie? it would help to keep me warm too. looks YUMMY!!!!!!

  11. Thank you for commenting on my blog!
    Oh, what I would give for 33 degrees right now! Wait... Now that I think about it, the humidity is lower there so it would still probably feel as cold as it does here. That pie sure looks tempting!

    I've just became a new follower!

  12. That's MY kinda Blackberry! Ta heck wit' da phones!

    I do feel for ya down there! I hate cold! We are only expecting a HIGH of 31 today! Right now (at 10:30) it's only 27 and with the wind chill - 17! Brrrr! This has been an uncommonly cold winter for us.

    LOVE that little pelican! Too cute!

  13. The pie- DIVINE - look at you making your own crust! In this day and age! hee hee

    great bargains - and I can't bare to hear you about the weather - dear girl - come visit me here - it is wind chill MINUS degrees here hon!!

  14. I'll put a bid on some of that pie! : )

    I didn't know it was getting that cold down your way (I'm in north TX). Bur, that is cold for you beach folk! ; ) Stay warm!

  15. It's been beautiful in California the last couple of days! Yesterday it was in the mid 70's!

    Your pie looks sooooo good!!!!!!!! Gosh..I can imagine how that taste with some vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee!!! YUMMY!

  16. I'd love a piece of that pie. Looks DIVINE.

  17. Anni,

    You should have did the bids on the pie. I would have give you a good buck for a piece of that for my breakfast, but better you're just kiddin', as I really can't eat pie.

    Ha! Come on up here...bring that sheepskin robe and a good winter coat. It was -18F overnight here and hubby says Bud is right when he states it would freeze the balls off a brass monkey.

    I know when you are used to warmer temperatures that 33 is cold. Also the temperature in your house being only 63 would be very chilly.

    Stay warm. I hope you were able to get all your inground flowers covered.

    Have a great day.

  18. PS Your Bud has good taste. I love the pelican and it will set off your nautical decor perfectly.

  19. Compared to us you have tropical weather, lol ! and apparently the same thermometer as we have ! I love your pelican it's really cute !

  20. Blackberry pie sounds yummy right about now. It's barely 10 degrees outside today and that's the high. Way too cold for me, but I must go out yet again!! Hope it warms up soon for you!

  21. Yummy, yummy, yummy! That pie looks scrumptious. I can almost smell and taste it. I do a pretty good job with pound cakes but have never had luck with pies -- and I love blackberry pie, peach cobbler, etc.
    It's getting cold here in coastal South Carolina also. Supposed to go down to 17 and 18; last week it was 78 and 80.

  22. Stay warm! The pie looks so delicious. I adore berry pies. I like the carved pelican.

  23. LOL
    Oh ma'am, I DO like the way you eat.
    (tips hat)


    Happy WW!!


  24. I HATE COLD WEATHER! I was just saying I was going to move to Arizona so it would be warm ALL year BUT I had no idea it got cold there too! Where to go? hmmm...

  25. Oh, that pie looks delish! I won't tell you that it is almost 80 degrees today, but I loved the quote from Bud!

  26. The pie looks wonderful. Good luck with the cold. It's supposed to be 8 below zero here tonight. Ugh.

  27. I love your Obama ticker!!

  28. whoah, that's cold. And that pie looks outstanding!!!!! Happy WW!!!

  29. Hey Anni
    You folks should come to Denmark to feel cold, tell Bud that our men have learned to not freeze anything off in wintertime by wearing ski-clothing - or overcoats with fur on the inside,, he he'Good thing that Douglas don't see your pie, it would disappeare in a jiff,
    me? I don't eat pie, or any caces
    boring boring.
    That pelican is just "the thing"
    kærlig hilsenand remember00
    Du er den bedste- still------

  30. That pie looks fabulous!

    How about this one, "colder than a witch's tit in a brass bra". :) Something I remember from long, long ago ;)

  31. That is indeed cold for you guys over there...seems like everyone is being affected by this deep freeze! When I got up this morning I looked outside and saw what looked like fog, then realized it was frost, the air was white with it! Right now it's -13F and just getting colder. I just had the stray kitties in to eat and I really don't know how they're withstanding this cold but they are! They're wild so I guess their systems have acclimatized to the temperatures. I wish I knew where they stay, it must be somewhere warm enough.

    Love that carved pelican! Such a great addition to you decor:-) xoxo

  32. OHHH, that is just what I need right now!! (The pie, not the temp ;))

  33. Want some pie, have the same attitude to store bought stuff as me, Anni. Cut out the preservatives, salt, artificial colour, etc and you actually have real, tasty, fresh food.

    One of my blogging friends from Canada said they had been warned of the "deep freeze", too. That's so scary, especially for the homeless. I hope they have shelters to go to.

    Thanks for visiting yesterday, it was good to see you.

  34. Anonymous1/14/2009

    The pie looks yummy. I have never been able to conquer a homemade pie crust. Alas, I am doomed to the store bought versions. :>)

  35. Would have loved the pie -- and yes it is cold here too. So right about anything below 60 being cold.

    Fun blog.

  36. jettied1/14/2009

    pie looks delis!! -26 here today supposed to get below 30 tonight!!

  37. Very fun Wordful Wednesday! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  38. Well, now, that's amazingly cold for your part of the country. Who would ever have thought?
    Stay warm!

  39. I'm late, but I'll take some of that pie!!!! I miss Texas. And the beach. I haven't been to the beach in almost 4 year now, I think.

  40. I'm sorry you're experiencing such cold temperatures, but I sure would love a piece of that berry pie ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  41. I would love a piece of your pie! It looks so good.

    It's 10 degrees here and the temp is dropping fast.

    Let me know when you finish your book and your critique is up.