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Tuesday, January 20th, 2009
12:01 A.M.

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To quote a "Negro"* Slave Preacher...

“Lord, we ain’t what we want to be;
we ain’t what we ought to be;
we ain’t what we gonna be;
but thank God we ain’t what we was.”

*The term Negro is used in quotations from MLK's historical I have a Dream Speech

part of a collection of memorabilia I have saved
over the last few months
and framed; hanging on the computer room wall
Inside the frame:
TOP LEFT: San Antoino's Day after Election Copy - Corpus Christi newspaper to the right
BOTTOM LEFT: Time Magazine Nov. 17th Commemorative Issue - The Rally Sign I held in my hand during the February 2008 Rally in town - Time Magazine "Person of the Year" issue; Dec. 29th
Photo on the far right: closeup of headlines day after election

One feat was mastered by a certain lady y'all know and love [insert giggles here], and of course how can I pass up this day without mentioning the 'feat' of a politician who was not well known a few years back, an author of two books, a man of home-town upbringing, a Christian, one of strong family values, to become a Senator from Illinois --only having a dream to make the United States a better place for his two daughters...

* *The first section of my 'feat' blog would be about yours truly. You see, I attended both Hillary's Democratic Rally back in 2008 when she arrived here in south Texas. Only to be quite disappointed and very disgruntled with her and both Bud and I left early; disheartened. A couple of days later, Mr. Barack Obama set foot on our land to rally the Democrats...we also attended. [some of my campaign photos here] Thing is, if you open the link provided, you will notice me in a red jacket on the podium/stage with Obama...far left, with glasses. I'm holding a book. One particular book. Dreams from my Father, written by Barack Obama. When his rally was finished, we all got to shake the man's hand...the hand of our next upcoming president! But, I went one step further. Me. Little, quiet, shy, me. I waited for all the hub-bub to clear out and they had escorted him through the back stage. I walked up quickly to a man in black. Yes, indeed! I walked up to him and asked him if I could possibly get the book autographed by the author. Me. I walked up to a Secret Service Man and boldly [I honestly can't tell you where my courage came from since normally I can be quite introverted. I surprise myself sometimes.] asked if Mr. Obama could sign his book I bought and read. Okay. So, then I was escorted and directed to where to get the book signed. My heart still pounds away at the thought. I have a book signed by the President of the United States. [Oh, by the way, I was then escorted to the exit afterwards by the men & Security Guards!! Me!! Little ol' me!!] I have a shadowbox frame for the book, which I intend to place the book in it and ship it off to my grandsons. They deserve the gift for which I so diligently worked to get, and will have a special piece of historical value. I know Irene will take it for them for their later years to pass down to another generation!!

* * the photo shows the sign I held at the rally AND the book I asked to have autographed, sitting on our kitchen counter when we got home that night.

Another section for today:

I'm going with a feat of phenomenal distinction. Our 44th President, sworn in at 12:00 Noon Eastern Standard Time [USA]. But first, there is a very interesting piece of trivia I wanted to share. We all know that Barack Obama is number 44 in succession to our presidency. But during the inauguration of him being 44th, there is also a known fact that this will be the 56th American Inauguration!! Right? Yes, it is. I read the inauguration's scheduled events on Yahoo News this week, and realized the very fact. Now you wonder. Just how does that come about and where do we get the answer to the burning question, Obama, the 44th yet the 56th president to be sworn into office. Okay, so here is the math. You may want to share this knowledge with your family and friends:
    The question is how do you get to 56?

    43 Presidents [prior to Obama that is]
    15 elected to a second term [do not count Cleveland as he is in the above count and was the 22nd and 24th President]
    add another 2 for Franklin Roosevelt [because Roosevelt FDR was elected to a third and fourth term]
    5 Vice Presidents who became President but were never elected to the office
    which equals
    Barack's inauguration will make 56.

    Get your calculators out if you don't believe me. It took some math on my part, but this is how I came up with the conclusion.

Born Aug. 4, 1961, in Honolulu, Hawaii.
    Father: domestic servant to the British
    Mother: Student in Hawaii while married to Obama Sr. --who became a PhD

Barack: Also known as Barry
--attended Occidental College in L.A.
--graduated from Columbia University, degree in Political Science
--attended Harvard becoming the 1st African-American Editor
--graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 1991
--Civil Rights lawyer
--teacher at University of Chicago law school
--1992 Married Michelle Robinson
--1995 Published his autobiography
--1998 became a father -daughter Malia
--2001 became a father 2nd time - daughter Sasha
--2004 became Senator/sworn in in 2005
--2006 authored his 2nd book
--2007 announced his run for office
--2008 Nominated and elected for the top office of USA
God Be with him!! His Family, and our country!!!


If you're still with me on this historic day. I wanted to share this thank you note that came to me in the snail mail. It was a thrill to receive it. A thank you note from the Obama's, thanking me for volunteering to get the word out for votes in our neighborhood and for my monetary donations to the campaign. I know it's no doubt a form letter, but's from the President & the 1st lady, and a couple of times in the paragraphs there IS my name; so cool!!! I had it framed. The letter can be enlarged to read it. It should open in a new window for you.


Last but not least...LOL...there is a question of fashion feat for today. We all know, those of us who watch the news or read the newspaper/online news that Barack broke down and bought himself a new tuxedo. The first in 15 years according to Michelle. But the fashion question that is on people's lips is "What Inaugural Gown will Michelle wear?" Will it be yellow? Tradtional blue? Red? Flowered? Exotic-off the-shoulder gold? What, pray tell? Aren't you the least bit curious? Some of the first ladies' inaugural gowns are on display...some simple and elegant, some gaudy and tasteless. The question remains to be answered. The fashion feat for Michelle will be disclosed tonight. I'm putting my money of something soft, silky and flowing to accent her lovely figure. Perhaps in the color of soft green or pale aqua. Maybe something as elegant as this black number!!!!---


  1. I love you my friend.

  2. Gday Anni, Nice post on your President elect one day to go,by our news theres a lot of parting going on over there..

    Today I played bowls was a scorcher temp got to 43c= 109F' Due to the heat was stopped at 38c=100f and plenty of ice water at hand..

  3. you are so full of information today... hubby rolled his eyes last night when the news reports rolled over to the celebs and their fashions for the inauguration. and then he changed the channel. they lost him there, heee heee heee

  4. Anni,

    This is a delightful post about the historic significance of today. I enjoyed reading it. How lucky you were to get that book signed. I'm glad you went to the Secret Service man and asked. As I tell the boys, ask! All they can say is no. But Obama said yes and now you have a wonderful keepsake of a historic moment for those grandsons. Congratulations!

    I will definitely be watching the inauguration today. Michelle is recording it for the boys to see after school. I don't know why the schools aren't showing this. It's history in the making. Brandon says no cable or satellite. Couldn't they have found a way?

    I really like Michelle Obama and am sure she will dress elegantly for the occasion. She looked beautiful yesterday when she was on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. I will have to go back there.

    Take care, Anni and enjoy the day. I know I will.


  5. I grabbed my coffee before coming here. Hehee!

    It's almost 7:30 here and I have three TVs on so I don't miss a moment of today's events as I move from room to room. As the time gets closer, I will plant my butt on the couch.

    What an exciting day for you, me, us, the country, the world! I almost can't believe it. Somebody pinch me. :)

    I HAD to go to your linked page when you said you were on stage with him. DANG!!! I had no idea!!! As much news coverage as I watched during the campaign, chances are I saw you and didn't even know it.

    The autographed book is such a wonderful piece of history.

  6. Watching tv all day here, mostly CNN now. That is the only USA station we get. I too am excited for President Obama.
    Congrats on your new president today and my prayers go out to him to make the right decisions and for a wonderful term.
    Yes I would have voted for him as well.

    Lot's of love and hugs on this wonderful day in world history

  7. I have a little surprise coming for you.

  8. That was marvellous - and so informative.

  9. I thought you would write about Obama. Today I will watch (together with you and my american friends) at 6 pm the ceremony ! Sometimes I think the poor man, not only America but the whole world is counting on him after this Bush desaster. That must be quite heavy to carry ! But I am sure he will do it ! Tomorrow a new period begins !
    I too am VERY curious what Mrs. Barack will wear. She is already considered as a very elegant woman with a very good taste here in Europe !

  10. Hi Anni, you have posted very interesting information for today as I have posted on my blog today..
    Enjoy this day!!! Baba

  11. Anonymous1/20/2009

    Wow, an autographed book! That rocks. This morning was a pretty wonderful moment. And this is coming from someone who doesn't groove on government & politics. Great post! :)

  12. Amazing! You're amazing! I have goosebumps now!

  13. Interesting read.

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  14. Are you an avid supporter of the Obamas, Anni? lol. What a silly question...but I don't blame you. The new President is like a breath of fresh air, for the whole world, as well as the United States. You should have heard all the positive comments here when he won the election. I know I'm quite excited. Can't wait to see what the man is going to do.

    Thank you so much for your birthday wishes. They're not too belated.

  15. I did something today that I've never done before...I actually watched the Inauguration! lol I usually don't like politicians at all but there's just something about Obama that makes me believe he's a good man and given a chance, will be very good for your country. They were saying on the news the other day that he's very well liked here in Canada:-)

    How awesome that you got his book signed by him! I can just picture you with those Secret Service Men!! LOL Such a treasure that book will be for your grandsons.

    I'm looking forward to seeing what Michelle will be wearing for the balls. I loved what she had on today, the yellow outfit really suited her. I really like her, she seems very down to earth and has a good head on her shoulders.

    Here's to an historical day!! xoxo

  16. It was a LOVELY inauguration today -- and YES! I'm very curious to see what Michele's gown will be! I HOPE I can stay awake long enough to find out! LOL! (if not... I guess I'll see it tomorrow... but I WANT to see it tonight!)

  17. I've been glued to the television all day long ... drinking in this historic event. You've done a wonderful job with this informative celebratory post. It's quite a 'feat' in and of itself! Congratulations and thank you.
    Hugs and blessings,

  18. Yeap I saw you in the picture!! Good for you and I am so glad that you got the courage to get an autograph. Does he write legible? Just a thought that I wondered about!! smile.sorry I have not been around lately..just lazy I guess..Sandy

  19. Such an awesome post and so perfect for today. Wow, you were on the same stage, got a hand shake and the book signed. That is awesome. I didn't do any of that, but I've been glued to the coverage.

  20. That is really great that you asked and got the book signed.

    Very informative post.

  21. You wrote a very informative post today,thank you.I watched the inauguration today it was a very wonderful one.It it great that you have a signed book and a thank you letter from the President.

  22. Hi Annie!!! i am so proud of you for helping with the campaign. I helped out too!! I did not get to meet him oh my gosh that is so awesome, you are an amazing woman, what an exciting day!!

  23. A lovely blog today.
    I just have to add my two cents today - of course about John Williams' music.
    When the clarinet comes in, the song become an old Shaker hymn called The Gift to be Simple. Aaron Copeland has made a variation over this on one of his many wonderful albums. Not sure if it is part of Fanfare for the Common Man or Appalachian Spring - but it is beautiful. I think the press should have mentioned this because JW really only composed the into and outro - the rest was just a variation over the theme.
    That's all folks!
    Hugs and thanks for a great read today.