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Thursday, January 22nd, 2009
6:00 A.M.

Shadow and Patsy, and books ....Oh my!!!

Shadow had posted about a blog game that I thought was fun and I asked her to assign me a letter so I could participate...

The rules of the game are simple. you are assigned a random letter and you should then post 10 things that you love that begin with that letter. if you read this and want to play, leave a comment that says so, and i'll assign you a random letter. and on and on it goes.

So Shadow came by and left my assigned letter in my comments. She posted:
    "....and for the game, i'm glad you wanna play. your letter is.... o"


1. OLIIVES...I love them. Green ones, stuffed ones, and ripe ones!! I love them so much, I consume too many. Once ---WAY too many and I got sick on them, but that didn't stop my love for olives. [I even love the color...olive green, to wear]

2. favorite of the owl species is the pygmy owl. I was one of many in Tucson that fought the city with construction of a new subdivision against a small mountain range that had sightings of several pygmy owls and their's an endangered species.

3. ORANGE JUICE...of all the juices in the world, I still tend to drink this mostly. It's tasty, it's good for me and my heart rate. I also love mandarin oranges!!!

4. ODD NUMBERS....don't laugh. I tend to seek odd numbered items. Either to draw or view or paint or play on the lotto....odd numbers are better for me. LOL My art teachers stressed that when composing a picture or drawing or painting...having an odd number directs the eye to the focal point much better, and I remembered being taught that, and still work with the concept. For instance, having three apples in one bowl for still life is more 'attractive' than two or four...honest, it does seem that way. Either that, or I believed them when they taught that in classes. I've won a few 'small' prizes with playing odd numbers also. Even in Vegas.

5. O'Hara....can I say Scarlet O'Hara? She was one of my favorite characters in literature. Still is. I love her tenacity, her wiles, her love of Tara, her determination, her...need I go on?

6. Oahu...I ♥ the island of Oahu....for many many reasons, that are sentimental to me. The air, the ambiance, the sea, Pearl Harbor, the mountains, the falls, the rainforests...the whole shebang!!

7. Oatmeal...anything made with oatmeal. Hot oatmeal, oatmeal cookies, oatmeal bread, oatmeal name it.

8. Oriental Art....I love the ancient art...the watercolors of geisha girls, the mountains and bridges. Oriental pagodas, the Japanese Gardens...lots o' things having to do with the Orient.

9. "O" movies....Open Range [western I've watched Over and Over!], Old Yeller, Omen, One Hour Photo, Other Boleyn Girl, Once Upon a Time in Mexico.

10. Orchids...especially the most exotic and purple!!! [or pink, LOL]

....Wanna play the game yourself? Leave me a comment and I'll drop by and give you your special letter so you can play along. Thanks to Shadow for coming over and giving me the special letter, 'o' was fun and quite a challenge.


Patsy interviewed me! What fun. She was interviewed too. Her personal interview

She left this for me:
Here are your interview questions.
1. Where is your least favorite place to be?
    Hands down!!!....the dentist's chair! If I could I would turn the word dentist into a four letter word and not speak it ever again. It would drop completely from my vocabulary elsewise if spoken, I'd get my mouth washed out with soap!!

2. What person would you like to spend a day shadowing? Why?
    This may sound strange, but in today's times? No one. What I'd really like to do is go back in history and spend a day with many historical figures that I didn't study in school. Y'know? Thing is, when in class, you'd be forced to learn about presidents, heads of state, world leaders and such. And I sincerely hated it. After school, I learned that there were so many historical figures, much more to history, than taught. And I've been intrigued by several and researched deeply those lives. I've often said I would like to have had a chance to interview John Wilkes Booth!! Yes. You read that right. I think a chance to go back in time and shadow this man for one day would be an event in my lifetime that would allow me to 'see' his mind and how it worked. [and not necessarily just prior to him assassinating Lincoln either...perhaps his younger days to see what made him be what he was in April of that fateful day...who was he, and why did he do what he did? What made the man a lethal weapon in his own right? What brought on the hate? Did he love so deeply one certain woman that he'd die for her? What was his favorite drink? How did he sleep?] The man has captivated me for decades. I would love a chance to follow him for a day, interview him during that one day and ask those questions, and then write the #1 bestseller of the life and times of John Wilkes Booth. Of course there are others too, but for mentioning just one for the interview, I think I would like to shadow Booth.

3. What is your least favorite meal that you have to play nice and eat?
    I'm not sure if this pertains to 'consuming the worst meal' or 'attending the worst meal and playing nice'....Me? Play Nice? Always!! Manners? Why, I'm the epitome of Ms. Manners! Okay, okay...seriously now, I am truly not a socialite, so having a meal is just an ordinary, daily thing in my life. When I was working outside the home and played hostess to many dinners with the Chamber of Commerce, I was at the top...the best hostess around. [insert a wink here...kidding!! So, I can't be serious I guess!] And I truly enjoyed being the 'emcee' to many state dinners. But now? I don't do 'special meals' outside the home other than going out to eat at a I'm more or less...just Anni!!! I do as I damn well please most of the time. Hey, at my age I can get by with more than you know. It's the gray hair! Trust me. Some could see me have a giggling fit at the dining table and pass it up with the consideration of "She's an old lady...let it pass."

    If it's the worst meal to consume and actually eat it for the sake of not hurting the cook's feelings it'd have to be oysters! In fact, I don't think I COULD consume them. I've tried several times and spit them out.

4. What annoys you most about your spouse?
    Sometimes, Bud can be very pouty! It's not only just annoying, I hate a man that pouts. 'Nough said!!

5. What is your greatest talent?
    See number 4. Like I said, I can be best just being me! I have no 'greatest' talents. I love art. In many forms. So, if you consider that a talent, I guess that would be it. Design, painting, decorating, crafting, putting a special plate of crackers on a dish with 'form'...even viewing art of many aspects, I enjoy it. I love to just look at my surroundings [I can spend a whole DAY looking at one piece of art in a museum and feel satisfied] I can see the green on a leaf and pick out many shades of green; just to see if I can find ten shades or if I can't. I watch and pay attention to all the different shapes and bubbles of a wave. I can pick out purples in the sky that some can't see...or find the golden flecks of sun's rays. I've taken many years and classes of art in my lifetime and have learned to train my eye of seeing things that others wouldn't take time to even notice. This reads a bit egotistical...but honestly, I'm just answering the question.

T-t-t-t-th-th-that's all folks!!!


Be sure to include.
Follow these instructions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me." if you'd like to have questions asked.
2. I, the interviewer, get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. Five Questions, only.
5. Link to my interview post...this one.


Speaking of books....
When I go to Barnes n Noble, which is more than likely at least once a week, I love to just peruse the bookshelves and take note of the newly published books. For future reference. I have found a neat trick these often I would go to a bookstore and see the cover of a book on a subject that interests me, and open up the cover and read the synopsis and the book critics' reviews on the back cover and say to myself "Hmmmm, this sounds like a great read!" Then, I'd get home and forget the title. So, now I take out my handy dandy cellphone and snap the cover of the book. When I get home I can then go online and read what other readers have under the B n N book reviews and make a decision on which book I buy next.

Or, if the price of the book is a bit more than I think it's worth, I still have the book cover and title on my computer so when I go to the Half Price Books, I can then search for it there. I mean, a certain book, that sells for retail at $30.00, if I have the patience for it to show up at Half Price, I can get it there for $15!! It may take a few months for it to show up there, but it saves me money. And no, I normally don't set foot in a library unless it's for research only. I like to have my own book and then read it in my own time, with no 'check out time limit'.

And besides, if the book is worth keeping, it goes on our bookroom shelves here at home to re-read someday. I truly LOVE to collect first editions!! And then, if the book was good to read, but not worth keeping, we trade them in...yep, you guessed Half Price Books!!! We get a 'return' on the books we bought brand new and that way the original price we paid is not such a hefty cost once we trade it in and get money back.

Recently, I went through the shelves and found some that I thought may be of interest. I'm gonna share my newest additions to my ever-growing list of 'readables'. A couple of my favorite historical novelists are in this list, Erickson and Weir. With mousover captions. Most of these are 'hot off the presses'....

And this last book caught my interest because it was half "chewed"! And I had to read the back of's a comic debut novel about a runt of a rat in Boston---hopelessly becoming devoted to books!!! Sometimes eating the pages, yet reads them from cover to cover, literally eating the words as he goes, learning sign language even...sounds like a fun read!!!


  1. oh i'm so glad you played. you have delightful o's.... olives and orange juice, YUMMMMM. owls are my totem animal i believe, there was a time one lived in my tree (i think the neighbour caught it, he has a hawk too, sis!). and i'm also an odd number girl. 'cause i was born on an odd number...

    but enough about that, the dentist. he's my personal horror movie!!!!! and aren't sulking men just the worst. hubby can do that too when he feels like it. don't they know that just doesn't become the male species, heee heee heeee.

    what a lovely read today!

  2. Good Morning Anni... Great post today... I loved your letter "O" answers and your interview was really great... Wonderful read... Have a great day


  3. Wow! There is a lot of info in this post. The letter game sounds interesting: what you did with the letter "o" was great. I also like what you did with the books. Thanks for a most entertaining post.

  4. You do have an interesting life, dear Anni. You have so many varied interests and seemingly the time and will to pursue them!

    I think I'd enjoy an interview with you asking me the questions!

    Love you O answers - well done.

    Have a great Thursday!

  5. Hi Hootin Anni
    I would like to play Shadows game .
    Love your post, always an enjoyable read.
    Your Valentine blog decor another creative coup.
    Love visiting your blog.

  6. Great job with the O! What a hard letter. I think I might have gotten off easy with my K. :)

  7. Dawn: Your interview questions are sent via comments! Have fun, and let me know when you've completed it. :o)


  8. Rosemary:Your letter is posted in your comments. Good luck, and let me know when you've finished.


  9. LOL! Having completed 26 weeks of Thursday Thirteen Alphabets, I am definitely passing on the LETTER thing! Whew! No thanks! I'm with ya on those OLIVES though - man! I could eat a million of 'em! Betcha!

    Your interview was great - she asked some good questions! And you had good answers! Dr. John is currently working on questions for me - so I'm going to pass on that one too! (but you have interviewed me before!)

  10. I enjoyed this post.

  11. I love owls too, they have cat eyes, I mean round once like Rosie and they always have this surprised look ! I love your answer on n° 5 of your interview. I could have said that too.
    Mr. Gattino is now in intensive care until tomorrow, but everything went smooth. I'll visit him tomorrow.

  12. Anni,

    This is a delightful post. First of all, I loved the answers to your "Letter O." Diane from Diane's Place has given me the letter M and I will be posting that tonight. It was fun figuring out and making a note of the M things that I love.

    I think it would be fun for you to "Interview Me." You know my email, so send along the interview questions when you have time. ;-)

    You have me on a search for a couple of the books you mentioned. I would love to read most of them. You and I enjoy the same type of books. I'll let you know what I find. All the books you've listed are great reads for us history buffs.

    Take care, my friend. I'm looking forward to the interview questions. I tried to upload some photos to blogger last night with no luck. I'll try again tonight.

    Have a great day.

  13. Hi Anni my "F" is posted . :-)

  14. Thanks for the tip on Half Price Books - never heard of it!

  15. Hey, Anni, how are you! Love your new Valentine's decorations! Some of my favorite things are "O's" too - Oriental Art, Oahu, Olives... :)

  16. Thanks for playing the letter game and the interview. Great answers to both.

    I knew that last question would be hard, but we sometimes need to take a look at ourselves and realize we are talented. You have an amazing talent to be about to appreciate art in all forms, to see the colors of the rainbow so to speak. Great job.

  17. Forgot to say --- I'll play the letter game with you. So give me a letter please. :)

  18. Anonymous1/22/2009

    Love your O's. I'd like to play. Hit me with a letter please.

  19. Sure enjoyed reading this...O, Lived in Tucson when the Pygmy Owls were in the way of that new High School. Glad you were a concerned citizen! I worked for Pima County then as an Environmental Specialist, in charge of permitting people who wanted to build in protected areas. I had a tiny bit of clout in protecting wash areas, which I'm proud of.

    Scarlett O'Hara has always been one of my faves too...her "think about it tomorrow" philosophy does not seem bad to me!!

    OK, I'm feeling a little peppy today, so throw me a letter and I'll try to catch it!

    P.S. My daughter and I saw the book with the bite out of it, too at B n N. Clever advertisizing!

  20. Anonymous1/22/2009

    I love olives and oatmeal, too! I enjoyed your list and interview. John Wilkes Boothe is a new one...I've never met a JWB groupie before. :>)

  21. Olives!! Ick!!! lol I could never get used to those. You really did a great job finding things you love that start with the letter O...I wanna play so can you assign me a letter please??:-)

    I found that so interesting about "odd numbers". Oh, I just adored Scarlet O'Hara as well and I can remember going to see Gone With The Wind at the cinema when it was re-released and absolutely falling in love with Rhett Butler:-)

    I really enjoyed reading your and me both where the dentist is concerned! Ugh! Oh, wouldn't it be wonderful being able to shadow Booth and find out all those things about him!!! As you say, there are so many historical figures that we never learned about in school. There's no way I could ever eat OYSTERS, just looking at them turns my stomach! lol You know what Anni? I'm glad you're just YOU:-)

    I see that you have a nice collection of books waiting to be read...enjoy:-) xoxo

  22. Anonymous1/25/2009

    Thanks for the letter "G" Anni! I just posted my answers Here