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Sunday, January 4th, 2009
4:00 A. M.

A Ghostly Tale on a foggy morn here in Texas....the Drawing of Winners for my 1st Blog Giveaway, and Sunday's Unconscious Mutterings.

Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Confirmation :: Catechism [church - school -manual of teaching the doctrine]
2. Verse :: Prose
3. Authorize :: Approve
4. Blog :: Mine
5. Thirty :: Something
6. Heir :: loom
7. What are you doing? :: Typing this answer
8. Complaint :: Department
9. Leave :: Vacation [military]
10. Tune :: Tommy

~...end Mutterings
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Up close and personal....with Fog!!
No flash
Looking from the backyard
Over the fence
toward the front street light
[our home's chimney to the right]

Oh the bells, bells, bells!!
Macro setting of wind chime
Brass Bells
Flash setting...fog droplets seen

View from patio
Looking into the back yard
Faintly visible is the raised stone flower bed
Macro setting
Flash ON
Foggy dew visible!!

- - -

Okay, so this was like, ummmmmmmm, getting the crap scared outta me!!! Yes indeedy.
You see, one morning this past week, it was beautiful.
Still dark...way before sunrise.
The lights of the city along the freeway in the distance could not been seen, except for an orange, eerie, glow.
It was foggy.
Not a dense fog, but still, none-the-less foggy!
I've attempted many times to photograph fog and it's beauty to no avail.
But that doesn't mean I give up.
I grabbed my trusty digital and ventured outdoors into the back yard and tried to get up close and personal with nature. The day was early. The silence was deafening...but oh so perfect to sneak around and try and capture the beauty of the dark. I had the camera on macro, and started from the patio edge. Snapped away. As I walked more into the dewy grass and around the stone flower wall, where a lot of shrubs and flowers are, I took some more photos. As I was by the pyracantha and duranta bushes, I heard a jet flying ....I could faintly see the lights of the aircraft and aimed the camera skyward. Nothing visible in the viewfinder. So I just started taking more photos. I turned off the flash, and got some fabulous photos, tho eerie. I'm gullible when it comes to spooky things. I actually get excited over such things like the idea of UFOs, the paranormal, etc. Still, I can find evidence for myself that most are hoaxes. At least I convince myself otherwise. Anyway. Like I said, as I view through the viewfinder and scan some of the photos that have already been saved to the camera's memory chip, I see one I took of the bushes...I stopped what I was doing, and went indoors to hook the camera up to the usb port and upload them so I could see them in the larger state.

My heart was pounding. Bud was up by then, and he is a believer!!! I can get him going on and on about the paranormal and the possibility of ghost-like phenomenons. In fact, he swears he's witnessed some in some of the homes we've lived!!! I, personally, have never had the opportunity to actually see any with my own eyes...until Friday morning.....

I'll swear on a stack of Bibles or in a court that this photo was NOT in any way enhanced or that I did not do one thing to add any effects!!! This photo below was taken with the camera setting on macro, with flash, looking into the pyracantha and duranta bushes in the raised flower-bed:

The spots you see in the upper dark area is actually the fog...the circular misty balls of fog. But the white fuzzy looking twirly stuff? I was certain I had photographed ectoplasm!!! I called Bud into the room, showed him a 'normal' photo of the same area...with the dense droplets of the fog...nothing swirling around. All the photos I took of that area were all taken within seconds of each one...I still wasn't SURE about it all. I, in the back of my mind, was becoming a believer. Bud, after looking at all the photos from the computer that I downloaded off the camera, would hmmmmmmm, and say "spooky"!!! I asked him what he thought. We both were on the same wave length...I was becoming seriously tempted to get in contact with Ghost Hunters International. It was beginning to scare me. We were just outdoors the other day cleaning some of the autumn/winter debris of dried leaves and trimming some of the overgrowth from the past summer; I KNEW there were no webs!! That couldn't be webs! But, just what was it? Could it actually be ectoplasm?!!! What is your opinion?

About 30 minutes later, still quite dark but getting near to dawn, I just had to go back out and see if it was still there...outside I traipse with the digital and I positioned myself as close to where I thought I was standing previously. And took more photos, brought the camera back in and viewed those photos! Not ONE had anything remotely close to the 1st one I captured!! Not one! No special phenomenon seen anywhere. It WAS some sort of ghostly apparition then! It had to be!

Some of the first time out with photos of the area:
[can enlarge & open in a new window]

30 minutes have passed:

It dawned on me.
It wasn't any such thing as ectoplasm, apparition, phenomenon, ghost....
It was SMOKE from my cigarette!
At least 99.99% sure....



This past Friday, late afternoon, when we finally returned home from a long day out and about, I had Bud draw the names of four for my blog giveaway. As he drew out the name tags, I snapped photos of the action....

So, this was the drawing of names. The first two, from top left to right were the first to be drawn. And the bottom row, left to right is the last of the book thong winners [left] and the grand prize winner; the lavender crocheted winter scarf. [right]. Now, I bet you're all very curious as to who's names were drawn, right?

In order to see just who the winners were, you'll have to indulge me. I posted the drawing here...and then, I decided to make the excitement build a little bit and get the ol' adrenaline pumping for all those who participated. Yep, I'm ornery that way. But, fear not, the names and the very much awaited 'congratulations' go to these.

Follow me...
I'm taking you now to the Blog Giveaway blog and the revealing of the winners' names.

Remember once again, the winners must send me their email with the snail mail address where I'm to ship the gifts. So, are you ready?

Step through the magic of your computer screen and come with me.....


  1. wow! ghostly indeed! and yet so beautiful!

  2. I don't want to talk about being 40 ... too painful! Lol!!

    Thanks for calling by earlier :o)

  3. LOL, a good reason to stop smoking.
    (says one smoker to the other ;) )

    But is IS a wonderful picture wether it is smoke or anything else.....

    Hugs from Marian

  4. Loved your answers today :)
    And you really had me going with that "ectoplasm" photo lol!

  5. Dang! So I'm reading, inching closer n' closer to the monitor ... wondering when the apparition would reveal itself.... then laughed right out-loud!
    Come to think of it, we, too, have family photos containing those "ghosts."
    Have a great day, Anni!

  6. Great mutterings and photos! Happy Sunday!

  7. Anni, we matched on #1 and #10 (in meaning, if not actual wording).
    Loved the ectoplasm story!

  8. oops - I meant we matched on #9 (taking leave), not #10 (wish I'd thought of Tommy Tune!)

  9. Anni
    You so had me hooked on your ghostly apparition/ectoplasm.
    I love sci fi and things otherworldy .
    Thanks for the New Years chuckle.

  10. Heh, thirty-something seems to be quite popular.

    Great mutterings, as always. Enjoy your Sunday!

  11. Anni,

    I kept looking at that ghostly orb and wondered what in the world it was. I am a believer, just like Bud. There are spirits all around us. One day when I'm feeling better, I'll tell you a story about a ghostly encounter.

    Enjoyed my visit, as always and stopped by your giveaway blog to congratulate the winners.

    Blessings for a great day.

  12. We matched exactly on #5, but were way apart on all the rest - LOL!

  13. When I looked at your "twirly stuff" I thought it looks like cigarette smoke and when I read the text I had to laugh because I guessed right. I am apparently too down to earth for ghosts, lol ! but I like the idea to take pictures of fog !
    That itself is already special !

  14. Congratulations to the lucky winners!!

    And kudos to you for being outside so early to get the perfect fog foto..I've tried, too, and it's not easy, but it's fun! Of course, getting a spirit photo is not easy either...but I see you were just "blowin' smoke" at us LOL!!!

    Have a peaceful day.

  15. The military just got over a nearly two week vacation. I work on an Army Post and it has been a ghost town lol.

  16. HA!! Too funny! Sounds like packs of cigarettes need a new warning: CAUTION, when taking pictures, smoke may get in the way causing you to believe you're seeing the paranormal.

  17. Cigarette You really had me going there, Anni. I'm totally fascinated by the paranormal and have had some, shall we say, "experiences". Maybe one day I'll post about them, but then again...

    Loved the suspense of your giveaway draw, and Bud would make great game show hosts.

    Congratulations to the winners and I just reckon they're going to love your little gifts.

  18. OMG, Anni, do you really think it was smoke from your cigarette? Doesn't much look like smoke to me. Then again, I'm not a believe in ghosts. At least I have never had any experience with one.

    Anni, if I had your email address I would ask you this via email. Since I don't, do you use Picasa to store your pictures? I downloaded that program and just love it, but I'm having a problem with it. It seems to me I remember reading that you use Picasa.

    I would appreciate it if you could let me know. If you do then I would like some help with it if you wouldn't mind. It's just one thing, and I'm sure there is a simple solution to it.

    Thank you, Anni.

    Oh, HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Bud.

  19. LOL is right. the smoke from you cigarette. that is a hoot.
    but the whole story had me going --I hung on every word, studied the picture. Of course you know my hubby believes ever since he had a *ghost* wake him from a deep sleep because his snoring was "disturbing them".
    Great pictures and great story. I skipped your muttering because I haven't done them yet.
    I'll be back for that. :)

  20. First off ... I skipped over your mutterings because I totally forgot to play today ... thinking it is Saturday rather than Sunday ... so I'll play later and return to keep me honest.

    The rest of your post is wonderful and you had me going with the weird photo ... (I'd never thought of snapping photos in the dark and looking at them on the computer screen before). Had to laugh to find out what you think caused the whispy shape ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  21. Anonymous1/04/2009

    Great mutterings, as always. Heir::loom - I love it.
    Thanks for stopping by my place again.

  22. loved the comments...great photo, too.

  23. Holy cow woman, you sure had me going... Lol. That was a great post!!!! Ectoplasmic cigarettes, who knew!

    Great mutterings too. I don't remember now but we came close on one or two... I think.

    Have a great week! Can't wait to read your Fun Monday post.


  24. maybe it was a smokin' ghost?

    too funny lady!

  25. Found you at LaLaquet, Jo's blog. Loved the apparition post and so wanted to see the book thongs. I will be back to read more. Happy New Year!!