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Sunday, January 18th, 2009
5:35 A.M.


If this statement in the graphic to the right piques your interest in just a tiny way, you may want to watch this 5 minute video on facts and figures that will astound you. VERY interesting. Erik sent me this link to watch and I was startled by most all of what I read; all compiled in 2008 and published for us to view. The link coming up will open in a new window for you. YOU TUBE 'Did You Know?'


I finished the book about DEWEY the Library Cat of Spencer, Iowa. It's been on the New York Best Seller's list* for months. [I noticed this past weekend in the newspaper book reviews it's continuing on the top 10 list as #2 now!!] If you follow my blog, you'll remember the little entry I made a couple of weeks ago about the book I found and was going to read here. Anyway, the inside section of the dust cover states the ending is a 5 kleenex ending. Well, whoever did the critiquing of the book; they were so right!!! It's a marvelous, non-fiction, down to earth book about how an abandoned kitty turns into a wide! Sections have been aired on television about him. On talk show radio such as Paul Harvey's "And now you know the rest of the story"...local news, national news, and world wide broadcasts. In name it. People from all over the world made it a special trip to meet Dewey. Even a small girl from Texas, with a "Make a Wish" request, received funds for her and her parents to travel to Iowa to meet him...the story connected to this special girl in the book will make you weep with joy and wonderment of such an animal with his prime instincts of the human heart!!

There are chapters where the author began to turn away from Dewey a bit and gave the reader a smidgen of her own life's biography, but in some way, I didn't mind a was all part of how she became the mother of Dewey and how she cared for and loved him as a part of her own family. You'll laugh at some of the actions the staff does...all for the love of Dewey. Especially if you're a cat owner...or should I say especially if a cat owns YOU!?!!

It's a warm, caring, loving story. But, if you ever read it, be IS a tear jerker at times. Not always, but if you're heart is set for a bit of sadness with the joyful'll love reading the book. [Dewey lives to be nearly two decades old...all within the compounds of the library!]


I was given this beautiful award this last Thursday and wanted to share it. RoseAnn, at The Social Frog received it as her very first award then, passed it on to me. You've made me feel very special and gave me a bit of sunshine today!! Thank you so much.
    The Award States:
    “These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in self-aggrandizement. Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers. Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this cleverly-written text into the body of their award.”

I consider all blog visitors as take with you this award if you wish.


Yesterday afternoon Bud and I finished the Spring Cleaning of the inside of the house! We're done...from ceilings, to closets, to floors and cupboards. Everything is gutted out, scrubbed and polished, every room. Now, Spring can come when it wants, and bring on the gardening. There are a lot of things that have been added to our 'to do' list for the housework outside too. It's all part of being an owner. Sometimes I've wished that we rented. But then, I figure it's like throwing money away on rent where you have nothing to show for your money. But, there have been days that I think to myself....if we were renters all we would have to do is call the landlord and have THEM fix it.

When it begins to warm up [with sun!] in a week or two, we want to start tearing down the old dilapidated patio covering. Wood rots quickly around this part of the country...being the moisture and humidity. And I think it'll let a little more light in the house if it's all taken off. But that'll be after a couple week's break from cleaning indoors.

The other day, when we had to 'use the facilities' we turned the light on [It's a 6 light vanity light above the mirrored wall], one of the six lights burned out. I replaced it....turned on the light again and the same thing happened. So the light fixture now has to be replaced; the one light socket shorted out and burned out completely. Of course they're all of one unit, so the whole contraption has to be torn off the wall and then a new one put up. Thank goodness this is Bud's Navy Days specialty...electrical. That'll save us some mulah!!! See? ...."If we were renters instead of owners, the labor would be in the landlord's hands." LOLOLOL


Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
Join here.

I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Arrival :: Time
2. Vomit :: Ewwwww!
3. Fit :: as a fiddle
4. Stutter :: Stammer
5. Lifestream :: Building your own...fantasy
6. Tread :: Don't Tread on Me
7. Desire :: Yearn
8. Freezing :: Temps
9. Permit :: Learner's
10. Crinkle :: Cut French Fries [in the frozen foods aisle]

*As of January 18th, the book, DEWEY, is #3


  1. I love you blog and love your list today! I will have to pick up Dewey. We are a cat (well animal family), and it sounds like a great read. One of my goals for 2009 is to read more!

  2. Those are good mutterings... I have to agree with #2.

    Thanks for entering for my giveaway :-)

    Have a great Sunday!


  3. Heh, we matched on #3 and I loved your answer for #2. Hope you have a great Sunday!

  4. I hope today finds you doing great! Yes, we kind of match on #2. I also love crinkle cut french fries:) Your welcome for the award, I really think you are a great lady :) Have a happy day!

  5. Thanks for the great read, between Dewey, your award , congrats, and the closet spring clean, so enjoyed it.

  6. Tho' I've never owned a cat ... (er, make that "been owned by")... you've sure piqued my interest! Already, I've requested a "dibs" from the library ,,, Kleenex at the ready!

    Have a grand new week, Anni ... and for heaven's sake please don't wear yourselves out Spring cleaning!

  7. Anni,

    I'm going to have to find Dewey. It sounds like a terrific story and one that I would like. I LOVE animal stories and have had several of my own published.

    Renting isn't a picnic either. I've waited months for a landlord to fix things. Recently Melissa (she has the two babies) needed her stove repaired. Two weeks later and two phone calls and they finally came on Friday. Hubby and I try our best to fix things quickly, like that day or the next.

    Enjoyed your mutterings and the entire post. Take a break now before you have to start the yard work.

    It's cold and snowy here.

  8. Thanks for the link to the YouTube video - very interesting!
    We had the same response for #4 and #6, by the way.
    Hope you have a lovely week

  9. Spring cleaning ?? I always forget that where you live it's warm ! Here we have to wait at least 3 months more. I never do spring cleaning, I have the house cleaned every week and extra things I do whenever it comes over me, lol !
    Don't dream about owners who rent ! they only have things repaired when they fall into pieces and not even then. At least here it is so !

  10. Mine's up!

  11. I work as an EMT and dealing with #2 is almost a daily part of the job... and I can never get used to it so Ewwwwww! is right!!

    Have a nice week! See ya :)

  12. I'm so far behind reading books suggested by bloggers. How do you have time to blog, read, do crafts, clean house, garden etc. Oh, that's right you don't sleep. Me I like sleeping except for the very very occasional night.

    I skipped your muttering -- I haven't done them yet and didn't want to be influenced. I'll be back to check them out. And I have a little meme up on my blog you might be interested in. Drop by. :) Oh and if any of Anni's commenters happen to read this feel free to drop by and ask. :)

  13. Hi Anni! I have been out and about this weekend in blogland saying Hello and Thanks for the many prayers for me! Your blog looks beautiful as always!! Love and hugs, Grams

  14. Sounds like a very good book.

  15. we have the same number four. i missed dropping by your blog. have a great week!

    thanks for dropping by mine!

  16. I love your response to #2 & 3 especially ... and #10 too.
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. Anonymous1/18/2009

    Great mutterings! We matched on #10. I love your answer to #6, which was (as I imagine you know) on one of the first US flags along with a coiled American Timber Rattlesnake. ^_^
    Thanks for dropping by my place.

  18. Crinkle cut chips - what's it about food huh? ;o)

  19. Oo, I like your #6!
    Mm, #10 makes me hungry!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. Wow, that video was boggles the mind how many babies were born in the USA and China while I was watching it! lol It certainly does make you think, doesn't it!

    I want to meet Dewey the cat now!! Sounds like a wonderful book and I will definitely have to look for it.

    Congratulations on the well deserved award, you truly do make a delightful friend to have:-)

    Good for you and Bud on getting the Spring cleaning done. I wish I could start thinking of Spring but with all the snow and cold weather we have, it's a bit hard to conjure up! lol xoxo