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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Monday, January 5th, 2009
4:25 A.M.

Dear Faye, @ Summit Musings is our hostess this week! She states:
    As your host this week, I give you this question, to be answered as briefly or extensively as you like:
      "What's on your mind as we close out 2008 and begin 2009? Large and small. What are often your first thoughts the minute you wake up? When you're alone and unguarded? Working? Stuck in traffic? Playing with the children? Walking the dogs? When you can't sleep?"

Okay, you asked-- I'm gonna write some thoughts I've had that Faye mentions [first, I'll leave my thought on 2009 for the last] - when I wake up my thought is..."if I didn't have to pee, I'd still be sleeping!" Working? Nah!!! Don't work outside the home. Stuck in traffic? My thought is "Doesn't ANYONE work any more?" Walking the dogs..."More like being chased by dogs...when I'm out walking!!" When I can't sleep....I think "I might as well read" But,...when I'm alone and unguarded......

Actually, thoughts are running through my head all the time. LOL For instance, just recently:

After viewing the movie this past week, WALL*E, I literally viewed it not as the infatuation of two, conquering heroes, the cohorts...Wall*E and Eve, as the '"G" rating would make one think. I looked at the scenery and it really got me wondering just how politically correct movies are these days. I saw it as typical Hollywood. Once again, making a political statement. Sure the characters were cute...but there was a subliminal message to the viewer throughout the entire movie. Like, the piles of trash! Think about it. Just where will the world be in a short time with trash building up to the point where nothing grows? Or the people? They are so lackadaisical in their lifestyle, they get overweight and their muscles deteriorate to nothing that will carry their weight...not able to walk. And Eve....ever wonder if her very existence is part of the global effect we're in right now, with all the technology and waste developing things such as HER? It was something that ultimately [the movie message] will have the characters save mankind. Then, I think afterwards, is it too late for us? Have we doomed ourselves? And this irks me....when I want to be entertained, I want to finish watching something like a 90 minute movie made by PIXAR™ feeling good, not wondering just when the end of the world is coming. I'm cynical I guess. The movie was cute, but too "Al Goreish" if you want my opinion.

And speaking of Al Gore....I find it very intriguing that all he's done about making the world 'greener'....his own investments are made on the very things he is preaching to us citizens of the world...he is making millions yearly on us, by taking our gullibility to extreme and convincing the majorities to invest in such things where HE profits! READ some of what Al Gore is like HERE Don't get me wrong, his ideals and my ideals ARE the same, but it upsets the heck out of me that this man is accumulating revenue to fill HIS pockets from us on the very things we should have done years ago. It's another mind bender for me...corporate greed and profit advancement; on the citizens'/world's dilemmas.

In other cases, when alone and unguarded I have thoughts of the it through TV, movies, radio and print.... broadcasting or newspaper print only shows or tells us of all the negatives in the world. Which makes ME be more negative! I'm still appalled by the economic bail out. Couldn't they see the economic collapse coming like I did...for years in the past, I kept telling Bud that Wall Street was going to self-destruct soon. Sure, there are jobs involved of the blue collar workers, that I can understand. But, the white collar workers..the CEOs...they are profiting from this still! The taxpayers are doling out money to save the companies yet they go and have multi-thousand dollar parties to celebrate? Or maybe, if you look at this this way...they still want their profits and want US to bail them 'blog'gles my mind. Take for instance the three largest auto manufacturers...why, if they are so running out of money...why are they still paying mega money for advertising on TV, radio, and in print? More than likely BILLIONS. And if you want my thought on this, I wouldn't buy anything, no matter if it's advertised to be so glorified that everyone wants one...I buy from using word of mouth from the consumers and experiences of life's purchases...not TV/newspaper/billboard advertising. Then, there are billions out there in advertising for perscription drugs. Whoa. No WONDER so many of us are hypocondriacs! We see the medications advertised and yep....indeed we have those symptoms!!! Off to the doctors we go, and the physisicans get a percentage from the drug companies you know....based on the Rx they write out in a given time. Simple, the drug companies and the medical field are in cahootz!! And back to Wall Street....the oil speculators? Why did they not see what they were doing? They priced themselves out of business so to speak....I kept referring that everyone [when the deregulation began and the companies had the power to raise price without question....] we all should boycott the oil companies...the demand would go down and they'd drop look, the demand has dropped because they out-priced themselves to the point where we are refusing to BUY, buy, BUY!!! The prices are going down.

The MIND is a powerful tool....the more we are coerced in companies and governments to do our thinking for us, the more we're apt to believe such nonsense.

Now, what I'd LIKE to see more of in 2009 when it comes to all media coverage. Get away from spending hours on the negatives of this world. Of course, we have the need to know what affects us from a global view point...but let's see MORE of the positive!!! The NEWS is one...Here, the local news is nothing but gang related, bank robberies, high speed car chases, murders, arson...things like that. To me, all too adverse and colorless. What about doing some news segments on helping out the neighborhood...or going out there and cleaning up something around your city. I wrote to the editor of our newspaper and told them in so many words, that the city needs to repair the streets...they're always talking about 'budget cuts'...I typed....get those criminals out of the jail cells and get them working on the worked...they're now working on repaving. It may not be by the hands and labor of the cellblock, but they got the message! I've also written to the three local news stations here in the city about all the violence shown to us know what the response was? "Our coverage is what people want to hear and see." Ummmmmmm, makes me think again of greed. It sells air time, violence does. Voice your opinions and get things done....don't sit on the "cable-ized chairs" you see in the movie, WALL*E, and let the world pass you by as you accept the media's word as truths....In my unguarded times when I'm alone, I think....

I think 2009 will be better than 2008. At least I HOPE.


  1. Thanks for your thoughts Anni, now I will definitely need to see the movie. Wall*E. You have given me some things to think about. I agree 2009 should be a better year than 2008.

  2. i was just thinking how the world has changed since i was a kid. how differently the bean has to live, be aware of things, just to be and stay safe. and some of those things kids shouldn't even be aware of... that makes me sad.

  3. Hootin Anni, you're a hoot - in the first paragraph. Then you got down to business and were downright on your soap box - with good sane thoughts! I worked at a middle school (hated it!) for 3+ years. I had to go sit in the in-house suspension room several times a day to spell the guy whose job it was to work with these brats all day long. It was the worst time of my day and ultimately caused me to quit. But I couldn't figure out why we let them sit in this room vegging and actually thinking it was a privilege to get out of class to go in there, when they should be out picking up the trash on the school grounds that the other brats threw down because that wasn't their job to pick it up! The message I got is they couldn't do that because it violated "child labor" laws. Give me a break!!!

  4. I realized I needed to get out more when my 3-year old granddaughter tried to explain to me what Wall-E was all about. Finally she just said, "Gammy, he's a robot and I want one."

    Now, for the rest of your post, and I can ask this because I'm guilty of writing epic-long posts:

    "Does this post have a Cliff Notes version?" TeeHeeHee

  5. Hee! I skipped the paragraph about WallE because we just got the DVD (we don't have kids so we can afford to be at least year behind) and so I was afraid of spoilers!

    But otherwise...very interesting, thought-provoking post! Happy Fun Monday to you too!

  6. Swampy: YOU KNOW I have the gift, right? LOL Of gab that is...A Cliff Note version, coming up! Stay tuned. [kidding!]

  7. Anni, great analogy of the movie... I watched it and didn't even think that far but now that you have said your thoughts you are sooooo right... It is a scary outlook for the future and should be a wakeup call.... Have a great day...


  8. Awwww! I LOVED it!
    I thought it was the sweetest love story.
    Of course I saw the deeper meaning too...Scary. ;0

  9. You are very right, that's why I better don't think otherwise it makes me climb up the walls ! and I belong to the persons who can never shut up when I start !

  10. I am so glad that someone else thought the same thing about WallE! I told my husband all of that when I got home from the movie theater with my kids! Happy Monday!

  11. whew!
    we watched that movie and my thoughts were very similar. I've pretty much quit watching movies because I want to be entertained, not indoctrinated.

    And... all those other thoughts have pretty much gone thru my mind, too.

    Bright side? At least the big oil companies AREN'T asking for bailouts. They and w@lm@rt seem to be about the only ones.

  12. Anni,

    Enjoyed your post today. I was very disappointed in the movie Wall-E. Though the boys enjoyed it, I didn't. What are they teaching our kids with this type of movie.

    And Al Gore. He may care about the planet, but he wants to be sure his pockets are lined with money. On top of his pension he can live a life of ease. The politicians really don't care about he little guy at all. $ signs is all they can see and yes, it's all about greed. Mankind has made money his God.

    The Toronto news station shows a lot of negative things, but also focuses on the positive. Several times a year they focus on the kind deeds done by others. They raise money for the food bank and the homeless. Each day there is always a story that is positive and every week they do a "My Toronto" segment that tells why Toronto is a great city in which to live. Though I wouldn't want to live there, there are many positives that go along with all the crime.

    A great post, my friend. I'm glad you knew about the grapefruit. Shopper's Drug Mart does hand out a sheet with each prescription and pharmacists are supposed to tell us what foods and drugs will interact with what we are taking but that doesn't always happen. Thank goodness Michelle had the foresight to tell me because I love pink grapefruit.

    Take care and have a great day with Bud.


  13. Thanks for your thoughts on 2009 Anni, I see we share a lot of similar concerns. And I thought the same thing about WALL*E.

    I've pretty much quit watching TV, I just occasionally check the news headlines on the internet to see what's going on. And it is all negative. No wonder so many people in this country are depressed. Remember the Anne Murray song "a little good news" from the 1980s?

  14. Haven't seen Wall E--I'm permanently stuck in the 1800s, I think. However, your post reminded me of the question Cruise Mom raised today about our country needing a different kind of leadership. Our political process makes it neigh impossible for those elected to tend to the people's business. I'll give Obama his due if he's able to institue a new way of leading. As for the local level government, it's just entrenched special interests duking it out at our great cost.

  15. You and I have the same first thoughts in the mornings!! By the way, you're mentioned in my blog today.

  16. My mom always made a point to tell us that she felt Walt Disney was sexist - didn't keep us kids from watching and falling in love with his films - but I learned to take them with a grain of salt :0)

  17. I haven't seen Wall-E. Will have to.

    Here's to a wonderful 2009!

  18. Bet you feel better getting all that off your chest! I havent seen walle yet, will have to make a point to watch. I agree with all you have said. I tell my hubby I am going to start a "Happy news station" I am so sick of all the negative reporting, its so depressing.

  19. I agree with you about being positive. If more people were thinking positively then the world would be a much better place. Its a bit like the power of prayer, when lots of people focus good things happen! Happy New Year! Hope all your dreams come true!

  20. I absolutely love what you said about the media. WAAAAYY too much negative. If you think about it, what is it that inspires us to do better things? Hearing how awful it is? NO! It's hearing about other people who did good things and made a difference. The world would be a better place if the news shows were required to be at least 50% positive.

    As for the economy, I certainly don't see why the auto companies couldn't go bankrupt - - the airlines do it all the time and look! Everyone's still flying. So they go bankrupt. People are still going to buy cars and people are still going to need parts to fix the cars they already have.

    Isn't it just a sort of mini-poetic justice that even though gas prices have dropped to less than half of what they were just a few short months ago, people haven't increased the amount they drive very much?

  21. Yes, I have always believed what you wrote:
    Off to the doctors we go, and the physisicans get a percentage from the drug companies you know....based on the Rx they write out in a given time. Simple, the drug companies and the medical field are in cahootz!!
    I think that has to be the case for sure...Take care..

  22. I gave this movie to hubby for Christmas. As we watched, we became very quiet and sad. Those scenes depicted in the film could so easily become our planet down the road, and we all could become those jelly bellies of people, allowing technology turn our brains and bodies into mush. I think the film was made to wake us up!! I thought of Al Gore throughout this film!

  23. well Anni, I completely agree with everything you have said in this post. I felt the exact same way about the movie Walle and so did my husband. It did leave us a bit depressed about the state of our society and where we are headed.

  24. I am hopeful for 2009..... I pray for our leaders and the decisions that they will make......... We stopped all News after the election and have not turned it back negative and it was a hindrance to my spirit......So we have moved from political to more time reading and studying......... I like it..... I am much calmer..... cannot change things so can study and pray...........

    Love to hear your side of things, you are an interesting person !

  25. Your so right, we need to get out there and make the media report more responsibly and accurately. How great would it be to see more headlines like, 10 youth round up to eliminate graffiti from school and the community rally's around with a potluck dinner!! Instead of death and drugs all the time, I have such a hard time letting my babies watch anything on tv anymore and that WALLE- yeah that was pleasant!

  26. Oh, Annie, the woes of the world are too big for any of us to tackle... however I admire you for writing to people and trying to make a difference. You should host a Fun Monday challenging bloggers to do the same; write to their local papers demanding changes.

    Great post! I agree with all your points!


  27. "Happy New Year" Dear Anni
    I havent seen the Movie either so will have to try and get it or hire it. Hehehe My First thought of the morning , quick I need a peee..awwwww got there in time... BBS..Cheers Jen

  28. I haven't seen Wall-E but I certainly agree with the rest of your post. But I won't start...otherwise I'll never shut

  29. Very insightful! I always love your posts!! I agree with you on so many things!! Haven't seen Wall-E yet, but I guess I should. We own the darn movie and all! LOL!

  30. Wall-E was certainly a film that could be unpicked on different levels.
    The media have a lot to answer for!!

  31. Sheeeesh! I'm all FOR that! You let me know if it HAPPENS Anni! Cuz in the meantime, I'm still stayin' away from the tv!

  32. I know exactly what you mean about the media and the attention they give the negative stuff. It really makes for a depressing day when you read all this bad stuff. Surely there is some good stuff happening out there? I'd like to read about it on the front page of my paper for once :).

    Thanks for the deep thoughts today!

    Happy '09 to you :)

  33. AMEN sister!!! You're so 'right on' with this post and it's a little eerie to realize you've plucked so many ideas that have been running through MY mind for quite a while now out of 'the ether' that surrounds us all. It makes me wonder how many more of us there might be and that gives me hope because when enough of us speak up ... change WILL happen. Methinks it's often the 'unintended consequences' that create chaos. Just this morning I heard that the 'green companies' that deal in 'recyclables' are having a tough time right now because there's no market for cardboard, plastics, scrap metal, etc. currently. In the words of Gilda Radner, "It's always something!"
    Hugs and blessings,