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Sunday, December 21st, 2008
5:25 A. M.

Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Carpet :: Warm, wonderful...much better than tile!
2. Bottoms :: Up!
3. Music :: Passion
4. Nails :: Hammer
5. Watch it! :: Buster! Stay off my bumper, you'll be sorry.
6. Your life :: "You Bet Your Life" [oldie -TV]
7. Candies :: Carmello or Turtles - favorites.
8. Chafing :: Dish [like a fondue dish?]
9. Svelte :: polished, suave, debonair
10. Ding :: in my fender [what post? 'Ding'! Oh that post!!]

...end Mutterings
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This last week our weather has been the oddest! And the weather forecasting has been way off. We had predicted rainfall for one day, and one day only. Then for the remaining days of the week, warm and sunny. In fact it was to be unseasonably warm. Well, they got the warm correct. But the sun remained hidden for days. We did get rain. Rain, rain, and more rain. And, more than one day!! Thing is, it's not supposed to be like this during the latter part of December. Sure, the mild days....but sunny and clear!! Then, with the moisture, we had heavy fog for a couple of days. THAT is one of my favorite weather phenomenons. I love fog.

Well, since we couldn't go get tickets for the ballet; we are still in flu recovery...we really would have enjoyed going to the newly released movie, The Tale of Despereaux....
The theater that we frequent, was packed. At least the parking lot. So we changed our minds. What with coughing spells and such still, and the congestion breaking up in our chests, we thought it'd be best to stay away from a packed theater that would've been filled with kids. I doubt seriously if we are still 'carriers' but there is always the chance of having a relapse and catching it all over, neither one of us wants that. We opted to take a walk on the beach, away from the holiday mobs.....

Foggy, did I say? Whoa Nelly was it foggy. But only in patches here and there along the highway to the island. The causeway was hidden from view. Seriously. And that was spooky. Normally, you can see it for miles ahead of getting there... like this photo. But yesterday?---we could not see it at all...not until we were right up on it! That is scary...knowing it's there, can't see it. And knowing there is water, water, everywhere!! And then, as we started to climb, getting above the channel, the bridge cleared, and the sky was blue and clear. As we dropped back down, on the side of the island....heavy fog! I was driving, and the cellphone was in my sweats pocket so I didn't get a photo of the causeway....wish I had. You really had to be there to appreciate the eeriness of it all.We drove part of the island and decided to stay on the paved roads [we had just washed our car and didn't want to get it too dirty. LOL] We drove to the Windward Beach Access. When we parked the car to get out and walk the shore, you could hear the ocean, but actually couldn't see diddly squat. The fog was keeping us from seeing much of the motion of the surf. The tide was out and there was a lot of beach yesterday. I love it when the tide is low. Along the coastline there are several condos and a couple of hotel chains. As you can see by the photo to the right, I'm standing near the water looking 'into' the dune area where a Holiday Inn is...seeing it through the fog. Barely. And the beaches were scarcely populated this time of day. Which made it very nice, no ATVs or vehicles disturbing the quiet of the day. It was nice.As we walked along we spied a loner. A coyote. Now, I knew they were reported being found on the island and dunes, but I've actually never seen one all the four years we've been here, this is the first I saw. He was limping. And in the city last week we had a coyote attack a child, so I really didn't want to get too close to him/her. And since it kept its distance from us also, I knew it wasn't a threat to us. I thought of reporting it that it was injured, and thought best not to. It wasn't harming anyone, and I just know how Texas is...if you report something like this, and they catch it...they most certainly would have put it to sleep instead of relocating it or even consider helping. That's just the way Texas recall the great white hunter, Dick Cheney, don't you?!!! Bud and I watched it for quite a ate some raw fish then slowly made its way back into the cover of the dunes, far away from the human population. I considered it no threat, and wanted it to be okay and out of harm's way, without us interfering with nature by calling the Park's Rangers.Continuing with our walk, the gulls were having a feast. The annual 'migration' of sea weed is beginning to show its ugly face along the shore once again. With the washing in of the sea weed the gulls and sandpipers scurry along finding food. By then, the thick fog cover was beginning to break up, and patches of blue sky could be seen. At least here and there. Other spots, the fog lingered. The only sound was the laughing of the gulls and the gentle surf. I always look and hope to find shells and/or sand dollars. Not much luck with either this time.Speaking of presenting their 'ugly faces'...besides the seaweed beginning to become the annual nuisance, it's nearing time for jelly fish to reappear. Although they are here on the beaches year 'round, there are a few months out of the year that they are very dense. Being washed up along the shore. Most times when they are along the beaches, it CAN be difficult to actually see them...they're clear. [most of them anyway, there is the species "Man of War" that are actually pretty...a beautiful blue --but, looks are deceiving...they're deadly!] Anyway, I am profoundly interested in their 'construction' and always walk up close to them and look at them. A most interesting creature.

After we returned home from the beach and making a short stop at the grocery store for milk and lunch [a huge deli - already prepared salad with crusty bread], we popped in a couple of movies we recently purchased, the new Brendan Fraser movie, The Mummy and the Tomb of the Dragon Emperor and Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. Oh and speaking of movies, am I the only one that thinks it's very odd and close to insulting the human psyche to have the new Tom Cruise movie, Valkyrie, released on Christmas Day? The movie being about Hitler and Nazis during the WWII? And Mr. Cruise playing the part of Claus von Stauffenberg, the historical figure who was a 'would-be Hitler assassin'. Does it seem to me only that this is poor timing for the release? I'm not at all liking this. Nor do I care for Tom's tasteless and I'm hoping, because of the release date, that it bombs in the theaters. Just because it, in my opinion, shouldn't be released on Christmas Day, of all days in the year. Just my humble opinion which even Bud disagrees with me on that aspect because not all take the holiday setting as it traditionally is. For me tho? What gives, you wonder? Am I just being a bit more callous and quite dissatisfied with Hollywood's mental capacities these days?


  1. Gee, I don't think I've been the first to comment on a blog before! LOL I am up early today to get started on a few things before church.

    Your walk along the beach sounded lovely! And that poor coyote...that's the way it is here where I live, too....they put cats to sleep but will help dogs. I have had both in my lifetime and love both, but I am partial to cats now since they don't seem to get a fair shake here. Coyotes and other wild animals usually can Nature intended, my dad always told me. So I'm sure he/she will heal and live on.

    I do hope you both get to feeling better so you can enjoy the holiday. It is quickly approaching upon us...toooo close!!! LOL

    I looked at your giveaway items...they are really beautiful things you have made. I can knit most anything, even the graph sweaters, but never have conquered crocheting! The scarf is gorgeous!!! I will go over and leave a comment there so that I can be entered in your giveaway!

    Wishing you a wonderful Christmas and holiday season!

    Love and hugs!

  2. I don't like Tom Cruise either but he can act and make a movie exciting. I just try to separate the man from his work on the screen. I hope Valkrie does well only because any movie about trying to kill Hitler is okay by me!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a great Christmas present for the world that would have been! Hollywood is massively secular progressive, and Christmas for many people isn't a special holy day and neither of those will change anytime soon... so why not have a blockbuster WWII movie on Christmas Day? Some people will want something to do later in the afternoon/that night and if everything else is closed... well, ya just can't expect everyone to be like you, quiet at home with family, perhaps.

    Anyway... I also like carpeting and even more so than hardwood floors, something for which people think I'm nuts but hardwood floors can get cold and I don't want to wear socks inside!

    Have a nice week and Merry Christmas :)

  3. Zooma: Yep, this is exactly what Bud thinks too. Your sentiments exactly. I still don't like the idea tho myself. I could think of much better movies or anything other than watching this movie. :o)

  4. What a sweet blessing you left for are a very gracious lady....

    Wishing you a blessed Christmas as we celebrate our Saviour's birth...Betty

  5. Well Anni, What a wonderful post today... I liked everything you talked about... The beach was still beautiful even with the scary fog and YES I agree with the part about releasing that movie on Christmas day... maybe New Years would have been better... BUT I love Tom Cruise and hope it does well... Thanks for the great post... Very interesting today...


  6. Merry Christmas to you. Enjoyed the tour . Lucky you with the rain somehow after the snow we are having I would like rain.

  7. Anni,

    What an interesting post. I do like fog, but not on that bridge. It seems odd that you are hot and foggy and we are buried in snow and more to come everyday (predicted) until Wed. I really hope the weatherman is wrong. We have no where to put all of that snow.

    The Man of War is interesting. We saw those in the aquarium last year and the boys watched in wonder. Beautiful creatures, but very deadly.

    I really want to take the boys to see Despereaux, but, like you, am afraid of a relapse. I'm still fighting this thing and don't want to do it over again.

    Tom Cruise is not my favorite actor but will have to check the movie out further. It is probably one I would pass on. Christmas Day is not the time to release such a movie. The should have waited until the New Year.

    Take care and enjoy your day. I'm off now to get the boys.


  8. MMmmm, I love turtles as well. I only get them during the holiday season, so it's a special treat!

    Happy Holidays and enjoy your Sunday!

  9. Hi Anni,
    I was touched by your account of the coyote. It's not unusual for us to spot one at work, traversing the golf course.... semingly shy loners.
    Last year, however, the granddaughter of one of our guests was bit while outside their casita, munching on a cookie. Actually, she was knocked down and only "nicked." Her dad later said it seemed he just wanted her cookie. Still, the damage was done and we were obligated to report the "attack." Fish & Game came and set traps; ultimately, they had to put it down in order to test for rabies. (Which came back negative.) Oh, our team was so emotionally divided! (Guess what side I was on, animal lover that I am.....)
    It just goes to show you, what can happen when people feed wild animals and they lose their fear of humans.

  10. Good morning Anni,
    I enjoyed reading your post and seeing your photos. I heard about the weird fog event y'all had. My brother and his family are here from Dallas and they flew out the day before the big event.
    I hope that you and yours have a wonderful, Merry Christmas. Happy first day of winter!!

  11. Now you can imgine how I feel in my eternal rain, summer and winter ! and fog is daily here for the moment !
    I also catched a cold, sneeze and whistle and feel awful ! Hope we can go to Amsterdam on Wednesday !

  12. well, considering you mucked up weather, you day sounds good to me!

  13. thank you so much for stopping by my cottage this morning.
    I hope you have a wonderful and blessed Christmas...and...I LOVE FOG, TOO...I love rainy days, cloudy days and foggy days...not crazy about snowy days, tho...brrrr.
    It always surprises me when, on a rainy or cloudy day, someone says "what a dreary day"...i just love those kind of days....

  14. One of the things I really like about my blog is that I can say what I want - it's one place where I can state my opinions and not feel I have to apologize if they conflict with those of others (unlike my office, for example, where I always have to be careful). Having gotten that off my chest, I will tell you I so much prefer bare floors to carpeting. Hah!
    Loved your response to #2 and 5, Anni

  15. Here are my answers.
    1. Carpet :: "magic carpet ride"

    2. Bottoms :: 'bottoms up!"

    3. Music :: "the hills are alive with the sound of music" Or Christmas music on Hammered Dulcimer.

    4. Nails :: To build a house of love.

    5. Watch it! :: don't step on the cat's tail.

    6. Your life :: TV show "You bet your life"

    7. Candies :: Ribbon candy.

    8. Chafing :: ?

    9. Svelte ::?

    10. Ding :: "Ding Dong the witch is dead ....."

  16. Huh... funny how differently we think. O well. Come check mine out here.

  17. Always a pleasure to visit here! Merry Christmas!

  18. Happy holidays to you too!

  19. When I saw the picture of the sand I thought it was snow.
    The storm that went though are neck of the woods sure went down south.
    We got one going though now.

    Coffee is on.

  20. Hello Hootin Anni :) We matched on one! Great mutterings :)

  21. Hi Anni,

    I think you were probably smart to not go into the theater. I'm sorry you have been so sick. I didn't know until now. That's what I get for not visiting more often. I hope to do better after the first of the year.

    I love the fog, too, unless I'm trying to drive in it. Then it can be a pain.

    I hope you and Bud have a Merry Christmas, Anni.

  22. I enjoyed this my friend.

  23. hi Hootin Anni, thanks for stopping by and commenting at my blog. Merry Christmas :-)

  24. Great answers. Love the chafing dish and we matched on bottoms and carpet.

  25. Anonymous12/21/2008

    I hate fog when it is dangerously dense and we had a lot of that in California. I'm glad we have almost no fog here and it's never dangerous. We do have dangerous sand storms though as you know. I used to love Tom Cruise. Now I just barely tolerate him. I do think he is a very good actor though. I agree with you on the timing of the release of this movie.
    Have a great Christmas week.

  26. MMMM Turrrrtlllles!!! LOL! We'd probably be great coffee and dessert buddies. How about turtle cheesecake?? MMMM X1000! LOL!

    HI! This is my first time to participate in your fun game. I've seen it before, but never really thought about doing it. Sorry I didn't now! It's fun!

    See you again soon.
    Damama's at it Again!

  27. I've got MOST of my cards personalized ... envelopes addressed ... stuffed and dropped off at the Post Office. I have about a dozen more but will do them early tomorrow morning and drop them off at the main post office when it opens. My brain is a bit dead so I may not last long with the visiting, but hopefully I'll catch up soon. No class tomorrow and that's a GOOD thing this week! Enjoyed your mutterings and am glad you and Bud are feeling good enough to do some fun things. Take care ...
    Hugs and blessings,

  28. Anonymous12/22/2008

    Great mutterings, as always. ^_^ Great answers for #10.
    Thanks for stopping by my place.