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Monday, December 15th, 2008
12:01 A.M.

Fun Monday & My Blog Giveaway

Mommy Wisdom is hosting Fun Monday this week. It's all about Random Acts of Kindness. I'll be greatly anticipating everyone's stories. These types of blog entries are always heart warming and 'feel good' blogs!! For several years, online, I was a member of a group called Random Acts of Kindness. We continually did the acts of leaving kindnesses in guestbooks and such for people who had websites. There was a lot going on through that group. Then, more than one instance gave me incite to issues within the group membership that had me realize it wasn't all it was cracked up to be...nor was it actually 'kind' within. One member was pulling a scam. After about two years of so many wheelings and dealings she was caught. Some members were mean and nasty to other members...even the leaders of the group became nasty. So, the kindness went out the door...and I left. For some time, I did my OWN random acts of kindness through the internet, but that too stopped. And I picked up blogging. I've participated in a Pay it Forward that was a lot of fun, and I profess to take up that challenge again soon. I've had many, MANY acts of kindness bestowed upon me since meeting with other bloggers. It makes, through my eyes, the world seem such a wonderful place. Blogging is an act of kindness in the long run.....there are good people out there!!!

You want to know what my favorite act of kindness is? Well, it may not be 'random' but it truly IS an act of kindness, and perhaps Chivalry. And it's NOT MY ACT of KINDNESS!! My dear man, after all these years of marriage, STILL insists on opening doors for me. Not only that, but he's the most gracious gentleman around town...well, that's extravagant to be sure, but he always insists on opening doors for OTHER women when we're out shopping. He's been 'caught' holding doors open for a lengthy time sometimes. Which makes me proud!! He's my man!

Then, y'all heard about the act of kindness bestowed upon me; that just blew me away....HERE

This is a 'small' act, but very close to me. It's about neighbors. So many times in today's times, one doesn't take time to actually get to know those who live right close by. When we moved into the neighborhood, the families on both sides of us welcomed us with 'open arms'. Now, the act....
    instead of just an occasional 'hello, how are you' greeting when I see them outside, I make sure that I take time to actually have a good long conversation with them. Life is short, knowing your neighbors and being kind with them if it's just talking with them ---actually get to know them...their names, their family, their likes, their dislikes, what makes them laugh, sports, pets...etc. etc. etc. I find when you act like a good neighbor they appreciate it!!

Tho this was a random thought, it's been in the making for a couple of weeks now, and it's time to be:

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  1. You my friend, are a sweet kindness to the world, love you.

  2. It seems to be something special to held the door open for a women in your country. In my generation all men do it(and even my son does and he is 35) they also push the chair under my bottom in a restaurant and help into the coats! The only thing they don't do anymore or very occasionally is opening the door for you to get in the car !

  3. You have such a wonderful man!!! Thanks for sharing this :)

  4. I have always thought you were a very giving and kind person. You always seem to be giving awards out etc. Very sweet. Please count me in for the competition I am absolutely in love with that scarf! What a wonderful Random Act of Kindness! Hugs to you xxxx

  5. 'tis the season for random acts of kindness. although, it should be there each day every day, not so?

  6. My man does the same for me and we have been married for 13 years! I think we are lucky to have such great men!

  7. I am adding my "ho, ho, ho"!! You are so good at crocheting!! I have always loved the pineapple pattern but never did try it..It is beautiful!! Have a wonderful Monday!!

  8. You been tagged for 8 question and growing.

  9. Indeed a sweet post thanks for sharing a :-) for you.

  10. These days being a gentleman is random, but thankfully they are still out there.

  11. Lucky you to have such a kind and caring hubby. The love of my life also does these things for me. We are surely Blessed. I loved your RAK by giving the Santa gracing our blogs, it is gracing my blog right now. Thanks so much.

  12. It is a sad, but true, commentary on our society that holding a door open for someone has become a notable RAK. But it is, and I applaud your husband for doing it, and you for taking the time to note his genuine kindness!

  13. How wise you were, Anni to get out of the RAK Mafia and do your own thing. Too often organized groups start with the best intentions and then human nature at its least attractive interferes. Your new approach is so much better. I agree with you about your huband's chivalry--nothing more heartwarming than an old fashioned guy extending a little courtesy. Luckily it can be found if you look hard enough in all ages.

    My RAK post is finally up--having DSL problems, but got it fixed without performing some deliberate acts of unkindness on my computer!

  14. Faye's mention of the "RAK Mafia" cracked me up. I once belonged to a similar church charity group.

  15. Anni,

    You have such talent. I love the scarf and the pineapple pattern. It is gorgeous as are the beaded thongs.

    Bud is a gentleman and will always be. Hubby also holds the door for me and I'm teaching Brandon and Jordan to do the same. Good old fashion etiquette is important and lately I've noticed more men are doing this. Just yesterday when Brandon and I were shopping, two different men held the door for us.

    Take care, my friend and have a wonderful week.

  16. Love your article on kindess to our neighbors! Its so true, but my nearest neighbor is: over the creek and through the field, to neighbors house we go!! We know most for 20 mile radius. Its a lovely place to live! Just can not run out and shop! Unless you are into tooking for some logs and branches as I am! lol

  17. Your gentleman sounds heavenly! what a sweet guy! And I agree about getting to know your neighbors. In all the places I've lived, I"ve always made lasting friendships with my neighbors. I still keep in touch with several from each home, and I feel so enriched that I know them.

  18. How wonderful to know that chivalry still exists in this world of ours:-)

    I love blogging because there is so much kindness that far outweighs the meanness that can sometimes come through!

    I'm very close to my neighbours as well and any time we see each other outside, a lengthy conversation ensues:-)

    I'll announce your giveaway on my blog exciting!!! I'll now go on over to sign up:-) xoxo

  19. Hi Anni,
    I'm back in Blogland after a lengthy absence and wanted to stop by to say hello and catch up. I'm so out of the loop! :(

    The good news is I'm just in time for a giveaway!! I'll go check it out!

    Come see me when you get a chance!


  20. You have a beautiful blog. Thanks for stopping by. I"ll be back for sure.


  21. Hi Anni
    How sweet of you to describe your Bud, the way you do-It does not surprise me one bit, since kindness is your "trademark."
    You are so right about what you say about neighbor's- When we live so close to other people, the very least we can do is to let them know that we care, and that we are there!! My hubby and I have just been leaving Christmas cards, and a little thingie, for the children next door.
    Love the way you always find something meaningful to tell us.
    Always looking forward to your next posting.
    Take care dear friend,

    Du er den bedste, kærlig hilsen

  22. I love a chivalrous man! My man opens doors when he's paying attention, or when I stand there and wait until he does *snicker snicker.*

    Thanks for a great post. I agree we must befriend the neighbors and not just to borrow the random "cup of sugar."

    I love your giveaway blog too!

    Happy December, Anni!

  23. Anni,

    First of all, thank you for the gift you left on your sidebar for all your visitors to take and enjoy.

    Next, I just want you to know I still like you even though Houston beat our Tennessee Titans yesterday. Whew!!! What a game.

    On our trip to Texas we came fairly close to Corpus Christi (best I remember)when we did a lunch stop in Houston. We ate at Sweet Tomato and enjoyed it very much. Ed said he wished we would have visited Corpus Christi, and I would have liked that, too. It is one of our favorite out of all the places we have visited on our travels.

  24. Sounds like you have a wonderful man and you are very lucky! I too am a lucky girl to have a wonderful man in my life! very nice post!

  25. Random acts of kindness should be just that - RANDOM. There is no way to plan for that, you just have to seize the opportunity when it presents itself.

    I'll bet that you're a whiz at recognizing those opportunities.

  26. My husband is the same way..and guess what, now my son is becoming the same chivalrous man that his daddy is!! I love your post, and I feel the same way about neighbors.

  27. I've seen some "modern" women scorn a gentleman for opening a door for them and it makes me hopping mad and at the same time, so sad. I appreciate gentlemanly courtesy and
    I always thank the gentleman who offers me that courtesy.

    Those of us who still appreciate their kindness have to make up for those cold hearted heifers who shun their kind gestures.

    Bless your Bud for his good heart and kindness.

    Merry Christmas, dear Anni. :o)

    Much love,