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Category: Breakfast

Posted for Saturday, December 6th
12:01 A.M.

:::BANGING all the Pots and Pans I can find this morning!::::: WAKE UP!!! Time for Breakfast you sleepy heads! Get up, get out of bed. You say you're hungover? Ahhhhhhhhhh, too bad! That's what you get for binging. You should know better than to do that! YELLING? You say I'm yelling...your head hurts? Ahhhhhhhhh, what a shame.

The photo hunt theme reminded of the good ol' days...

Okay, so I got that out of my system. When our kids were at the 'teen age' experimentation days and would go out and party hardy for the first time in their lives, you remember those days, don't you?....Well, I'd always be awake until they arrived home safely, but when I'd go off to bed for the last time as they settled in to rest and recoup from having a 'good ol' time'...I reset the alarm clock for 5 AM matter IF they came in around 2 a.m. when they were supposed to be home by midnight! I literally made them suffer even more....banging pots and pans as loud and as long as it took to get them crawling out of bed. And then making a few dishes for breakfast that wasn't too appetizing for those 'late night parties'. It was my own version of grounding them. They paid in a way that they remembered the next time...and they showed up home, sober, and alert and not to do it again. Even to this day. Both our kids, Erik now 36 and Irene at 39, bring up the fact that "Mom knew best!" They talk about the first and only 'experience' of drinking too much and ol' mom caught 'em at it.

Oh ya....the theme for the photo hunt this week. Breakfast. I don't do breakfast much on weekdays except for juice and toast [or bagel], and when Sunday rolls around, Bud and I go OUT for breakfast. And I rarely if ever actually take a PHOTO of breakfast...are you kidding me? I'm diving into the food like there's no tomorrow....who takes time to photograph breakfast? Not me. Well, I do have the cowboy breakfast that we attended a couple of weeks ago. Guess I could share that breakfast photo with y'all, again----

It consisted of sausages, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, refried beans, tortillas, coffee and juice. I wrote about it in three parts, here, here, and here. [each link opening in a new window]

~...end Photo Hunt
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Melli, along with other bloggers I have visited in the recent week, had shared a photo of her lighted Christmas tree. And tho, I did post a finished decorated tree photo this week, I kept forgetting to get a photo of the tree all lighted! So, I made a special effort to remember the camera when Bud turned on the lights for the night last night...Here it is, in all its glory. Sometimes I have had all one color lights with a 'color theme', other times I would used multi-colored lighting. Since I was given these santa lights from my sister one year, I've been using them....all the time! And Bud found and bought the Santa Tree top --animated! These lights and tree top have become a traditional flair for about a decade now. Does that surprise you?


Mary at The Work of the Poet left me a comment yesterday regarding an award for me....I was elated of course, I like blog awards!! But this one that she has, just simply stupefied me. I was at a loss of words. I can't say how wonderful I felt when I read your words. Mary, you simply, and so wonderfully I might add, made my day!! I thank you so very much. She is giving out this award every Friday this, stop by. Tell her Anni sent you.......


  1. Anni,

    What a wonderful way to cure Erik and Irene from their experiments. I did some of those same things to Michelle. If I knew she'd been drinking the night before, it was up bright and early and no putting it off. Odd, she seldom drinks now.

    I absolutely LOVE your lighted Christmas tree. I have those same Santa lights but only one string. When I bought them the boys were little and they only had one package left. I've never seen them again.

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend, my friend.


  2. Dear Anni ~~ Great Christmas decorations and the photos make it so much better. I have left an award for you at my blog. I hope you enjo it. Love, Merle.

  3. Such beautiful Christmas decorations my friend, love you.

  4. Anonymous12/06/2008

    Oh, what a hearty breakfast!! Lovely Xmas decorations and congrats on that award!! Lots of interesting things as always!

  5. Anonymous12/06/2008

    Not my kind of Breakfast - it is much closer to your weekday one.

  6. you are THE worthiest recipient of the Beautiful Holiday Blog!

    hey, and thanks for the party breakfast tip. my time's still coming, what with the bean being 13... now i know what to do! i knew there's a good reason i read blogs. to get info!!!! heee heee heee

    have a fab weekend dear anni!

  7. sausages, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, refried beans, tortillas, coffee and juice

    Sounds like the perfect breakfast minus the beans and coffee LOL

  8. That brekkie sounds delicious. I wish I could face food early in the morning. Happy weekend

  9. Anonymous12/06/2008

    I'm with Jams. Light breakfasts for me. A delightful story, nonetheless

  10. Anonymous12/06/2008

    I'm with you. I'm usually too busy eating breakfast to take pictures of it. The result is that this is my contribution to the theme.

  11. Yeah, I remember reading about this in one of your posts. Heavy breakfast but worth the travel and good company.

    I laughed at your first few lines though, not that it reminded me of me but it reminds me of camping days :D

    Have a great weekend, Anni.

  12. Good Morning, Anni! What a good and clever mother you are! Hope your week has been delightful and blessings on the week to come.

  13. I miss those breakfasts. I am generally snack and coffee on the run in the morning. Except this morning when I had some green porridge.

  14. Gravy should be served with every meal lol!

    Your tree is lovely! Love the little red bows all over it :)

    Have a great Saturday!

  15. Good morning Anni, When my kids were growing up and going out at night, I could never sleep until they got home.My mom would flash the porch light on and off, if I sat outside in a car with my date too long to suit her!!She was a strong headed woman..

    Your Christmas tree is pretty and mine is not done yet!!!I need to finish this week-end.. only 18 days til Christmas..

    I am going shopping after I drink my coffee..Have a good day.
    Hugs, Baba

  16. Hello Anni.
    Your breakfast is the kind of breakfast my husband loves!! Sausage, eggs, beans, hash browns -- the works :)

    Love the Christmas tree too. We had ours up just last week.
    Have a great weekend.

    Sreisaat Adventures

  17. That looks yummy breakfast dear. Happy weekend..TC

  18. looks so yummy!!! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day... Hope you'll visit mine too... Happy weekend!

  19. Even though I'd probably would have hated it I wish you had been my mom. I had a couple of bad nights/mornings but it wasn't until after I moved out. My dad had a drinking problem so you'd think I would know better. I do now. Love your breakfast and christmas tree photos! Congrats on the award you deserve it.

    Mine is served

  20. I love your Christmas decor! The cowboy breakfast though--guess I'm more a pancake, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and bacon fan.
    I had to laugh at your "binge lesson". My two boys went out once, to the same graduation party, and both overindulged. Their first time and their last. Both spent the next day with their heads hung over the porcelain throne. They are grown men now and neither one drinks. Thank the Good Lord.
    Here's Breakfast!

  21. That's some breakfast! I can't even look at food before 9:00 a.m....

    Here's mine - if you can't beat 'em, feed 'em!

  22. Cowboys have to work hard to be able eat that Yummy breakfast on a regular Basis --I know so I have to eat much lighter

  23. Anni, I love what you've done with your blog. I wish I were as creative as you! I've been away, but hopefully I am back.

    I like your take on "breakfast." I did not have it in me to play... maybe if I get around to making breakfast this morning; lol.

    Anyway, Happy Holidays. I'm off to read your other posts I've missed :-)

  24. I shoulda had YOU around the first time MY kids got drunk! Mighta solved a LOT of problems! LOL!

    I'm thinking that anyone who missed your Kings Ranch posts are wondering HOW IN THE WORLD you could blog about ONE breakfast THREE times!? And now makes 4! LOL!

    I LOVE your tree! And it's a big fat JOLLY tree too! Do you ever put white lights on WITH the Santa lights? That would be pretty too...

  25. Anonymous12/06/2008

    The breakfast photo looks tasty and I'm sure that was quite a wake up call after a late night!

    Stop by and see mine if you have the time!

  26. That looks very yummy. I myself don't take pictures of breakfast to often,lol!

  27. So funny. I never had to do that with the girls, but Robert (hubby) tells the story about his dad doing something similar. Rob and his brother knew that any time they went out and *partied harty* the next day they were going to have an early morning and long day out at the farm --- if all they were doing was digging ditches. I don't think it broke them of the parting, but it worked off the hangover.

  28. ROFL...I so remember doing the same thing, getting up early and banging pots & pans when my boys had been out binging and keeping me awake worrying!! Mother sure does know best:-)

    What a great idea to go out for breakfast every Sunday...I usually make bacon, eggs, homefries, toast, every Sunday. Hmmm, I'd rather go out and have someone else make that for me! lol

    Your tree looks so beautiful all lit up and I love those Santa lights and Santa tree top. Nope, doesn't surprise me one bit that they've become a tradition! hehe

    Congratulations for receiving that beautiful award from Mary, you truly deserve it!!! xoxo

  29. Mmmm. Looks delicious! I will be right over!!

  30. Little too much for me for breakfast. My you made me laugh by telling how you went around with those pots and pans. "Poor kids" LOL

  31. LOL, Mom Knows Best indeed.

  32. Great idea to cure the kids of their experimentation. And a great looking breakfast. Yummy! Mine's finally up.

  33. I will have to take a picture of my little tree, it's really cute and barely taller than a kitty cat.

  34. Anni, thanks for your post about your award... you certainly deserve it! The bookmarks are on their way to you as we speak! :)

  35. I'm a coffee, cereal, & fruit gal for breakfast these days, with an occasional breakfast out ... with eggs & bacon and perhaps a waffle or pancakes.
    Hugs and blessings,

  36. That's is one very sumptuous breakfast! On most days, I'll be lucky to be able to just grab a coffee/coke on the way to work :P

  37. Oh the days of the pots and pans.
    I recall them very well and I also remember having to hit the floor running and it seemed like there was more chores then usual then.
    My mother even did to my dad I guess she believed in opportunity when it comes to hang over.

    Coffee is on.

  38. Dear Anni ~~ I am so glad that you are pleased with the award. And as you like the Pedestal Bouquet, you may come over and take that as well.

    Your tree looks lovely, but the huge breakfast would last me for at least
    two meals. Glad you enjoy the jokes etc. Take care, Love, Merle.

  39. Looks great! Thanks for visiting mine!