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Category: Favorite

Posted for Saturday, December 13th
12:01 A.M.

My favorite holiday garb.
All worn with blue jeans [another favorite of mine!]

Christmas Sweaters:


  1. Anonymous12/13/2008

    What beautiful Xmas sweaters!!
    I guess you are ready for Xmas :)
    Great choices for the favorite theme, happy weekend!!!!

  2. Good morning Anni, I love your Christmas sweaters..I love loose and comfortable tops too!! I have not posted for two days, so today is long and wordy!!!Have a great week-end and get well soon !!! Baba

  3. what a collection. they're great!

  4. Annie,

    I love your sweaters - quite festive! Also, thank you for the blog gift - I have it posted now and it looks so nice on my blog.

  5. how pretty!! I love Christmas sweaters!!

  6. I especially like the one with Santa in his sleigh! What a cozy choice for this week's theme. Hope you and Bud are feeling better today!

    But if you're low, I can share mine with you... :-)

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Really festive sweaters! I try to wear a Christmas shirt of some kind each day through Christmas...I figure it's once a year, so why not! Have fun, the days are going fast, aren't they!
    Hope you're better now.

  8. Good morning dear Anni:-)

    Such beautiful Christmas sweaters, I especially love that first one! You'd need to wear all three at the same time here today, it's 1F as I type this! lol xoxo

  9. What festive sweaters! And I love your Mary Englebriet Santa pic in your header~so cute!

  10. Wonderful Christmas sweaters. During this next week I will wear a different sweater or Christmas Tee each day to school. It is a hit with the kids and gets me in the spirit.

    Enjoy the weekend.

  11. Your Sweater are giving Christmas Cheer the same as you do. Hope your feeling better this morning. Did you have some chicken soup?

  12. Anni,

    Your Christmas sweaters are gorgeous and I can see why they are your favorites. I like them all.

    I used to have Christmas sweatshirts, but they all wore out and I never bought anymore.

    Hope you and Bud are feeling better. Hubby and I are about the same.

    Enjoy your day.

  13. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Those sweaters are just beautiful.No wonder they are your favorites.


  14. I love the sweaters, so lovely. Especially the santa and teddybear one.

  15. Anonymous12/13/2008

    Christmas sweaters and blue jeans. Heaven!

    Stop by and see my take on the theme if you have time.

  16. Those sweaters are so delightful, Anni! Winter-wear is right near the top of my favorite things ... tho' I've never had a Christmas-theme one. (Hmmmm, note to Santa!)

    Hope you and your hubby will be feeling like crispy-critters again real soon!

  17. Those a sure cheery and bright.
    I should ware something like that for Christmas parties.
    Maybe I could fine something not as heavy.
    I get warm so quickly.

    Coffee is on.

  18. Nothing like the holidays as a favorite theme! I think i love the second sweater best! Happy Holidays! :-)

  19. What beautiful sweaters, Anni and I just know you've knitted them yourself. It's too hot here for wool even in winter, so we layer with cotton and acrylic. I miss my lovely woollen sweaters that I used to wear in New Zealand during the winter, but that's the only thing I miss about the cold weather...

  20. Splendid, I say.

    If you want a genuine Norwegian X-Mas Card,
    just send your
    Post adress to my e-mail adress:

    (It might arrive late, but you will receive it)

  21. Love the holiday sweaters. Sometimes I'm sorry I got rid of most of mine when I retired, but at least I don't have to STORE them all year any more ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  22. I haven't visited you in a while, Anni - I have participated in Friday Show & Tell in a while. I stopped by tonight to find some very nice Christmas sweaters! I didn't realize it cold cold enough for you to wear things like that where you live. Merry Christmas, Anni!

  23. They are absolutely gorgeous ! I have seen such for children but never for adults !
    Hope you are feeling better !!

  24. Lovely Christmas sweaters, like your Xmas layout too.