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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Thursday 13 below my health update.

Well, my 1st annual follow-up from my heart ablation at the end of September of last year is over. After doing an EKG and many other tests, I got a good report! I asked several questions and he answered them thoroughly...I like this guy. That is saying a whole heckuva lot if you want to really know. I told him I didn't like my other cardiologist after so many bad side effects from Lisinopril and he doing nothing to change and me ending up in ER...that he said he understood. He then didn't degrade the former cardiologist, nor did he pressure me in any way to get a new one. Giving me a 'good to go' and 'good to do', I'm feeling mighty fine. I pray it continues to be good for me. He also told me to get my cholesterol down...well, I had to explain to him [since he knows the list of medications I'm taking] that I got my cholesterol down WITHOUT any prescription drugs. He was amazed and very pleased!! As I am. Too, I hope I can continue to do so, tho I must confess I ate red meat a couple of times. Which I vowed not to do again. I felt relieved that all was well with my ticker! I feel now that it's not a time bomb waiting to go off...[tho in the back of my head I do know that I'll always be a 'high risk' patient]. If all goes well, I don't need to return for another year. And my Primary Care Physician only wants to see me for picking up my blood work papers if I continue to feel well. That says a lot to me also. I'm happy with the outcome.


edition #83

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...and here she is again!!! I love humor, I love joking, I love laughter. Hope you will too. My thirteen this week comes from a wise ol' lady named Jefé [pronounced HEH fay in Spanish slang - meaning 'boss or chief', being in this case, a "chieftress" but I like Jefé - you guessed it, I really DO have chin whiskers'] These are thirteen[?] tried and true living experiences from the aged one with her keen perception on life-------

1] Noah kept his bees in archives!

2] Part-time bandleaders semi-conductors.

3] Think about it: Pilots take crash-courses; it's called simulation.

4] Speaking of pilots, getting off a non-stop flight would be a challenge.

5] I 've, in all my years, not seen a toad use his stool yet.

6] For every action, there is an equal and opposite criticism.

7] Support bacteria - they're the only culture some people have.

8] Monday is an awful way to spend 1/7th of your life. Trust me.

9] The sooner you fall behind, the more time you'll have to catch up.

10] A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory.

11] Success always occurs in private, and failure in full view.

12] After driving in Texas, I'm convinced that if you line up all the cars in the world end to end, someone licensed in this state would be stupid enough to try and pass them.

13] Just seeing if you're paying attention!!! Oh....sorry, my last bit of knowledge is: A man who walks sideways will get to Bangkok!


  1. LOL These are great! Thanks for the laughs, (Glad yer ticker got a thumbs up)
    Happy T13!

  2. That last one was a winner! I know a few places besides Texas where this rule would apply (smile).

  3. Great to receive a good report!! Thanks so much with your help today!! It looks good. I changed my background once again so it is not so busy..looks least I was doing it right..SMILE!!

  4. These are great Anni! Thanks for the smiles, and I'm happy to hear you got good news at your check-up! Thanks for stopping by and happy TT :)

  5. Loved these, even though I winced at the last one :-)
    Here's to your continued good health.

  6. Good news on the heart front!

  7. Thanks for all the funnies for some reason #& made me hoot and laugh outloud

  8. Praise God for a good medical report my friend, that makes me smile.

  9. Good to hear heart is doing good. I was on lisinopril for my heart and it gave me a hacking cough. They did change your medication, right. I'm on cozaar now and I haven't had any side affects from it.

  10. Funny and cute list. I enjoyed it. Thanks for the laugh. Also, thanks for the heads up that my link was wrong for my TT. That would of been a wasted TT this week. I really appreciate your kindness. Take care and Happy TT to you.

  11. No. 3 is exactly why my feet stay on the ground!

  12. I needed the laugh from your thirteen. I am also glad you are in really good health and enjoying life.

    Sorry I have not visited for a while.

    Love and Hugs,

  13. #12 is so TRUE!!!!

    I am moving back to California in 10 days so my TT is 13 Good and Bad Things About Moving

  14. #7 reminds me of an apron I gave to my sister - "You can lead a whore to culture but you can't make her think!

    The Pink Flamingo

  15. What a great TT and you have a happy one! I think your good report is great. And btw, do not feel guilty for eating red meat. It is not food that kills us. It is overdoing a good thing. People 50 and over can eat red meat once a week - just make sure it is very lean and no more than 3 or 4 ounces.

    What kills us is fast food and worry. So be happy and I am happy about your great report. Way to go!

    My TT is up at 13 Christmas Gifts for our Muslim Friends

  16. thats funny:) Happy TT.

  17. Glad you're doing well. Great T13 list.

  18. Congrats on the good report......good for you! Your list is fun to read and I laughed out loud at a couple of them..... You have a blessed Thanksgiving and I pray that you and your family have a day full of fun and laughter and blessings.........

  19. You made me smile on two accounts. 1. Your health sounds much better and 2. Your TT was funny.

    Mine will be up at 6:30 AM. Stop by -- it's a short read, but mildly humorus.

  20. Congrats on your medical's so nice to hear good news from a doctor.

    And thanks for the thirteen giggles...they made my day!

  21. Anonymous11/20/2008

    When you have your health you have everything. I'm glad you received a good report.

  22. goodie, goodie, goodie! you're healthy!!!!! look after yourself. and thank you for the giggles. that was goooood.

  23. Anonymous11/20/2008

    Thanks for the laughs. Those were great.

  24. You always come out with the best posts. I like number 11 about success and failure. Happy TT!

  25. Ha! Very funny stuff!

    Glad you're in good health now! How'd you get your cholesterol down naturally? Especially if I can't give up the red meat :)

  26. Hey Anni
    Big congrats on your health results.
    Way way back when we talked about cholestorol "I knew you would, and I knew you could !!!!" So proud of you, you are my hero in the way of being persistent, and when you set your mind to something, you stick to it
    "Du er den bedste" in every way

  27. I lol'd at these. :]

  28. You are so funny! I was paying attention! Glad your ticker is great! Thats takes a lot of stress away by its self!

  29. Those were great!!! Isn't it always true we can fail so well in front of others and no one ever sees our victories.

  30. Love, love #7. It'll keep me smiling all day.

  31. funny! I enjoyed the chuckles.

  32. Very funny! # 7 is my favorite.

    Glad you are feeling positive about your health report.

  33. Oh, you are so funny! Is Jefe an alter-ego or a real person? (Sometimes I am dense!)

    Thanks for sharing the list!

    God bless!

  34. Anonymous11/20/2008

    Those are hilarious! I love Jefe!

    Happy TT!

  35. Congratulations on your positive checkup. Thanks for the chuckles ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  36. What a great list for T 13. I'll have to remember a few of these.

  37. Those were great, Anni! Gave me a good chuckle. :) Also glad to hear about your good health report.

    Stop by and visit mine when you can!

  38. Oh I'm so glad you got good news from the doctor and I'm also happy you like your doctor that you have now! Keep up the great work on keeping yourself healthy!

    Your Thursday Thirteen was hilarious!

  39. Anonymous11/21/2008

    Glad about the positive medical report!!
    Simply loved your T13, particularly the one about supporting bacteria, lol!

  40. You must be very relieved to have a clean bill of health. I like your list, good fun. #7 Is so true...LOL! :)

  41. Great List! LOL very funny.

  42. You are a hoot -- just like your title promised!

  43. Thanks for making me laugh today! :)

  44. Oh Anni, I was so happy to read that your health report was a great one!! GOOD FOR YOU!!! It also helps when you have a doctor that you can talk to and that will answer all your questions.

    Laughed so much at the 13 ageless tips, too funny:-) xoxo