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Thursday November 27th, 2008 Thanksgiving Day!
6:39 A.M.

- - -

storyteller had this on her post one day this month, and I wanted to take the quiz and then make use of it for our Thanksgiving Day:

You Are 98% Thankful

You're an incredibly thankful person, and everyone around you feels very appreciated.

You inspire people to be more optimistic, forgiving, and grateful.

How Thankful Are You?

8:07 A.M.

Yesterday I made the pumpkin pie and it's now in the fridge. There was some leftover crust dough so I made two medium sized apple dumplings for last night's dessert. They were yummy. I made the cranberry-pecan waldorf mold with cherry jello and whole cranberry sauce, that is in the fridge. Earlier I mixed up the bread dressing [I do not like corn-bread stuffing] with lots of black pepper and chopped onion, celery, and sage...washed the turkey and cleaned it out, stuffed the cavity and it's now in the oven, roasting. I'll peel a few potatoes, make brown gravy, and mix up the dressing for the cole slaw [I had chopped the cabbage and put it in a sealed plastic bag yesterday]. I'm chilling the condiment dish with cheese strips, both black and green olives, radishes, stuffed cream cheese celery sticks, sliced cucumbers and cherry tomatoes for dipping in the ranch sauce dip already made ahead of time. I'll bake some sweet potatoes and cinnamon/marshmallow mixture about an hour before the turkey is nearly finished. I think that's it. When the turkey is done around 3 P M, I'll whip the potatoes and make the brown gravy, then we'll sit down and watch the Dallas Cowboy Traditional Thanksgiving Game against Seattle Seahawks this year. While that is on in the background and the dishes are cleared up and leftovers taken care of, I will decorate the tree. We have had an artificial blue spruce pine tree for about 30 years now, and I enjoy getting in the spirit of the upcoming holiday while the traditions of THIS day is so prominent. I've received calls from family members, and the only one close enough to actually travel here to be with us, our son, is going to stay home and work on his doctorate studies...he will have to be tested in order to actually be accepted for this venture. He's received several referrals and letters of recommendation to enter into the doctorate study to become a PhD. So, it's doubtful that he'll show up. Then again, he may surprise us and show up on our doorstep. Who knows. Irene and the boys will celebrate with friends in their town. My sister and her hubby are going to Ouray to have dinner with some friends of my brother in law's sister, they'll make it a day there. She told me not much snow over there so far, so the driving won't be so treacherous for them. She was elated that she didn't have to cook this year. I think I'd miss the big 'to-do' over this special meal as I really like to cook and get into making all the stuff. Besides, I cook the food the way I LIKE it!!! Won't be disappointed then. LOL

No matter, I'll make the best of the day and enjoy my dear Bud and being together in peace and harmony.


  1. I love this header, Anni!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving today!!

  2. ...that sounds just about right, judging from your blog here. happy thanksgiving!!!

    oh, and the new decor? magnificent!

  3. You are are very sweet person. I got only 92%. Yikes!
    Hope you have a Blessed & Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, thanks for stopping by last week!!

  5. Love the holiday look in here!
    Wishing you and Bud a wonderful Thanksgiving...PJ:)

  6. HOW did I knOW that it would no longer be Thanksgiving at your blog/house? Of course it's Christmas here today! ROFL! YOU are the one who instigated the whole shopping center thing aren't you! I knOW it was you!

    Dear Dept. Store Mgr...

    Could you please put Halloween things in the aisle by 4th of July? I like to get a head start. And then, if we could possibly have Santa's and Snowmen right next to the back to school supplies, that would be a great convenience... I could do all of my seasonal shopping in one day! Thank you ever so kindly for your consideration and cooperation!

    Fanatically Yours,

    LOL! I only tease the ones I love dear... And this is a realllllly nice Christmas get up ya got going! I'm betting you have 5 or 6 of them you need to get through before the season ends... right? Oh me? I'm using the same one I used LAST year! It will be good all winter, and I like it! LOL! :p


  7. Anonymous11/27/2008

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bud !! enjoy your meal and evening.
    I simply love your new template, you are so creative and talented!!

  8. Anni,

    I am on my way to share this delicious Thanksgiving dinner with you and Bud. lol Well, I'll be there in spirit anyway. Happy Thanksgiving to you and Bud.

    Love your Christmas look. You did a fantastic job.

    Take care and enjoy your day, my friend.


  9. Have a very wonderful Thanksgiving and may you have much to be thankful for.

  10. Wow! I love the new decor - so festive and cheery!

    Sounds like you had a lot on your plate today - on every level!

    Just wanted to stop by and wish you the very best for Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season!

  11. Your blog looks awesome my friend, love you.

  12. Hi Dear Anni, Love your new festive header and deviders...ohh you have been a busy lady doing all that cooking for thanksgiving..... Sending warm hugs for a happy thanksgiving..Jen

  13. Food menu sounds wonderful! I got to go my Daddys and just enjoy, no cooking, no cleaning! My family, did it all, I got some good one on one with my Daddy. Which is wonderful as our family is in over the 70 members now. That just family from my mother and daddy.