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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

PLEASE NOTE: About a month ago, after I posted about Jeff Dunham and his ventriloquist show we attended, I mentioned that his holiday special [of which we got a 'sneak preview' at his Corpus Christi Performance in October] would be aired on cable's Comedy Central....remember? Well, some of you wanted to be reminded about it. Tonight it is on TV - his new holiday special. It's On Comedy Central. 8PM Central Time [USA]. It's hilarious. Of course there will be the same repeated throughout the rest of the month...check the TVGuide clip I've posted can be enlarged.

Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Please stop :: popping your gum!
2. Move over :: ...and STOP snoring!!
3. Sweet as :: candy
4. Bet :: wager
5. Mad about :: you
6. It’s over :: Roy Orbison [this dates me!] LINK
7. Intend to :: get it done
8. Blame :: it on yourself
9. Jefferson :: Thomas ---President
10. Heartless :: callous

~...end Mutterings
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show the beauty of sunrise or sunset

This was taken this week, just before a huge storm moved in and left us drenched in rainfall!

~...end Sunrise Sunset Meme
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Oftentimes I'm wondering what happened to a certain someone. Either a long lost friend or a classmate, or maybe a celebrity. Do you remember the program of 'our' youth, Leave it to Beaver? I thought Tony Dow was gorgeous when I was a kid! Yet, his whiny voice, not man enough for me. Even back then! rofl

I read a little excerpt from the internet email account after I closed my emails, and it had the two names "Tony Dow" in the line...I was immediately curious and clicked:

    In Yah** News: In this image released by Blair Hayes, a bronze abstract sculpture of a figure of a woman holding a shield created by actor Tony Dow, titled, 'Unarmed Warrior,' is shown. Dow, best known for his role as Wally Cleaver, in the '50s TV series 'Leave It to Beaver,' will have one of his abstract sculptures on display at the Louvre from Dec. 11 to Dec. 14. I really kinda like this piece of abstract! It shows a lot of interest and to me, some vivid imagination. Love the title he chose also!

    - - -

    Anthony "Tony" Lee Dow (born April 13, 1945 in Hollywood, California), is an American film producer, director, sculptor, and a TV child actor of the 1950s and 1960s. Dow is best known for his role in the television sitcom Leave it to Beaver, which ran in primetime from 1957 to 1963 and in which he played Wallace "Wally" Cleaver, the older son of June and Ward Cleaver (Barbara Billingsley and Hugh Beaumont), and the brother of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver (Jerry Mathers).


If the Obama family doesn't want him ---I'll be glad to accept the 'gift' from Peru!! READ MORE...


Mary at Mary's Writing Nook sent me these three awards through the email. I had forgotten to post them, and thankfully she reminded me! I don't know how I missed them, but I did. Truly a Senior Moment on my part. None-the-less, I do appreciate the accolades. You're a terrific lady and good friend, Mary. I apologize for not getting them up sooner than today. Thank you kindly for your generosity and thinking of me!!

- - -

Then to end the blog for Sunday today, I'd like to present this award to Lady Katherine. I think it speaks for itself...Katherine, you rock!!! To pick up and save the award, just click on it and it should open, enlarged, then you can save it it you would like!


  1. First, thanks for the Jeff Dunham reminder! I saw the promo for it on Comedy Central about two weeks ago, and made a mental note to tune in, but I didn't recall that it's TONIGHT! YAY! Jeh-fuh-fah dunHAM! (dot com!)... wheee!

    Second, Roy Orbison rocks. Well, he grooves. But whatever. Plus plus for Roy Orbison.

    And, finally, I saw that same article about Tony Dow. I didn't know he'd kept in the tv/film business all these years. And a sculptor, too. I guess he just has a need to create. Some people are like that. Impressive.

  2. Hi!
    We matched on #2 and #9. Yea!! Take Care!!


  3. Anonymous11/16/2008

    Good Grief Girl, this is an awesome site. I like your style. And thank you for the visit, I always welcome new people to my blog. About the meme, I first thought it was to much work for my little pea brain, but as I got into it, I had so much fun. It wasn't like the usual tags, that just go around and around to the same people.


  4. i must try to get hold of that jeff dunham show. i'm still so in love with peanut....

    i'm with you on the 'move over...' my gsp can sure snore, heee heee heee

  5. I think we have different answers, but thats what I like about this Meme!

  6. Hi Anni... I love what you've done w/your blog for Thanksgiving! I liked your mutterings and I LOVED your Sunset/sunrise. Beautiful!!

    It's nice to be able to see your face too :-)

    Have a great Sunday!

    Do you like Boggle? I've started a new meme called Boggle Me Thursday. I hope you'll come check it out!

  7. Good morning Anni, I love your great Sunrise with the storm clouds!!! I have been going like a tornado this morning getting rid of clutter.The only problem is after I take the clutter from one spot , where do I put it??

    Enjoy your Sunday and congrats on your awards..
    Hugs, Baba

  8. I sometime wonder what happen to different tv and movie star.
    I heard the bull "Eddie Hassle" became a police officer in Los Angles.

    Coffee is on.

  9. I will so try to catch Jeff's show tonight.
    I too had a crush on Tony Dow. Enjoying your blog.

  10. I love Jeff Dunham!!!! Thanks for the reminder Anni. And Roy Orbison...I have not heard his music in years.

  11. Jettied11/16/2008

    OOHh thanks on the info for Jeff dunham...I have someone who'd really like to watch that!!

  12. I will have my mutterings up a little later in the day.

  13. Anonymous11/16/2008

    Heh, Mad about you is definitely the most popular answer today. Have a great Sunday!

  14. I'm always looking forward to reading your post.

    I love your nr 1.

    In case you're interested, my unconscious mutterings are here.

    Have a wonderful week!

  15. Interesting tid-bit on Wally. Nice to know he didn't get strung out as so many of the child actors have. Enjoy this crisp, clear day. :)

  16. Tony Dow is a couple of months younger than me. I thought he was around my age..good for him!!
    i like your roll over and stop snoring thing...Hubby does that all of the time and for me to sleep I have to take something anymore...He is really loud...

  17. I have read Thomas Jefferson's autobiography - he was truly a great man

  18. That stormy sunset/sunrise photo is spectacular! It looks so foreboding.

  19. Hi,Anni, Thank you so much for the award, hubby says it fits me well, That I am strong as rock, and one of my loves,is, when we raise sheep. I do have some moments that, I I wonder how to go on. I love the meme, but hitting little close to heart, this week, my answers, well leave it at that. Loved all the info on Leave it to Beaver, Loved that show!

  20. You are so awesome my friend, love you.

  21. Hey … I arrived here in time to set the DVR for Jeff’s show. Guess the universe is looking out for me or something because I’m about ready to call it a night and turn off the computer … finally. I laughed aloud at your 1st ‘muttering because it’s something I used to say to my students. Looks like we agree on #5 and if Roy Orbison dates YOU, Jefferson Airplane (in MY mutterings) dates me ;--)

    Congratulations on your well-deserved awards ... Beautiful skies!
    Hugs and blessings,

  22. Anonymous11/16/2008

    Great mutterings. Wow, I haven't heard It's Over by Roy Orbison in AGES. ^_^ Thanks for the link and the reminder.
    And thanks for stopping by my place.

  23. #7 is something I muttered too.

    Thanks for stopping by my humble spot in the blogosphere.

  24. Thanks for calling over yesterday - great mutterings, you have a good one.

  25. Anni,

    I think every girl in America thought Tony Dow was cute. I didn't know he was also an artist. Thank you for sharing.

    Don't worry about missing the awards. I just wanted to be sure you received them.

    Enjoyed visiting, as always.