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Misanthrope is our host this week for fun Monday...our assignment:
    I hope this one hasn’t been done yet. Do you have a piece of jewelry or other item that holds great personal significance for you, and that you wear or keep with you every day? Show us a photo of your talisman, and tell us why it is so important to you.

Years ago, when I was working, I wore earrings! All the time earrings. I have my ears pierced --twice on each lobe. In fact, my goal was to have 365 pairs of earrings. But hey...times change. I decided when Bud retired, I'd quit too. And that meant not wearing earrings daily. With that change in life, I stopped wearing a lot of jewelry also. Except for my wedding rings, I am rarely seen with much 'glitter and glamour'. But I do have favorites. Cameos and butterflies. Since I've posted a couple of times about cameos, I thought I'd show this butterfly ring Bud bought me for a Christmas gift one year, that I continue to wear daily [well, it's taken off for some household chores, but it's put back on when I'm done]. It's very unique in style; I've never seen one like it even today. The butterfly wings are pink and imperial lavender topaz, the body you'll see small diamond chips with two tiny diamonds on the side of the body. [fyi...I used to be able to wear it on my third finger....not anymore! I am doing good if I can get it on my pinky finger. Life and fat cells have settled that!!! rofl]


  1. Anni,

    It is very pretty and a beautiful keepsake from Bud.

    I used to wear earrings a lot too, but don't often anymore. Just seems like too much hassle these days. lol Only on very special occasions do I wear any jewelry other than my wedding ring.

    Thanks for sharing. Sorry I've been AWOL all day today (Sunday) I had the boys and then we got a phone call about Aunt May. Mom and I went to the hospital to spend the evening with her. Will write in the morning.


  2. Very lovely my friend.

  3. What a beautiful ring, Anni. I used to wear about six rings on each hand (two on some fingers), but I know what you mean about the fat cells...

    I love earrings and have heaps of pairs. Funnily enough one of my favourites is a pair of sterling silver butterflies that were given to me about 30 years ago by a very dear friend.

  4. Anonymous11/17/2008

    Love that ring of yours, simply beautiful!!
    I wear earrings every day, I feel naked without them!

  5. Dear Anni ~~ Lovely jewelery. Since I had a mastectomy in 1979, I always wear a necklace and have lots of them and have some pretty ones.
    To sort out the visits by men ~~ Peter is my brother, and he and Jen's late husband were friends for near 50 years, so he introduced me to Jen, and Warren is Peter's mate from Brisbane and they have been friends for about 30 years and I met him at Pater's place in Gympie in 2000, New Year's Eve, when all the computers were supposed to crash etc. the Millennium year. When traveling long, long distances, it is good to have company.
    I think the strawberries should do well in the full bad of potting mix. Glad you like the gazebo. I am anxious to get it finished.
    Take care, my friend. Love, Merle.


    I love it! Love, love, love it!

    And yes, I love cameos too, but my, why would I be Mariposa if not for my love of butterflies! I have butterfly jewelry that ring made me smile ear to ear!

  7. wow, that is a lovely ring!!!!!

  8. See Bud done good he knew your style. Here I thought there might be something with a baceball lurking in your corner.

  9. Anonymous11/17/2008

    Anni - that is a beautiful ring, and so unique!! Thank you for sharing, and for playing this week!!

  10. I just love your ring, never seen one quite like it. It's even more special since it came from your Hubby.

  11. I’m not participating in Fun Monday today, though I do have pieces of jewelry I love to wear. Instead I finally got around to participating in the Pink Sisterhood Meme that’s been in ‘drafts’ since I first encountered it here. Hope you had a lovely weekend ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  12. That's really pretty. I'm not participating in this, but I enjoyed reading yours! I guess my favorite piece is one I picked up in Alaska. It's silver and bone, has a carving of a grizlly bear with a northwest coast design. I'm hopeless though with jewelery. I lose it! Really! Don't ask me about my wedding ring. I lost two, then gave up on having one altogether. Much easier for digging around the garden!

  13. I love the shade it is in...and so tiny and delicate looking. Absolutely devine.

  14. That's a stunning butterfly, such a great gift!
    Thanks for sharing it with us today.

  15. i like jewelries and i just love that butterfly ring that you's really unique and your Bud is just so sweet to give it to you:)

  16. I'm not a huge butterfly fan, but I could be persuaded if there were more rings like that around! That is gorgeous!

  17. Cleaning out your registry!! to find that and do it!! I think my laptop if slowing up so maybe that is the problem. You were really in the cleaning mode!! Hope your day was great!!

  18. I need to do some cleaning on my computer too. Soon, very soon....

    Your butterfly ring is gorgeous, and I've never seen one even vaguely like it. I had no idea that topaz came in that shade.

    My Daddy was an earthy man to put it mildly, and one of his favorite expressions was "busier than a one-legged man at an a** kickin', or busier than a cat covering up s***. Both of those are common expressions around here.

    Hope you have a great week, Anni.

    Love and hugs,


  19. Such a beautiful ring! My friend June would love it, she loves anything with butterflies:-) Would you believe I've never had my ears pierced? I'm too chicken! lol Yeah, I know, I've got a tattoo on my ankle but I'm too chicken to get my ears pierced! ROFL!! I'm not one for jewelry much, the only pieces I wear are the gold chain with two circles that Shawn & Wendy gave me for my 50th birthday and a gold chain bracelet I received many years ago. I never take those off:-) My fingers are usually ringless...every once in a while I'll wear the $3,500 sapphire and diamond ring I had won a few years ago:-) xoxo

  20. I have been 3 times in Las Vegas, what a special town !
    For the moment I enjoy the beautiful weather in Egypt, 83 ° palm trees and sunshine. You can see some pictures on my blog. Internet connection is like home here and even free !

  21. Your butterfly ring is so pretty I love it.

  22. those are cute Anni!

  23. Love the color of them, and your sweet little turkey to my lift made me smile! So cute.