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Today my Show n Tell is just going to be a bit of an eclectic sort. I'm going to try and catch up on the past week of posting things and sharing things that have taken place for a few days. I've been quite preoccupied with what the country has been through and the election that I want to put that all behind me, and get back to a more 'normal' blog. If you can understand that.

The day after election I received the gift from Sherry's Giveaway in which my name was drawn. I would like now to share some photos of what I received.

The doorbell rang Wednesday afternoon, and when I opened the door, the postal carrier left me a box at the doorstep. From the previous email last week, I knew to expect the delivery!

As I pulled out the bubble wrap and the surrounding stuffing, was I surprised or what? A sweet little card from Sherry...with a wonderful note from her to me. Then, I continued to take out some extra special items she included in my prize box.

Along with the Yellow Rose of Texas china cup and saucer, Sherry added to the gift box some assorted teas, crackers, a silver spoon and a butter knife!!! What a treasure I received!! All in one giveaway! And....

It's so beautiful. It's so fragile, it's so perfect! I love it. And I will cherish it. In fact, the very next morning I was having a cup of soothing tea for my breakfast! Thank you so much Sherry!!

Stop by and pay Sherry a visit, won't you? You can find her astounding blog at Edie Marie's Attic.

- - -

Then, this past week, I received a wonderful surprise award from Kitten! She left in my comments that I'd been awarded this special gift. Thank you so much! It truly made my day. But of course I feel a need to apologize for not getting it up any sooner. The days went by so quickly this past week, I got so far behind. Needless to say your thought was much appreciated! Truly!!! It says "Your Blog is Out of This World".

- - -

And lastly for now, I finally finished the three books in one novel...Atlas Shrugged. The book was astounding! But I'm gonna leave that subject a bit, and go with my choice of books that I picked to read next; the one I began to read in the last couple of days. [But on Monday, I hope to have a book critique finished and posted on Ayn Rand's Book -Atlas Shrugged- So, if you think you'd be interesting in my thoughts on this one fabulous book, drop back on Monday.]

My newest read is:

..."The Life and Trial of An American Slave Trader" Inside the dust cover, it states: "On a frosty day in late February 1862, hundreds gathered to watch the execution of Nathaniel Gordon. Hanging Captain Gordon explores the many compelling issues and circumstances that came together for this one man to pay the price for a crime committed by many; it also portrays the government that turned a blind eye to the horrific enterprise of human trafficking...."

This important and profound history is filled with drama and sharply drawn characters, including the young and aggressive prosecutor who made Gordon his personal demon, the U.S. marshal who did everything in his power to ensure Gordon's death, the corrupt officials who tried to help him evade punishemt, and the old-guard justices who would bend the law to spare a slave trader.

This vivid account not only sheds light on one of the more shameful aspects of our history but provides a link to similar crimes against humanity.....


  1. What an amazing gift to get for a giveaway! It's beautiful!!

  2. Congrats on your award. Sherry really outdid that giveaway, very nice gifts. I love you my friend.

  3. Wow, that's a beautiful tea cup ! Almost too delicate to use, lol !
    You must be tired now after these very special election campaign. The rest of the world is also very satisfied with the choice of a large majority of Americans. I still think that McCain has lost a lot of voters when he choose this crazy woman ! He scared a lot of politicians abroad with this choice ! Anyway in one thing she was right she had said it was God's decision to start a war in Irak, now God has decided to send her back to her kitchen in Alaska !

  4. a lovely gift and a great award to a wonderful woman!

  5. Gday dear Anni, Wow Congrats on your beautiful gift. Oh i love the delicate tea cup and saucer..

  6. WOW what an amazing gift.....and I can give a try at that book........

  7. I have an absolute fear of non fiction books. I prefer to escape in non-reality. Too much reality in REAL life. :)

    Your giveaway gift is perfect for you!

  8. Hi Anni!
    I'm so glad your package arrived safely! And so happy you like everything!! Thank you for being so patient, the Fibromyalgia attack I had has finally let up and I have energy to do things again. I'm so thankful! Enjoy your yellow roses when you sip your tea dear Annie! You deserve special things!!
    Hugs, Sherry

  9. My husband is reading Atlas Shrugged - it's quite an undertaking but he also is really enjoying it. That's such a beautiful tea cup you received!


  10. Hey, thanks for coming by for a visit today. I really miss doing Show and Tell, but so many wuld not be able to come and visit because of my pathetic former SIL and what he did to us so that I had to go private!

    What a beautiful Rose of TExas cup - and perfect for you. Gorgeous.

    That's hilarious that you have streets named after northern Colorado sites. Too funny!

  11. Wow... what a pretty tea cup!

  12. Anni,

    Your giveaway parcel held some fabulous goodies. I'm so glad you won the yellow rose cup. It is beautiful.

    Hanging Captain Gordon sounds like a book that I would love, since I'm such a history buff.

    I'm glad you finished Atlas Shrugged and look forward to the review.

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.

  13. What an amazing week you'v had. I understand about the election and how wonderful to be award such fabulous gifts since then. The prize is beautiful, the award very deserving and I know both brought you tons of happiness and joy! Have an amazing weekend! Carolyn

  14. I saw that you won my(oops) the teacup! Congrats! Really. One of these days maybe I will win something!!!!! Have a great week.

  15. Hi Anni, I love that teacup and saucer. What a great gift! Your award is well deserved and that book looks good too.
    Have a great weekend!

  16. that's a beautiful teacup! They make nice gifts, don't they? Also, INTERESTING book you're reading. I just started "Three Cups of Tea." Wonderful!

  17. I love the teacup. so pretty! Thanks for sharing it all!
    Linda C

  18. The yellow rose of Texas teacup and saucer is exquisite...a great gift!

  19. such a lovely give-away...the TeaCup is beautiful!

  20. what a precious gift to recieve, and also the award too. I'm so happy for you.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your graphics. You are VERY talented. I can design for scrapbooking, but can't bring something like this together - I'm in admiration. If you'd ever like to trade some scrapbook kits for a blog makeover, I'd be game?

    Thank you for sharing today, I enjoyed visiting, and will return soon!

    ~ Mrs. Miles

  21. What a wonderful gift package you received, Anni! I love tea cups and tea pots.

    I've never read "Atlas Shrugged" or the other book you mentioned. Some of our country's history is difficult to read and understand, but it's part of our history nonetheless.

    Happy weekend!

    Love and hugs,


  22. WOW! What a BEAUTIFUL gift!
    You are so very welcome dear! Don't worry about not getting it up sooner. I understand very well about being busy and life.
    You have some really good reads there. I'm working on writing a Novel myself. Maybe one day if I finish it you can read mine.
    Hope you have a WONDERFUL Week-end!

  23. Anonymous11/07/2008

    What a nice gift you received from Sherry. The cup and saucer are gorgeous. That book looks interesting too.

  24. I love giveaways and swaps because it is so neat to get a little treasure box in the mail and I love sending them out too, knowing their arrival will brighten the day of the receiver too.

  25. What a wonderful gift! Love, love, love the shape of that teacup. Congrats on the award as well, Anni. :)


  26. What a lucky girl you are Miss Anni, to have such friends to give such wonderful gift. Enjoy sipping tea from it.

  27. A beautiful gift! Congrats on the award!

  28. Just updated talktograms site for her...drop by if you get a chance.
    Thanks for your prayers.


  29. Hi there...way a great Show & Tell...thanks so much for sharing your treasures with us...I am partial to the teacup! So pretty!

    Warm Wishes,

  30. Pretty gift. And congratulations on your award.

  31. I remember reading Atlas Shrugged in my early 20s and being totally engrossed, but my favorite Ayn Rand book was The Fountainhead … fiction loosely based on the life of Frank Lloyd Wright. One of these days I might read Atlas Shrugged again just because.
    Hugs and blessings,

  32. I love the yellow rose tea cup. I collect tea cups with yellow roses, but have never seen one like that!