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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

Autumn Cleaning!!! I spent most of Monday working and repairing the computer's registry keys! I ran a scan and the software found over 700 errors! [Mostly Active X, some shared DLL files and useless extension files] And I chose to check each one individually to make sure that they were no longer needed. You know how it is. When the program says it's invalid or no longer useful, I have to question that. Make sure myself. I also made a complete backup of the system before I began doing the clean up...just in case! So, naturally, it took most of my morning and part of the afternoon. But I feel better to do it that way. My choice, I'm not complaining mind you, I just have a bit more confidence doing it that way. After that was done, I then downloaded and installed the new version of Firefox; Firefox 3.0.4. I personally wouldn't use anything but! Firefox in my opinion is so much 'friendlier' and useful. Internet Explorer on the other hand is just too susceptible to viruses and spyware where Firefox and the wonderful ad-ons keeps my computer a bit more 'protected'. When that was complete, I did an upgrade on my virus program and my Windows Defender for Vista. I think I did well. Especially after cleaning out the registry!! The computer now runs so much faster! It's amazing to think that in less than a year there were so many useless things uploaded and no longer used. LOL Now it's getting all my graphic files from the many folders all burned on to a new disk. I have hundreds of those also. :::sigh::: But, none-the-less, it's fun in a way, I learn a lot. I'm a 'hands on kinda gal' where if I do something like this physically, the mental takes hold and I can remember a lot of what I do. [Oh, of course, I've had my share of Senior Moments also, but hey....twenty five years ago my kids, if they could see me now, wouldn't believe this old lady could actually do and comprehend all this.]

I'm also a bit busy with my 'giveaway' project, so I may be hidden from view a lot in the next few days. :o)

- - -

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WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS, stays in Vegas.

One Autumn, still in Colorado, we got a heavy, early snow. I wasn't ready for it. Luckily, we had a long weekend planned in Las Vegas. It was a whirlwind trip. Flew in to Vegas on a Friday night...spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday and flew home on Monday which was a holiday.

I can still see the most awesome sight ever. I love flying into a city at night! And Las Wages Vegas was something to behold.

We had reservations at MGM. And at the airport, after claiming our luggage we had a hotel shuttle bus ride through all the lights...down [yuk!] Wayne Newton Blvd! Over to the green building. With a huge colassal gold lion to greet us! By the time we were under the hotel's canopy it has started raining so I opted to take a photo of the main doors the next morning.... Now, granted, it's a city of 'sin' and gambling. But the two of us had other plans. We actually didn't want to gamble much...we did try the slot machines in all the casinos, but we wanted to actually just walk the strip...check out all the hotels, eat and dine and buy gifts. We were already married, so we didn't need to find one of the infamous wedding chapels you read about.

And we wanted to rent a car for a day and go to the the mountains and check out the little backwoods town of Pahrump, Nevada. We heard there were properties cheap...and perhaps we might buy something there for our retirement! No way...what a joke. It was like taking a wrong turn...and you came out on a road to nowhere and there are people, or should I say 'clans'...we felt so out of place while looking at homes with a realtor. Nope...not for us. We got back in the car and headed back to the 'mountain pass' that heads back into Vegas, only to stop at a winery. Ya, a winery... in the middle of the desert. Amazing. We tasted some wine, bought a bottle to take back with us for that evening after dinner.

Without a doubt, we had to find the Hard Rock Cafe!! I used to make sure I got a t-shirt. It all began back when I entered the very 1st one I ever saw in Honolulu. Then, had to get them everywhere I went that had one in the city. [that came to a screeching halt tho because of the expense...I did end up with Vegas, San Antonio, Washington D.C., Honolulu, Los Angeles, and Aspen, Colorado tho!] We took a cab on the first afternoon to find it.

After we realized it was within walking distance from MGM, we opted to take a moonlight stroll there for the evening!Other than the 'street walkers' it was a pleasant walk. And we, of course, weren't the only ones with the same idea. There were several enjoying the starlit, cool, evening and the city's lights. It was awesome.

The next day, more walking...we checked out all the hotels in and around our MGM area. The Luxor, the Caesar's Palace, Excalibur...they were beginning to build the NY NY at the time we were there in a huge vacant lot. Bought some souvenirs for the family and ourselves...gambled a bit in the slots and had a very enjoyable weekend.

Bud [in left photo] and I [in the horse carriage on the right photo] in front of the Excalibur Hotel

Back to the's one awesome hotel. The reason I liked it so much was the fact that Gone With the Wind was all around me in the hallways...they had memoribilia and paintings and carpeting to match the movie's set and portraits of the stars in character! Down on the main floor with the gambling tables and buffet was Wizard of OZ...I got the Tin Man to pose with me for a picture...

On the day we were to leave to catch the plane back to Denver, we had to go back into the MGM courtyard. Behind the hotel is a huge shopping district. A small village if you will...where there are specialty shops. I spent way too much money. But, I couldn't go home without it. And you know, I've never worn it! It's been hanging on my bedroom wall ever since....

- - -

We left this behind that afternoon...a beautiful sunset. Only to get back home to Denver with snow flurries!!!


  1. clean out the registry how does one do that?
    I have a program that is called CCLEANER That my cousin recomended to me. he said that it removes the "crap" on the computer. This is a "freebie" and can be found at

  2. oh man its bad enough we have to clean our house, but computer cleaning too! when will it stop lol

  3. That sounded like a great trip. As for cleaning out the registry, what's that? :-)

  4. I need to clean out my computer too.

  5. Part 1: I do disk clean-up every other night. I run my System Mechanic at least once a week to fix errors and yes, even clean the registry. :)

    Part 2: I've been to Vegas once when I was about 12 years old. Obviously it wasn't very fun for me at that age. LOL! Me and hubby DO have it on our places still to go list. We'll go see Hoover Dam while there, but will try to pass on the place in the middle of nowhere. :)

    I LOVE seeing the pictures of YOU!

  6. I really like fox fire too, It is a life saver some times. I like your turkey look to. great design.
    Happy thanks giving.

  7. Clean the computer, you mean we are supposed to do that --- hummm. Something is running in the background now. Hopefully it is cleaning for me. I'm so clueless.

    Been to Veges once. Fun place. It looks like you had a better time than I did though.

  8. Great memories! Congrats on getting your computer all cleaned up.

  9. It sounds like you need to do a how-to post on cleaning the computer. I think we should all know how to do that, but we don't...

    I loved reading of your weekend in Vegas. My husband wants to go there, but I haven't been too excited about it. After reading about your trip, I think it could be a lot of fun. Maybe one of these days we'll have to go - and get away from our own snow flurries.

  10. Anni,

    So glad you got your computer working better. I have only had mine 4 months and need to take it in so they can do all this stuff. I'm not sure about any of it, but have come a long way since I got my first computer.

    I LOVE your GWTW t-shirt. You are one lucky lady. It is a real keepsake.

    Aunt May is the same, so no news there. I will be sure to email you if anything changes.

    Have a great day.


  11. computer cleaning is better than house cleaning though....

  12. WOW - you have been busy.

    Great post - love the photos.

  13. You certainly know more about your computer than I do about mine. Cleaning the registry? Something else I need to learn.
    Enjoyed the pictures.

  14. Mike, and Skittles Yes, I also have CCleaner, but it won't clean out the registry KEYS that are useless. You need a registry cleaner software program. I use the CCleaner every day...but the dll files and the TypeLib keys and others just don't get cleaned out with that for some reason. It might be my settings. :::shrug::: But when the computer gets sluggish, it's usually the registry that needs a good cleaning.


  15. Like you, I enjoy spending a day just cleaning out my computer...which reminds me, I need to do that soon again! I'm always wary also of just deleting anything that it says I don't need, I prefer to check it out first. My son Shawn is the one who taught me a lot about the computer...when he was still living at home I'd drive him nuts by always hanging over his shoulder while he'd be doing something on the computer! lol

    I so enjoyed reading about your trip to Las Vegas. Steve and I love to play the slots and we always dream of one day making it to Vegas. I guess we need to win a big jackpot before we can afford to go there, though! LOL I've been to Atlantic City, NJ, a friend of mine and I decided to drive there...a 16 hour drive for us! We had a blast, though, and we didn't even spend much on the slots, just enjoyed walking on the Boardwalk and taking in the atmosphere:-) xoxo

  16. UGH! You do fall cleaning on your COMPUTER! I can't get beyond the cleaning of the HOUSE! I probably should clean the computer out too though.... someday.

  17. Wow, you did clean your pc all by yourself!

    IT Guy usually do that for me...

    I was working on the theme for Fun Monday during your 'visit', and you left as soon as I hit publish...which means, you will come back and hope I have coffee ready for you on your next visit! LOL

    Love your TT post!

  18. Anonymous11/18/2008

    Enjoyed your Las Vegas memory. We love to go there. We don't gamble - don't even know how - but we enjoy taking in the sights, shopping, etc.
    I think my Hubby needs to do this cleaning job on his computer. We have a program called Registry Cleaner (I think that's what it's called) and it always find lots of problems, but I'm not sure it ever fixes them. Maybe we should consider Foxfire. I've heard a lot of good things about it.
    Yes, those were blue rocks.

  19. You really did do an Autumn cleaning on your computer, didn't you? That's probably something I need to do. I'm sure it makes the computer run faster.

    I love visiting Vegas. It is such a neat city. I have some nice memories, too, from our visits there. Thank you for sharing some of your's.

  20. I cleaned my registry once and made such a hash of it I am scared to try again

  21. Computer cleaning??? You mean I have to clean up my computer as well as my house...I don't think much of that!

    Gone with the there's a movie and Clark Gable was certainly the hero, despite his (rumoured) false teeth, bad breath and lack of height.

    Las Vegas has always fascinated me and I would like to go there, just to say I've been. Not particularly interested in all the activities there, maybe a flutter on the pokies, that's all. But the buildings and the lights look fabulously over the top and would be something to see.

  22. I Heart Vegas! I'm going back in 22 days!

    I'm putting together a virtual tour for my book, would love to stop in TX. Check it out. :)

  23. Ah … this is something I need to do … sooner rather than later. I’m a bit jealous that you’re done.
    Hugs and blessings,