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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

I so! dislike Daylight Savings Time!!!! LOLOLOL

On Friday, Bud and I took the entire day off and did nothing! We ended up at the beach. It was a gorgeous day [a couple of photos below within my poetry]. I took my book, [I have TWO more chapters still, to go, to finish the monster of a novel!] and I took my chaise lounge and just enjoyed the time of nothingness. It was a great few hours. Nothing can beat just sitting and enjoying the beauty of the shoreline. Then,...
Bud and I spent the whole day yesterday tearing down the outdoor decorations and packing away all the Halloween decor inside the house. Believe me when I say it was an all day's job! For some reason, whether it's the economy or whatever, there weren't too many trick 'r' treaters the night before. We maybe, if lucky, had only 30 [if that many] guests come calling. We watched a Vincent Price know, he's the king of macabre. A good fellow to watch on the night of all nights.
And I was so tired afterwards, I just flopped on the bed and slept. Not even reading. Atlas Shrugged, tho I wanted to finish it and move onto another book, [I've so many new ones to read lined up, that this 1100+ page novel by Ayn Rand is getting me back-logged in my reading of others] I didn't get it completed yet!! It's too good to put down and start another book. I MUST finish it before I get into another one...ya, it's THAT good! Today, I tell myself, TODAY I will do nothing but read the last two chapters. I can't wait to see how it all ends. I recommend this book to anyone.

But, in the meantime, since I'm not sleeping and wide awake ---being daylight savings time has ended today, I'm up an hour too early. Dang!! Okay, so in the meantime, I felt poetic this morning with the two beach photos I'm sharing that I took with the cellphone this past Friday. I never, NEVER tire of just sitting and gazing out to the sea---

As I walk along the shore...
The surf hums a melody.
The ripples dance along with me.
Under the sun the tidal pool glistens.
I stop to consume the moment
... just to listen.

Under my feet the sand is shifting.
Beneath my toes the ebb is drifting.
Motion surrounds me. Still,
the minutes go by without me knowing tho time is nil.

In the distance toward the horizon
The stream of sun's light reflects upon the sea
The sky opens; a foyer to an everlasting door
God's dazzling lights...his very own marquee.
...As I walk along the shore


Play along with your subconscious; Sunday's Word Association.
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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. In love :: "I'm in love, I'm in love...with a WONDERFUL guy!" [South Pacific]
2. Be my guest :: Take it, it's yours!
3. Number one :: Numero Uno [Spanish, 'number 1']
4. Swallowed whole :: Jonah & the Whale
5. 50 percent :: Off
6. Made in :: China
7. Supplement :: Income
8. Right for :: an attorney
...okay, okay, so that's weird. The Miranda Warning states a 'right to'...but attorney is the first thing that came to me.
9. Endless :: Summer
10. Ceramic :: Tile



Sunrise on October 31st.


  1. Anni,
    Glad you enjoyed the beach. I am going today with a friend, though it will be a chilly bookless walk in Connecticut.

    I too dislike DST. Ugh. Egads. Yuck. Ew. Will take all week to make the adjustment.

    I enjoyed your sky shot.

  2. Okay! You had me LAUGHING right from the first sentence! Bud and I took the entire day off and did nothing!... WHAT exactly did you and Bud take the day off FROM??? You are BOTH retired! ROFLMBO!!! Oh I see... you took the day OFF from staying at home, and went to the beach to read! How pleasant! LOL! Anni... you crack me up! Ya DID remind me about Atlas Shrugged! I've always wanted to read that book! I'm putting it on my order list at Amazon right NOW! Glad ya got your Halloween packed away for another year... and your Thanksgiving blog is looking lovely!

    My kitchen is revealed!

  3. Nice mutterings!

    Made in China was one that popped into my head but I had seen a few things lately made in Mexico so I decided on that one. I like your #4 also.

    Thanks for dropping by! :D

  4. Good morning!! I am actually up at a decent time because of the time change!! I love this time..Now it is lighter in the mornings!! Your beach walk was beautiful!! nothing like the beach for peace and quiet...

  5. what a nice way to spend a day sitting watching the water , lovely

  6. What a fun post.

    Cool mutterings!!!!

  7. I already played at storytellers!
    I have something for you at my blog!

  8. Anni,

    Wow! Your Thanksgiving decor is beautiful. I love your turkey. Think I told you that before. You did a great job.

    The Halloween sunrise is beautiful. We don't get those lovely ones here all that often and it was nice to see. We seem to get more color at sunset.

    The photos of the ocean are terrific. I do love standing on shore and listening to the pounding of the surf. Such tranquility.

    Enjoyed your unconscious mutterings. Have a great Sunday and try to get that book finished so you can write a review.


  9. I believe you that it was a hard job to put all things away ! I did it too but it didn't take long, lol !
    Sitting now at the beach .... what a dream you lucky girl !!
    But in 2 weeks I do that too I am off with my girlfriend to Egypt !

  10. I loved you poetry. It fit the way the beach is so well. Also smiled at your word associations. Pop over if you get a chance, we feel the same way about daylight savings time. I just don't get it!

  11. We haven't had many trick or treaters for years. I'm talking just 2 or 3, I miss seeing the little ones in their costumes. So this year I went to my sisters house for a while and then to a party.

    Love your turkey.....yeah, the one on your blog....tee hee tee hee

  12. Hah, we matched on #7 and #9 :)

    I love your pictures, btw

  13. You took the day off - but spent the next day de-decorating? I think it should have been the other way around! I really loved your poem - especially the God's very own marquee part. The picture next to that is perfect!

  14. Oh, now that song is burned in my mind again, and I'm not even in love. LOL!

    The time changed last week here, and I'm still not used to it.

    Well, I saw some photos you posted and you really had a great lot of halloween items. So I can understand you had a big job getting it all away.

    Your site looks nice too with the new look.

    You can find mine ::here::.

    Have a wonderful week!

  15. As for trick or treaters we don't get any usual we are out in sticks and the houses are a part.

    In our area I guess my sister in law got around 80 ghost and witches.
    But there was 5 events going on that night in our small area and that is quite a few.
    I don't think it the economy here why Halloween is going out a lot of people thinks it being part of the devil.

    Going to the beach sound interesting. But way to cold to be sitting at any beach around here.

    Coffee is on.

  16. Me too!!! At least these day’s most of my clocks ‘fix’ themselves. LOL I can believe it took you both all day to take down your Halloween decorations and pack them away. We never get any trick or treaters where I live. I don’t even bother to BUY candy any more … seriously!

    I enjoyed your poem & photos … makes me think about going for a walk myself. Your sunrise is beautiful too.

    Wonderful mutterings as usual. I’m singing along with you already ;--)
    Hugs and blessings,

  17. I love you my friend.

  18. The picture and the poems are wonderful together. I wish I were a mermaid in the sea, floating just floating in the beams of light.

  19. love the pictures and the poems, they went together so lovely. I wish I were a mermaid floating in the sea, in the little beams of light.

  20. Anonymous11/02/2008

    I agree with you on the daylight savings time. I'm glad Arizona doesn't participate. It's still confusing though because everybody else (almost) changes their time. Love your cute little Thanksgiving turkey. Love the pictures too.

  21. Anni, what beautiful, beautiful photos! After my move I am so going to need a day of nothingness!! Glad you enjoyed yours. :)


  22. I keep forgetting that you guys have Thanksgiving to get through yet before Christmas! lol Hmmm, maybe I should cross the border that day to celebrate it again! hehe Love your blog decor!!

    I wish I could be sitting on the beach...unfortunately the water would have a layer of ice on it if it was here! lol It's been so cold in the mornings, we had another really heavy frost this morning.

    It's going to take me a few days to get adjusted to this time change once again...the evenings will seem soooo long now with it getting dark so early.

    As usual, beautiful pictures my friend. xoxo

  23. Great mutterings, Anni! :) Hope you'll be able to adjust to DST soon.

  24. This time change always throws me off!

    Great poems girl ! Beautiful seaside pics! I would so love to live by the seaside......

  25. Jettied11/02/2008

    Love your new look!!!I hate daylight saving time too!!! yuck!!
    A day of nothinless...that would be nice!!

  26. Dear Anni ~~ Great photos and poem. Water is so calming to watch isn't it? I am so glad you enjoyed the story of Wings. What a beautifully brave mother. Not too many would do that.
    Have a wonderful week, my friend. Love, Merle.

  27. Anonymous11/02/2008

    Great mutterings. Endless Summer was a great album. ^_^
    Thanks for dropping by my place!

  28. i felt i was on the beach with you, and wonderful it was to be there!!!

  29. I love your poem!!! It's beautiful. . . along with the pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm not a fan of daylight savings either. My internal clock is all screwed up!

    Cute blog too!

  30. Anonymous11/03/2008

    Please don't delete me because I'm anonymous. I don't know what ID thing means and I don't have a blog posted yet. I'm working on one. I found your blog while reading another one. My hubby and I retired this year in Feb. and one of the extended trips we took several weeks touring the state of TX. We loved it! We too spent a day at the ocean (South Padre National Seashore) doing nothing. It was so much fun driving our truck onto the beach, parking and getting our chairs out and eating lunch. I LOL at one comment about taking a day off when one is retired. Even retirees need a day off. Now I wish we had eaten at a What A Burger. We noticed them but didn't eat there once the whole trip. Loved the humor of the Texans. Particularly the welcome signs. One said "Welcome to so and so town 3,000 friendly people and a few sore heads". I read "Atlas Shrugged" in college in the early 70s and have read it several times since. The last time this year. It's my favorite book. You should read "Fountainhead" too. Both are great. It's funny reading books at different ages. I'm very new to blogging as a reader. I'm drafting a blog as I speak and hope to publish soon. All of this is new to me. I love your banner and blog set up and wouldn't dream of stealing any. God my hubby and I love retirement. Although this probably isn't the best time to retire we made the decision before all this ecomonical mess came to light. We just returned from a month of touring CA. We had a great time there too. We are home (near Philadephia, PA) for a short while before leaving for Disney World. This is our big year to travel. One of the reasons we retired was so we can travel while we still have our health (hubby is 59 and I will be 62 this month). Well, I better quit. I'm typing this is bed - my back went out yesterday and it hurts to stand or walk right now. God Bless Texans!
    Tea Cup Lady

  31. New look for the Thanksgiving, I give you a thumbs up and a Numero Uno :D

  32. Absolutely stunning photos.

  33. The sea has that kind of effect on me, too.