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Got a good reason For taking the easy way out

HEADS or TAILS is below the last of the Ranch Breakfast series


King's Ranch, Texas, Established by Captain Richard King, 1853. Now a National Landmark

Today is the last of the photo share for the Saturday's Ranch Hand Breakfast. Yesterday I showed the entertainment part, Sunday I showed the breakfast and the walk from the car to the grub line. Being the last section of the morning's outing, I saved the history for last. Not only is the ranch famous for the 'new breed of cattle' --The Santa Gertrudis was established here for the first new kind of cattle, and the infamous longhorn cattle breed, the ranch also produced many champion race horses....

If you take the guided tour from the visitor's center while on the ranch land the tour guide will tell you about a horse that was foaled on the ranch! It belonged to Kleberg, part of the King family members. I believe he was a son in law or a partner of the ranch at one time [not sure]. She also tells you the horse, in 1946 became a Triple Crown Winner --one that wins the Kentucky Derby, the Preakness, and the Belmont Stakes horse races!! As you are driven along the paved road in the interior of the ranch, you're only told that the horse is buried on the ranch. Saturday, while Bud and I were walking the grounds, we spied some headstones near one building and walked over. It was all horses. And I found Assault's headstone. It states: "Assault" Chestnut Horse 1943-1971 Triple Crown Winner 1946. There were several others who came from the ranch that became Derby winners and other racers. A You Tube video of the Triple Crown races and Assault - 1946 follows.

After the breakfast and the walking around we went back to the field where we had parked the car, and left. But, from the area where the event was held and the exit gate back to Kingsville is about 3 or 4 miles. And you go right smack dab in front of the main ranch house. Along with other buildings along the road. This building is the horse stables. No longer in use. But still historical. It is located within a short walk from the main house. At the curve in the road I pulled off and asked the young ranch hands if I could walk over to take a look inside. They said "sure"! Naturally I was elated. Why...just think, I could be stepping on the same turf that the famous Assault walked to be groomed and fed and bedded down!

Tho such a cloudy day, it was nearing the peak of the sun in the sky and the brightness shown through the stables' alleyway. In the day's light you view a big running w brand on the barn across the road. Tho, not visible through my lens. If only the walls could tell me the happenings of such a day when the trainer worked to brush down the horse and talk with him and tell him just how well he's doing! Way back before I was born! :::sigh:::
The open area you see with the stalls on both sides is on the right of the photo above.

This is one stall. The photo is taken from the outside of the building. At the side as you see in the 1st photo above. Could it be? Could Assault have been bordered in this very stall? Makes my mind wonder, makes a very vivid picture in my head of a beautiful, well-trained, silky and pampered horse who will become a "King" in his own right!


This photo is the building you'd see through the stables' alleyway. The barn. Notice the running 'W' brand. You see that everywhere in this area. The state of Texas is proud of its history. You just can't get away from it. [When we drove home we took the 'back roads' through Chapman Ranch that is about 6-10 miles from the city limits of Corpus Christi. At one time, the Champman Ranch was part of the King Ranch...yes, his land reached as far as the outskirts of Corpus Christi!!] I guess you can understand the glorification of the man and his ranch and his historical value to this state.

The carriage house. This is within walking distance of the main house - just to the northwest of the kitchen buildings. Yes, the kitchens were separate from the house. Back it the days of the and most everywhere, the kitchens were normally set and built separately to keep the home from dangerous fire hazards. The carriage house housed the wagons and the cars that are now in the museum in the town of Kingsville, Texas.

When guests would arrive, this is the area they were greeted; at the reception hall. It's just a few yards from the main house. After the carriage arrived holding the guests, they'd stop in here and remove or drop off anything they'd prefer to leave before entering the main house to be entertained. After being dropped off, then the driver would take the horse and buggy or the vehicle to the carriage house.

From the meeting/greeting area, a side view through the mesquite and live oak trees with a view of the main doorway of the main house on King Ranch.

The Main House!


Note: It's my understanding that many celebrities have rented this house out for several months at a time. I don't know just how legit this is, but if I were rich, I'd love to spend a week there or longer, wouldn't you?


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This week's theme/prompt is: HEADS - Anything you can do with your hand(s)

Golly, I do so much with my hands. Typing in my blog comes to mind first. Wiping things....LOL, okay take that for what it's worth and figure it wiping spills, wiping the dust off the furniture, wiping the floor --you thought of something else, now, didn't you? [insert a snort] Then, there is driving, opening a door, opening a can or a bottle, petting my kitties, raking, gardening, painting my toenails, hand washing, you name it...there is truly a gazillion million things to do with my hands. But the photo above shows one of my favorite things I do with my hands. CROCHET


  1. the architecture, the grounds, both historical and breathtaking. very worthwhile preserving. hmmm, yeah, i too wouldn't mind staying over there for a while...

  2. i bet you make some great creations. you will have to show us sometime ;)

  3. Thanks for dropping by --- my Head or Tails is now up. We had the same idea -- overwhelmed by all we do with out hands, but I put my in poety form. I think you will like it.

  4. We've still got loads of blankets made out of squares from my dearest's crocheting period. And they're very warm.
    A useful pastime.

  5. Your trip to the ranch looks really interesting.

    It's amazing all the things we do with our hands, isn't it? I've never learned to crochet, so that's one thing I don't do with mine.

  6. Thanks for the awesome tour my friend.

  7. Hi Anni, I want to learn how to crochet..I am sharing my handiwork for today... come see..
    Have a great Thanksgiving. hugs, Baba

  8. Thanks for visiting me. I can crochet too and I need to start doing it again. Maybe make a quilt or two.

  9. I don't know that I would do a whole WEEK on the ranch -- I'm sure Krysti would do a week on the ranch. (with raging hormones, she'd probably do all the cowboys on the ranch too!) LOL! *slap me!* I did NOT just say that! Krysti is a GOOD girl... yea... and she might even ride a horse! WAIT! I didn't mean THAT! (she's standing over me as I type... )

    Anyway... a day there was enough for me!

  10. We haven't done as much traveling this year as we would have liked to have done, so thanks for the tour of the ranch. I love visiting those kinds of places so much more than amusement park type places.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. I thought you'd maybe go off in a different direction this week. :P (Snort right back at you. LOL)

    Maybe I'll take up crocheting again. I used to do it ALL the time.

  11. Firs I love your work on this page really cute. My mom loves crocheting and with every creation comes love. Right now she's preparing blankets for my children so that when they do have children they will be there if she isn't.


  12. I wish I new how to crochet! Great HOT entry and thank you for stopping by :)

  13. I think I learned how to crochet...but obviously can't remember! lol :)

  14. I've never learned to crochet, but it's on my list of things to learn in the future.

  15. Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. Love your tour of the King Ranch. I have been to Kingsville once when I was 12 years old....many moons ago. I watched the video of Assult and he won by quite a margin. Love the Copland also, it fit right in with the theme.

    Aren't they trying to build some wind farms just outside of the ranch? I heard that the King family was resisting the wind farms.....

    I don't suppose you got much wind from IKE. Galveston is in shambles and the hospital layed off 3,500 employees....what a shame.

  17. Anni,

    I've caught up on your posts on the King Ranch and I enjoyed the entire tour. This one is especially packed with history. The photos are terrific and I learned a lot about the ranch.

    I'm glad you got out the the breakfast. One of these times I'd like to visit while this is going on. It would be great.

    The video of the horse races was enjoyable as well. I do like horses and Assault was a beauty.

    Take care, my friend. Will email you tomorrow.


  18. Oh, Anni, I so enjoyed this post...Assault was such a beautiful horse and it was so awesome to see him racing on that video. It boggles the mind how huge the King Ranch is and was at one time! That's a place I would love to wander through.

    When you said you wiped things with your hands....nope I never thought you know...hehe I so admire people like you that know how to crochet. My mom use to crochet a lot and tried teaching me but all I ever ended up with was a mess so I gave it up. lol

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones, dear Anni. xoxo