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Since going to San Antonio, we've hit a couple of places that was of interest to us and I thought I'd share a bit of one area. The afternoon, by the time we got back into Corpus, I wanted to stop at the Antique Mall. Since the whole day was wasted and yet time enough to walk around [we'd been sitting on our little toochies all day driving and then at the lawyer's office and driving back], I needed to get some exercise and get my butt 'un-numbed'! I bought a little something at one of the shops, so that photo will be at the end for show n tell. Bud and I love to just walk around in these shops. They're all in a whole city block...and you can walk through the doors from one, to another shop. What amazes me, no boggles the mind, is that a lot of the things some dealers sell is actually called 'antiques'. Hey, I may be on the other side of half a century, but I remember some of these things. And I still have them and use them! Guess that makes ME antique! Oh well...anyway, I just wanted y'all to get the ambiance of the area in our city before I show you a piece I bought. It's really nothing earth shattering; the mall OR my purchase, but it's part of what I sometimes collect pieces of and purchase one here and there. Sometimes. I don't pay the huge prices they ask most of the time, but if I find one that 'fits with me' personally, I WILL buy!

So, the next twelve tiny thumbnail photos show you the Antique Row here in Corpus Christi ---

Of course I had to show you the wooden, primitive witch carving. What do you expect of me? It's Halloween month. [bottom row center] They wanted $28 for it. Ummmm, "I don't think so!" Still on the bottom row [left] was an antique christening gown I believe. To the right of the witch is a super old watering can. Loved it...nope, didn't buy it. Above these last three photos are: An oil painting, a really super trunk [great shape...$250] And glassware. Notice the ruby glass? *hint* Above this row of three is a gold gilded mirror trio. That was going for over $1k!! And the one in the center? The singer sewing machine? I learned to sew on one JUST LIKE this. I honestly think if we would have been in a pickup, I may have purchased this one. Reminded me of my mom. Then last on that row...rose china knick knacks...the were beautiful!! All $25 and above. Geez Louise!!! But oh so beautiful!!! And the top row of thumbnail photos shows you part of the Antique Row.

- - -

Okay, so now you got the idea of what we did for a while to stretch out and unwind the cramped muscles from the day long driving. As I *hinted* above, the ruby glass. Well, on our honeymoon it all started. I promise I'll make this short. Bud bought me a beautiful red ruby glass candy dish filled with the most delectable chocolates...from there it moved forward to buying MORE ruby glass pieces every once in a while. I found something that really 'fits'...I love the red glass, I love cherries...and I saw this lone creamer with cherries molded into the glass...

The sugar bowl [if there was ever one to begin with] wasn't anywhere to be found. But the fact that I LOVE the red, tart, cherries was enough for me to say "I gotta have this small piece for my collection". And I paid very minimal admittedly. The dealer was more than happy to oblige me and barter a bit with the asking price. Oh and by the way, on the shelf in the window with all the glass pieces...there were AVON red glass. So, ladies if you have any sitting around...keep 'em. They're worth a fortune to the dealers!!

I just love how when the light of day comes through the's so pretty. No matter what color of's just plain pretty!!

~...end Show n Tell
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  1. the antiques!! The mirror, the rose dishes...oh my!!!!

    Thanks for the visit!!

  2. I love the antique shops as well, but usually they are far too expensive for my pockets.....but sometimes when you find a really nice piece, you must spend some money! In my hometown there's a exhibition every year called "Mercante in fiera" (sort of buy and sell for collectors) and they have displayed lots of items they call "antique" most of them I remember very well, so maybe I'm a bit too old..........

  3. Good morning Anni, I love your "red ruby " glass creamer..and the light hits it at the right angle..thanks for sharing and visiting my place today.. have a fun day, hugs.. Baba

  4. Anonymous10/17/2008

    I love your ruby glass, thanks for visiting my place, I also like the fact you consider yourself to be antique as you are over half a century, I guess that makes two of us. Happy weekend to you too from Scotland.

  5. Thanks so much for the treat! Nice way to start the day :)

  6. What you call Antique market we call Flea market. The red glass piece looks beautiful, I love red too !
    I just came back from swimming in my "Show & Tell" lol !

  7. i too, love browsing through antique shops (never stays with browsing though, the card always makes an appearance somewhere along the line...) and auctions, of course... have a good weekend dear anni!

  8. Methinks you and my sister are 'kindred spirits' ... I enjoyed seeing these 'treasures' today. Of course I've on Haiku on both blogs today as usual.
    Hugs and blessings,

  9. I haven't been antiquing/browsing for ages. I also like flea markets, but they are few and far between.
    Love the ruby glass and have a red glass martini pitcher that I use for a vase-I bought in a train car that was an antique shop!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. I love antiques! Those are some awesome pieces you ran across! Make sure to give yourself your new award - it's a cutie and fits your blog.

  11. aw your so sweet thank you dear

  12. lov eit! what adarling blog all set up for halloween! super cute!!!! I love the red creamer....

  13. JanMary, N Ireland10/17/2008

    I LOVE your ruby glass jug, and what an amazing antiques place - I have never seen more that a individual shop in one place, certainly never that many. I would never want to leave!

  14. That sounds like a great place! So many goodies to see. Love the ruby glass you bought to add to your collection!


  15. Hi, Annie, and as usual your blog is adorable. I love the ruby glass- it is so beautiful! Thanks for visiting my blog and I hope you have a wonderful weekend planned.Carolyn

  16. Robert and I go prowling (as we call it) through shops like those on occasion. We love finding stuff that reminds us of our childhood. The glass you bought is similar to the set I've bought my mother-in-law over the years. Very pretty displayed with the light coming through it. Have a great weekend!

  17. Anni,

    Wow! I just HAVE to get down to see you and we will go and see all of those places in the thumbnails. hehe. I absolutely LOVE your little pitcher. There may or may not have been a creamer that went with it at one time, but it is beautiful. Mom also loves red glass and has many pieces.

    I love the story of how you began to collect red glass. Things happen that effect us for life. What a sweetie Bud was to buy you that beautiful dish with the delicious chocolates.

    Enjoyed your show and tell this week. Now I'm heading over to find out about your Halloween Party. I just have to know if I'm invited. ;-)

  18. I can never get my husband to stop at places like that so I just see them, and then take the girlfriends and go check them out. Hope you have a great weekend.

  19. What an interesting looking place Antique Row is, Anni. Now that's the sort of place I love to fossick around. It's amazing what one can find. But the dealers do know how to hike the prices, so garage sales are even better...people just want to get rid of what they think is "junk" but which, to someone like you or me, is treasure.

    I love the little red creamer and of course, it would have special meaning for you being red glass. Good find.

  20. Sounds like you had a fun day! Love the ruby glass!


  21. Very pretty red glass, and what a romantic beginning to your collection!

  22. Thank you for showing these shops, and some of the goodies inside! Love what you got. I'm going to come back and visit your Halloween Party!!!

  23. I love your creamer...very cherry! I went antiquing today...ended up a window shop as I couldn't justify the money they to look though. They were giving away FREE books though, so I got one of those...not a total loss.
    Hubby sounds like a keeper, by the way!

    Warm Regards,

  24. When I was growing up, I always loved the ruby glass items from Avon. We used to live in SA, and I miss going to Corpus. It's a lot farther now that we are in North TX.

  25. That sounds like my kind of antique store. :0) Your ruby dish is so pretty...I love when the sun shines through it!