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"SILENCE!!!!------ I ...."

I was still recouping from last Friday Night on Sunday!! The Jeff Dunham show actually began on time [usually when we attend these 'concerts' they make us wait, but not this one]. The bank center where the event was being held was packed. We had pretty good seats, but not front row. By the time I got into ticketmaster, the front rows were taken already. But we had section B, floor, row two and seats 12 and 13 near the stage. And luck was on my side, we had no one to the left of, we were very comfortable. Believe me when I say it was elbow to elbow. It was like squirming sardines, packed so close.

And loud. But, don't get me wrong, I love loud when it comes to having fun. And this was fun! So much fun that I ached halfway through the show. I haven't laughed this hard and this long for soooooooo long. And the concert lasted hours! It started shortly after 8 and went to about 11:30/11:45!! When we got home afterward, we were tired. No, Exhausted--- But, truthfully, it was a good exhaustion [I'll be trying for days now to get back to normal].

First, the Guitar Guy. If you follow Jeff Dunham, you know now that Achmed sings with the Guitar Guy. Brian Haner. He and Achmed sing a version of a Christmas song "Jingle Bombs". Well, at eight, on stage comes Brian. And he can really play the guitar. He had me so hyped up. He actually played a Guns and Roses...'Sweet Child of Mine'. Loud enough to probably break a few eardrums...but wow!!! And his comedy routine while playing was a hoot!!! He entertained us and played his guitar about 20 to 30 minutes. About a ten minute break then before the star Walter, Achmed, JEFF comes on stage. Okay...Bud and I go out and get a beer. Nice and cold and icy. It hit the spot.

...back to our seats! Lights dim...anticipation of an hour of gut splitting laughter ahead!!

On stage comes Jeff! He does a new stand up routine about his three teen-aged daughters. That was very funny. A short synopsis you want? Well, if you have a daughter, you know what he's talking about....boobs appearing, dating, cars. He described how 'evil' his wife was while he was out on the road with his show...they bought their daughter an used car for her 16th birthday. Wife tapes a lot of the girls' lives for Jeff since he's on tour a lot. The car...daughter pumping gas for the first time...wife videotaping...Jeff telling us the whole spiel! Funny!!! He then, gets us riled ---and to our delight, out comes Walter!!!


He's such a grumpy ol' man, you just gotta love the guy! Walter has been around a long time and knows all about life! You just can't disagree with his attitude! He's right on. His way of thinking is just too good. And so often his statements make you just say "YA!!! You're so right Walter!" "Way to go!" "More, more!!!" His routine was quite eloquent if I may say so. I loved the part where he tells Jeff that he has suspicions of the fact that Jeff needs to be watched. The reason, he has been to his house and he has seen all the shooting missiles. All encased. [remember three daughters and a wife at home!] And that they have to be missiles!!! He has seen the tiny fuse [the string] on each and every one of them!!! [of course if you'd been there, you'd know that he was talking about the use of tampons...all over the house! Guess you had to be there....

On to my favorite---

Walter goes back into his beloved trunk, and on stage comes my most favorite. The unbelievably appealing dead terrorist....Achmed!! I yelled, stood up, and whistled to his entry! I just love the guy. Did I say he's adorable? Yes indeedy, he IS!! And with the 'new' routine -that Jeff informed us all will be shown on Comedy Central during the holiday months on cable- it'll be about the holidays of course. And to my ultimate delight, Achmed had his Santa hat on. You see, he's a terrorist that has remained 'alive' but botched his mission....he is so funny!! I laughed and laughed. Some new, some of the more usual routine, but all so refreshing to see them 'live and in person'!!!! Of course by the end of this segment, which ran about 40 minutes maybe...Achmed calls for the Guitar Guy, and sings his ever so popular Jingle Bombs!! [to the tune of Jingle Bells] I've seen and listened to this song for so long, I can mouth the words, I love it that much---
    Dashing through the sand
    with a bomb strapped to my back.
    I have a nasty plan
    for Christmas in Iraq.

    I got through checkpoint A,
    but not through checkpoint B.
    That’s when I got shot in the ass
    by the US Military…

    Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs
    Mine blew up you see.
    Where are all the virgins
    that Bin Laden promised me?

    Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs
    U.S. soldiers shot me dead.
    The only thing that I have left
    is this towel up on my head.

    I used to be a man,
    but every time I cough,
    thanks to Uncle Sam,
    my nuts keep falling off.

    My bombing days are done.
    I need to find some work.
    Perhaps it would be much safer
    as a convenient store night clerk.

    Oooh, jingle bombs, jingle bombs
    I think I got screwed.
    Don’t laugh at me because I’m dead
    or I’ll kill you…

    [a deep guttural voice now] I KILL-L-L YOUOUOU!

It's just amazing to actually know that Jeff is doing fact, just a couple of times, I glanced over to see Jeff and his throat moving in boggles the mind how a ventriloquist works his voice like that through tight lips. Amazing. I know, I know...I KNOW that I actually think that Achmed is real!!

After Achmed's hilarity, out comes Peanut!! Peanut is another favorite. He's just so hyper, with his 'act' find yourself becoming over zealous yourself. And of course Guitar Man comes out during the skit...more laughs and aching sides. I just didn't want it to come to an end. I knew the show was getting ready to close, and I remained rivited to my seat....Jeff closed the act. The stage was cleared. Standing ovations and cheers and whistles! "Good Night Corpus Christi!!!" Only to have Jeff come back to more cheers and applause. He boughs, gives his thanks, and then, brings out .........

....Bubba J! After the roaring crowd settles down in their seats, the show continued for a few minutes with Jeff saying he'd do this: Which was the familiar routine with Bubba. And as it commenced, those of us who have watched the Dunham show over and over could give Bubba's answers from our was a hoot. And let me tellya, the show began about five minutes after 8 in the evening, and it wasn't over until after eleven!!! We live just a few miles from the downtown area, about 10 minutes at the slowest time [I can drive home from downtown on a GOOD day with no traffic in 5!]....we didn't get home until about ten minutes after midnight! The show, tho long, I could have stayed and watched more. It was just marvelous. Funny, laughter, ----the best in comedy!


In Political News:

In Texas, one of many states here in the USA, registered citizens can vote for President and local candidates along with bonds and propositions for the county, early! Here in this state, early voting began October 20th. Bud and I decided that we'd get our voting done and avoid the crowds on November 4th. Ummmmmm, I don't think so!!! We arrived close to the poll's opening time, and there was a line already! The two of us ended up, in line, over an took us about 2 hours Tuesday to get through the line, get recorded on the books/county computer...and vote. But...afterward, we were happy to have it finished!!


Weather update

At last, hurricane season is coming to a close for us here on the Texas coast. The Gulf waters are quite a lot cooler now, much less chance of any storms coming least BIG destructive storms. Altho hurricane season doesn't officially end until November 30th, as long as the waters stay cool and begin to get a lot colder as the nighttime temps continue to drop lower and lower, so does the chance of storms coming in from the Caribbean.

It's been the most beautiful few days around here. Cool nights, crisp Autumn mornings, then the sun rises---but, the inferno has subsided! Long gone are the days of 100+ degrees in temps. Highs are now in the low 80s to mid 80s. Nearly perfect for me and Bud. It was such a wonderful day yesterday that we grabbed our books, hopped in the car and drove over the JFK causeway to the island and went to the beach to just laze the day away! [a sloppy lookin' ol' lady dressed in her misshapened tank top...but hey, what'dya expect being on the beach and all? ---a princess? roflmao!] I sat and soaked up the rays, listening to the surf and gulls as I read my book...Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Yep, folks, I'm STILL reading this book. It's taken me all summer, trust me. I'm on page 800 and something, and yet over three hundred pages remain unread! I'm determined to finish this book! It's VERY good.

Of course, in time, the beach calls me...I always have the urge to walk along the shore and look for shells, and watch the water fowl. This photo is quite a distance from where we parked the car. Bud stayed and read his book [he's reading something on the famed Jack the Ripper saga], while I strolled...I came upon one lone 'adult' sea gull and a brood of babies! I didn't want to disturb them, the photo is a long shot! They were all soaking up the warm sun too! So cute, and sooooo fat! I gave them wide berth and detoured clear around them so they wouldn't have to fly off with their mistrust of a human.

As I continued making footprints in the sand, I kept my eye out for 'the perfect' shell. Granted this area of beach, called Luby Park, always has a lot of remnants of sand dollars. I am always hoping to find a 'whole' one without any breakage. They're so fragile, and break easily. Then, again, there is foot traffic AND vehicles traversing the beach, you're lucky to find any unbroken ones. Yesterday was a great day when we arrived. Low tide! Lots of shells. And about a mile out from where we parked, there was one. A very tiny one...but it was whole! Unbroken. Yay, me. They're good luck you know. [the sand dollar here that I found is only about the size of a U.S. quarter] I treated it like a precious stone as I continued walking. And it did make it home in the afternoon...all completely whole!

Back to the car after about an hour walking and combing the beach. I dropped all my goodies that I found. I also picked up a nice-sized piece of driftwood. And more shells. The wood was heavy and soaked with water...but once it dries out, of course I have my mind in high gear, figuring out what 'art' project I can come up with to make use of it. This photo is of a heron just a few feet from our beach chair. I love the sparkling water beyond the bird.

Ahhhhhhhh, it was a perfect day. A lazy, wonderful, relaxing day.

- - -

Note: Since this is such a LONG Thursday issue today, I'll forgo the Halloween treat hand outs and double it tomorrow.


  1. Sweetie, I love that you had such a good time. I can just hear you laughing now. Wish I could have been there with you. I love you.

  2. Wow - they let you take pics of the show. That's interesting. Achmed was a good tip by you, I like him now, too!

    Glad you voted. Yay!

  3. Ached is my favorite too, I'll bet that was a ton of fun. I am more than ready to say goodbye to Hurricane season. Even regular rain makes me jumpy Have a great day!

  4. That show must have been wonderful ! I love such things too ! You must be relieved too that you are done with the election ! We see it here on Euronews every day and it is about time that it finishes. When the old guy speaks he sounds like a quacking frog, especially to those who don't understand english !
    Some Swedish people organized an election for all Europeans to vote for Obama or McCain on Face Book (just for fun) guess who winned ?? Obama of course, lol !

  5. We got one of Jeff Dunham's DVD's awhile ago and have watched so much it is memorized. Achmed cracks me up.

  6. The beach looks fun. Wish I were there with you! I love collecting sand dollars.

  7. Love the Beach, great place to end an day! (or began).....
    The lady! (now, if she only knew)
    Happy T13

    thanks for stopping by...

  8. aaaah, peanut, my sweetie pie!!! and i'm gonna have to hide that new jingle bells, just the kinda thing my 12-year old will memories and sing at every opportunity...

  9. oh i want to watch that kind of show.cute puppet..very clever and artistic guy. Love the beach really. Happy TT dear! mine is up now.

  10. Anni,

    I loved every minute of your long Thursday post. What fun the show was and I'm so glad that you and Bud could enjoy it. I have never seen Peanut or Bubba J. I bet the latter is a hoot.

    I'm glad you and Bud went to vote early and I sincerely hope that the US people will make a good turnout for this election. We needed a good turnout here for the October 14th election and only got about 58%. People do not taking voting seriously and that irks me to no end. This is our country and then after not voting, they gripe about the state of affairs.

    What a beautiful day you and Bud spent on the beach and that sand dollar is such a precious gift of nature and good luck to boot. I am sure the driftwood will become a work of art once it has dried. The gulls and heron would have made my day. Would love to go beachcombing with you.

    Take care, my friend and enjoy your day.

  11. Anonymous10/23/2008

    I am so glad you enjoyed the show and thanks for your report on it, I feel like I was there too!!

  12. Wow what a great post...sounds like you had a good time.

  13. That looks like a great show. Enjoying yourself can often be tiring, but it's sure worth it.

  14. Achmed is our favorite here

  15. LOL! You and my daughter--she's still tackling Atlas Shrugged. Which is only appropriate since her name is Dagny. :) I love that book--I tend to re-read it every 5 years or so.

  16. I enjoyed the review of the show. It sounds so funny. I'm glad you enjoyed yoursel so much. I'll be looking for this comedian on TV. Thanks for the heads up. Faith

  17. After so long anticipating the performance, I'm so glad it lived up to all your expectations and you had a great time.

    Thanks for helping me celebrate my birthday. It's friends like you that make this a special day.

    Hope you're having a great day!

    Love and big hugs,


  18. I'm glad you had so much fun and that you let us know what the show was like.
    I remember seeing Jose~Jalepeno On A Stick in the 80's, I think it was on Johnny Carson. I loved Jeff back then too. He just keeps getting funnier as time goes on and he adds more puppets.

    Loved your post!!!

  19. Sounds like a great night out and a fun day at the beach. Thanks for the lovely words you left again, for me. It brought the sunshine into my day. I in middle of more test, thearpy, doctors, so my days are filled, I hope they hurry up and say what going on now. Oh will same old things, that been. but thanks for the words I really needed them last few days.

  20. Great review. Thank for sharing....

  21. Anni!!! I am soooo jealous that you got to see Jeff Dunham in person...and Achmed...and Peanut...and Walter...ooooooh green, green, green here!! hehe I so love Jeff and his puppets, like you Achmed is my favourite. I have two of his dvds and can watch them over and over again, he's just so hilarious. I was thrilled to find out he's got a Christmas one coming out soon, will definitely be getting that one as well. I'm so glad you got to see his act in person, sounds like it was absolutely awesome:-)

    Sounds like everyone had the same idea to vote early like you! lol I'm sure you're glad to have it done and over with though. It certainly will be very interesting to find out the outcome of this election!!

    Look at you in your shorts and sitting reading at the beach!! Look at me with my winter boots and heavy coat on!! lol It's only gone up to about 34F here the last few days so you can see why I've had to put my shorts away! hehe xoxo

  22. I've seen Walter before, but just recently saw Achmed on YouTube! Love it! lol Great post! Have a wonderful weekend!

  23. rosemary10/24/2008

    what a fabulous concert
    So hope Jeff comes to Canada soon

  24. I’m doing my best to catch up today. Blogger was doing weird stuph yesterday and I gave up trying to comment for a while. Seems like an entertaining show for sure! Methinks there’s early voting here in So Cal too and I’m planning to check it out next week. I certainly hope the weather will be kind to you there on the Gulf Coast … and I certainly hope we finally get some rain soon!!! I’m tired of these dry, windy conditions … though I’m grateful for the cooler temperatures here at the beach. I soooo relate to your beach walk and am thinking about taking Molly down there today … just because.
    Hugs and blessings,

  25. I had to go back and find this post. I was hoping you had posted about the Jeff Dunham show. Boy! How I wish I could have been there!
    Glad ya'll had a good time.
    Guess we'll wait 'till November to vote...:o/