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Edition 78

This week will be 13 facts from a favorite book not only for the season, but anytime - any place. "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" and the author's history -Number 12 being a favorite passage of mine from the book.

If you visited this past Tuesday you viewed an 'old shoppe' type wooden sign I made for Halloween decor in my home. [If you missed it, it's HERE and the link should open in a new window] Of all books, and not only for Halloween, this is one of my favorite short stories.....

1] The short story was written by Washington Irving, as we all know. But, in 1820 his work of "Sleepy Hollow" and "Rip Van Winkle" was published under the name of Geoffrey Crayon, Gent. [being Washington Irving]

2] The publication under Crayon was called "The Sketch Book" and it was a 'serial' [meaning it came out in a 'series' through the year 1819-1820] of some 30+ essays.

3] Geoffrey Crayon was one of the first pseudonyms used by Irving

4] Irving was offered, and he turned down, a position of Secretary of Navy [his brother, William, was Congressman of New York].

5] The original date of publication of the short story, Legend of Sleepy Hollow, was March 15th, 1820

6] Icabod Crane [the school master], according to Irving, was based on a real life character - Jesse Merwin from Kinderhook New York.

7] There was a 'real life' person named Icabod Crane...a colonel in the Army during the war of 1812.

8] The Headless Horseman was supposedly a Hessian Soldier, where during the American Revolutionary War, he was beheaded at the battle of Chatterton Hill, from a rocketing cannonball.

9] The horseman is fabled to be buried here:

    The Old Dutch Church
10] Irving lived in the area, and died. He is buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. Which by the way, at Irving's request upon his death be changed in name from Tarrytown Cemetery to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery.

    Washington Irving's Resting Place
11] The character of Katrina [the love interest of Brom Bones and Icabod Crane] is thought to have been based upon Eleanor Van Tassel Brush, in which case her name is derived from that of Eleanor's aunt Catriena Ecker Van Tessel.

12] ..."yet, daylight put an end to all these evils; he would have passed a pleasant life of it, in despite of the Devil and all his works, if his path had not been crossed by a being that causes more perplexity to mortal man than ghosts, goblins, and the whole race of witches put together, and that was--a woman." [Icabod]

13] Images from my copy of "Legend of Sleepy Hollow" with a great children's illustrator: Russ Flint

BONUS: There is also another story [among many] that deals with the "Headless Horseman". Written by an Irishman, Mayne Reid. It takes place in South Texas!!! Link

~...end Thursday 13
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  1. Aw, your so sweet! Thanks!

  2. Very interesting my friend, love you.

  3. Thanks :) I put it on my blog.

  4. Thanks very much for your treat. I'll put it on my blog and mention you. Have a terrific October!

  5. I have heard of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, of course, but have never read the book. You make it sound very interesting which I'm sure it is.

  6. Happy TT great post!

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  8. Hi Anni, I have never read this book "The legend of sleepy hollow'..I may have to check it out from the library..Have a good night, I just got home from the nursery after my volunteer work..hugs, Baba

  9. INteresting facts. I've seen the movie, but never read the book. Thanks for sharing. Happy T13!

  10. Wow, I remember reading stories of the headless horseman as a kid, but I didn't know it was so involved as you have it listed. I love TT I learn so much. Good job!

  11. Jetttied10/08/2008

    I never knew there was a book on it!! and it looks like a really neat book!!!!

  12. I really loved all the information about Washington Irving and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow! I am just now finishing up Bram Stoker's "Dracula" and was going to check a copy of "Sleepy Hollow" from the library. I LOVE have background information about the books I read.

    Thanks a bunch!!


  13. I have heard of him but never read the book.

    BTW my WW was very interesting for statistics !
    From 79 hits (as shown on Clustermap counter) only 12 commented and the majority were non Americans ! I noticed this already a long time ago that when it comes to give an own opinion or even to laugh about a political subject Americans run away and don't dare to say what they think ! I saw that on your and Melli's blog and on several others who dared to say what they think ! It's as if they were afraid !

  14. Never heard from this. Thank you for sharing. I think i should grab one. If you could advice me where to buy, i will appreciate. Thanks!

  15. Anni,

    I had a lot of catching up to do. I absolutely LOVE your Sleepy Hollow project. You've done a great job with it. Great Halloween decor.

    Your book is awesome. Can you tell me what year the copyright is and who published it?

    Congratulations to all your Sweet Treat winners today. They are certainly deserving.

    Drop over when you have a chance. I have photos of day one of our mini vacation.


  16. you sure are knowledgeable of this ichabod... i remember reading the bean a book called ichabod and mr. toad. are they related???

  17. That story always scared the bejeebers out of me. :)

  18. what an outstanding TT love, I love learning something new...

    My TT ~ Don't SAY That

  19. That was so cool! What a great idea for a Fall time TT :)

  20. What great facts, many I had never heard before. Thank you!

    Happy TT

  21. Interesting post...I love the headless horseman tale.

  22. Ooooo … I forgot about your Halloween Headers for T-13 when I created and scheduled my post last night … but I recall from last week that they ARE wonderful! Life’s too busy for me to think of everything these days and I’ll be rushing off to class soon but I’m enjoying my first cup of coffee at the computer … just because. You (on the other hand) are certainly making the most of this holiday season! I love the ‘message’ on your 2nd treat and your ‘review’ of Irving’s story is a PERFECT choice … as always ;--)

    I just took a minute to ‘switch out’ the ‘headers’ in MY T-13 post today (choosing the ‘ghostie’ sneaking in the open door) … leaving a ‘thank you’ and a link to you … just because. I see that you’ve already visited and left a comment. Thanks … and I hope you have a great day!
    Hugs and blessings,

  23. Hi Anni you have lots of information..Thanks for sharing. I've learn a lot from your blog..

  24. Wow! What alot of info. & interesting stuff.

    Super 13!

    Btw~ Thanks for stopping by!

  25. i looooove halloween - but stupid australia doesn't celebrate it at all! we went trick or treating as kids a few times... but it's not quite the same, when nobody is execting you and all they have is apples to give!!

  26. Thank you, Hootin' Anni, for the interesting factoids about Washington Irving and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Now I want to reread the story. :)

    Thanks, too, for visiting me this Thursday 13.

  27. Anni, love the Legend of Sleepy Hollow! Used to watch that old cartoon when I was little of Ichabod Crane galloping through the countryside! That book's illustrations are exquisite! :)

  28. Hi!
    Loved your post on Sleepy Hollow. I love that book! I learned a few things I didn't know! Thanks for sharing! Take Care!!


  29. Great TT! Interesting facts about The Legend of Sleepy Hallow. I love that story for Halloween! Still scary even today. Thanks for sharing this, it gets me in the mood for Halloween :)

  30. Great information about two great stories. They are great for imagery at this time of the year.

    Happy TT!

  31. That's a great campfire story. very scary.

  32. I always learn so much from you! This is a great story. I remember reading it as a child and being chilled! Thanks for bringing back those childhood memories. Happy TT! :)

    My TT ~ My CrAzY Wednesday (Morning)

  33. Ooo. I love those stories. Master storyteller. This is a great T13.

  34. Those are great scary stories.

  35. Love Washington Irving--he was such a masterful story teller!

    I'm picking apples with my niece this week

  36. This is a story that has always captivated my imagination. I love how the people react - and how their fear increases their horror. (Oddly like terrorism....)

    Thanks for sharing these fun facts!

  37. I haven't read the story since I was a kid, but it was always a favorite of mine. I remember it well, and as kids we always loved ghost stories, so this was right at the top of our list.

    Happy Thursday, Anni! ;-)

    Love and hugs,


  38. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is one of all time favorite stories. Happy TT.

  39. Anni.!!! What an interesting story today about
    Irvings Legend about the Sleepy Hollow
    I think I have seen something on TV once, long time ago, about an Icabod Crane on horseback riding through a far away land?

    Always always so exiting what you have to tell
    and show on your blog.
    Thank you very much for posting it

  40. Very interesting facts you've listed here! Have I mentioned how much I love the theme of your page?? :-)

  41. Some wonderful information there, Annie. When I was in grade-school (and you can tell it was a long time ago because I called it grade school) our principal, Mr. Wilson, did a great monologue of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" every year at Halloween. He was tall and skinny and had a big hooked nose --- He was the pesonification of Icobod Crane. He scared many a small child, but made us all fall in love with a story.

  42. Also one of my favorite Halloween stories. Lots of fun and interesting information here. Good job!

  43. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is a great list. I really love the pictures. And didn't know much of that history.

  44. I remember "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" but didn't know all the facts about it. So, thank you for sharing this for your TT.

    I thought you were on vacation. Are you back already?

  45. I remember Rip Van Winkle well but forget the story of the headless horseman, although I think we read it in school.

  46. I remember Rip Van Winkle well but forget the story of the headless horseman, although I think we read it in school.

  47. I can hardly wait until next week.

  48. What a great list! That was a lot of info--and a lot of work.

    Happy TT & Happy Halloween!

  49. We only know sleepy hollow from disney. Oh, and johnny depp.

    Can't believe I've never actually read it.

  50. What a great post on the headless horseman more I read your blog the more I want to re see the movie.
    And even read the story which I haven't.

    Coffee is on.

  51. Hi Anni, you did a lot of research for this post. Good for you. My old book had those illustrations. It got pretty raggedy and we threw it out. :-)
    BTW, your are doing your Halloween stuff pretty early. I won't even buy a pumpkin again this year as we will be in Guatemala again.

  52. Very interesting post about Sleepy Hollow.

  53. That is one of my favorites too. We have the tradition to read it aloud during the Halloween season each year. :-) We don't have beautiful illustrations like that though.

    Thank you for preparing wonderful T13 Halloween banners for all of us!

  54. a very interesting post indeed...

  55. Anni, great post as usual. I love reading your posts. You do such a good job of giving us interesting things to read.