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I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Contemplate :: reflect
2. In the house :: furniture
3. Classical :: music
4. Quest :: search
5. Best friend :: Dog is a man's
6. 1991 :: the 90's
7. Never will :: I say never
8. Fool :: April 1st
9. Unhappy :: melancholy
10. Best man :: Hank

~...end mutterings
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~...end Sunrise-Sunset Meme
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This Creative Blogger award was handed down to me from a dear woman whom I've grown to admire. It's a wonderful gift, and I can honestly say it means a lot to me. Katherine has given a great deal by blogging for us. She has given us strengths in her own words that can carry us beyond the downs and outs of life and give us hope. In so many ways. I thank you.

Katherine was tagged by Charlotte, and I figured I'd do the, I consider myself tagged by Katherine. And, I write about six things I value and six things I don't place any value on them....


1. My life. Period. There is nothing more than waking up to sunshine and another day!
2. And with my life, comes my family. My dear husband, Bud, who has been by side for over 40 years. My two children. My grandsons.
3. My abilities. Actually to be more specific, my God-given abilities.
4. My home, and the comforts of it, including what I call my own.
5. My computer. Yes, I place a value on the material thing, it's a wonderful way that I have made so many friends through the years.
6. My four-legged best friends, and my good neighbors.


1. Dishonest people
2. Corruption - be it business, government, society
3. Those that litter, and do nothing about it.
4. Cheaters and looters.
5. People who do things for others with expectations of something in return.
6. The rich, who think they inherited the earth.

- - -

Sandy at Flip Flop Floozie has awarded me with a choice of three awards on her blog the other day, I chose this one. Why? 'Cause it's pretty! rofl Thank you so much my dear friend. As I told you before, you're a super lady! Being online friends with you has enriched my life. Thanks again.

- - -

And I received this most beautiful award from Mike! Mike, you really made my day. To have you think of me, and passing this on to me filled my heart with joy! Thank you, thank you. {ps...I LOVE butterflies!}

- - -

Ironic that I had drafted part of my Halloween treats Sunday blog, giving Merle a treat today...And I read in my comments from yesterday, that the dear Aussie friend has left me a gift also. If you haven't visited Merle, she's one of my favorite bloggers! She is just filled with life...and so so up and so positive. She is a darling woman! With receiving this from her, it just made my day so wonderful. I'll pass it on to the others when I the meantime Merle, thanks so much! I appreciate it. A lot!!!


I received a FANGtastic gift in snail mail some days ago, and I'm just now getting around to posting the photos of what I received. LibertyBelle and I go way back. We've been online friends for years. And we both just have so much fun with Halloween. Granted she lives in Denmark and her country is now coming along and she is finding some Halloween things in her shops in her town. Which is so cool. We exchange snail mail cards, and during the month of October, the WHOLE month we send and receive emails and e-cards celebrating what the two of us are; "Witches in Arms". I'm known as Wytch, and she is known as Levitating! Oh so much fun....

Tak!! You're my favorite Witch. Trust me.


There are only a few more days 'til Halloween.
The last of the treats'll be handed out,
and tho just another day, 'tis really quite so keen...
HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL! And to all a good day --I shout!

Here are the friends who will receive the Halloween treats from me today:

Gandalf & Grayson
Puss n Boots

...and here is the treat:

If you see your name above, click on the treat and it'll open in a new window, then click to save.


  1. Congrats sweetie on your awards. You are so deserving.

  2. nice photo too, yours is a combination of the color of my skies here :)...yah right this meme is great! thanks for visiting.God bless! :)

  3. Thankyou for the treat!
    Have a great Sunday...PJ

  4. lovely awards. and all very well deserved, congratulations!

  5. You are just having way too much fun with those Halloween treats!

    I like your Sunday post. We agreed on some mutterings and I love your sunrise/sunset! Have a good Sunday! :-)

  6. hi Anni it's me again saw the mutterings meme i followed :)

    nice mutterings you've got there. my first entry is up now. :)

  7. Anni,

    I love your sweet treat for this week. You are so generous doing this each Halloween.

    Enjoyed your mutterings. Those ones were a little tricky.

    Oh, those Halloween pens are delightful and I know you just loved them. You will think of your friend each time you use one of them and the card is pretty. All those Halloween pumpkins lined up to cast eerie light through the night. hehe


  8. Lovely mutterings, we have some same answers, Anni :)

    Hope you will enjoy this week as Halloween becomes nearer :)

  9. I am glad that you liked your award!! Thanks for accepting it and of course the nice things you said about!!
    I have been in bed now for about 3 days. I got a flu and pneumonia injection Thursday afternoon in the"same arm" and it swelled up and was very very red...Thad... pain has been just awful..Nothing would stop it. My left arm felt like a lead weight. Today I am better and am going to beat this..What a lousy few days I have hd

  10. That's a gorgeous photo, Anni! Thanks for stopping by my TT! I had a tough week and didn't get up for air to blog very much! I appreciate your stopping by.

  11. Just stop by to wish you a great day and you deserve all this wonderful awards.

    Coffee is on.

  12. Loved the mutterings, what fun! Thank you so much for the lovely Halloween treat! I think it makes my blog look very festive!

  13. Hello! I tried to join the free association thing you were doing in this post, but I guess I couldn't figure it out.

    I love visiting your site. It is a whole other world and so much fun!

    I see you like "Butch cassidy & the Sundance Kid". My hubby met Robert Redford this year, when my step-son was chosen to be one of the singers at the Sundance Film Festival. He is a very nice man.

    Have a great day!!!

  14. Great mutterings as always and beautiful awards.

  15. Anonymous10/26/2008

    Great mutterings. We matched on #3 and basically on #8. Thanks for stopping by my place.
    Have a great week.

  16. Congrats with the awards. They're well deserved.

    I've enjoyed your mutterings.
    Especially the "two feet on the ground" answer of 2: furniture.

    You can find my mutterings ::here::.

    Have a great week!

  17. Great mutterings - I love the reflection answer!

  18. Congratulations to your awards, well diserved, lol ! I fully agree with the 6 value answers, I would have answered exactly the same !

  19. G'Day Anni ~~ Great minds think alike - seeing we both thought of each other. Thank you for the treat. It is a bit scary, but so kind of you. I am glad you like your award. Halloween is such a lot of work for you people; I guess we are lazy here as we don't celebrate it. Some kids come by for sweets, but that is all.
    We make up for it at Christmas though. Take great care, dear Anni. Love, Merle.

  20. Ooops, I tried to comment but messed it up, so I hope this doesn't show up twice - sorry! Anyway, great costume and terrific post! How do you get all that interesting stuff into one post? And I liked the Mutterings - I've been doing that for a while now!

  21. Nice ‘mutterings’ … Looks like we agree on #1, 3 and 5 … and have a similar thought for #7. Mine are at Small Reflections as usual. Beautiful skies … I didn’t participate in Sunrise-Sunset this week … dealing with a headache this weekend and still and taking it easy. Congrats on all your well-deserve awards!
    Hugs and blessings,